Gor Mahia forced to 1-1 draw by Homeboyz

Gor Mahioa returned to local action on Friday at Bukhungu stadium. Playing against Kakamega Homeboyz, the game ended 1-1. Nicholas Kipkirui scored for Gor Mahia while Allan Wanga replied late in the game for Homeboyz.

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An injury time equaliser from Kakamega Homeboyz striker Allan Wanga denied Gor Mahia maximum points as the sides settled for a 1-1 draw in a tough SportPesa Premier League match at Bukhungu stadium in Kakamega on Friday.

K’Ogalo had taken a deserved lead via forward Nicholas Kipkurui after he headed into the net a cross from Samuel Onyango in the 41st minute.

The draw was enough to take Gor back on top of the table courtesy of a superior goal difference. Gor, Sofapaka and Bandari are all on 45 points.

The better part of the encounter was marked by missed scoring chances from both sides, as attackers hunted for the opening goal.

Homeboyz, however, wasted two clear chances of scoring after referee Israel Mpaima awarded them two indirect kicks from Ahmed Bai and Luke Namanda in the 6th and 11th minutes respectively.

The defending champions made a quick counter attack when Jacques Tuyisenge put through Lawrence Juma, but his shot was parried over the cross bar by hawkeyed Homeboyz custodian David Juma.

In a bid to contain rough play, whistler Mpaima cautioned Gor Mahia’s new signing Hashim Sempala after a rough tackle on midfielder Moses Chikati in the 22nd minute.

Efforts by the hosts’ attackers Namanda, Wanga to score were time and again frustrated by the Gor defence that was marshalled by Joachim Olouch.

As the match headed to half time, Samuel Onyango made a right wing cross, which Kipkurui headed into the net past helpless goal keeper Juma for the opening goal in the 41st minute.

After half time, Gor stepped up their game but Tuyisenge and Kipkurui time and again missed golden scoring opportunities following well calculated crosses from Boniface Omondi and Samuel Onyango.

Both coaches made substitutions as the game headed towards its conclusion.

Gor’s Hassan Oktay replaced the injured duo of Charles Momanyi and Kipkurui with Joash Onyango and Dennis Oliech respectively in the 60th minute.

Homeboyz tactician Nicholas Muyoti pulled out Festo Omukoto and Luke Namanda for Peter Thiongo and Ravel Maxwell respectively.

Refereee Mpaima was forced to stop the match for a while to seek audience with Oktay for constantly interfering with the work of the first linesman Arnold Kimutai.

As the match entered added time, Wanga soared high in the box to pull an equaliser following a pass from Thiongo.

Oktay said his charges played well but were punished for not converting their chances.

“We were dominant throughout the match. I am taking every match as a final encounter, as I seek to defend the title successfully,” he said.

Homeboyz tactician Nicholas Muyoti said they would have won the match had the referee handed them a penalty after Geoffrey Ochieng handled the ball.

“I am , however, delighted with the late equaliser from my top scorer Wanga,” he noted.


29 thoughts on “Gor Mahia forced to 1-1 draw by Homeboyz

  1. Not a bad result considering what the team has gone through in the past few days.

    Of interest is how Sempala performed and who the six “rebellious”players are!

  2. I think that blogger calling himself Gor player might be real. Maybe he is one of the six who thought that he was playing for the fans. He failed to understand that Gor mahia fc existed before he was born and will exist even after he dies. Congratulations to team k’ogalo for securing a draw with all the troubles against an inform team in the top league. Kakamega homeboys fc is a very good team currently and they rested for a long time for this match. Otherwise we’re back to where we belong, at the summit. I don’t know if it’s true but if muguna could be among the indiscipline group, then it will be a very big blow to him. I really had faith in him due to his quality. He’s a great player who is yet to reach his peak and had a very good platform to showcase his talent to the world. And now indiscipline is destroying his career. What a pity.I wish he could be pardoned

  3. Is it worth to still have Wuod Mary in the team considering his massive income? And that we are out of the continental show piece? If he agrees to play for his own fitness at a reduced wage bill that would be okay. And give a notice whenever he wants to quit. Look at Wanga and compare notes.

    1. The 300k woud mary as you call him earns is worth is services at the bench. This team needs a whole overhaul to win caf champion league, 3/4 overhaul to win caf confederation cup and zero overhaul to win kpl, thus guys dont expect us to win the first two with kpl quality players. Even myself, deep down I know I am not caf championship material as so is most of my team mates.

      1. Its therefore wrong to blame us. We all saw how we were un able to complete 3 passes in north africa fixtures, therefore those who are blaming players and officials should understand the quality and preparation we do compared to other teams.

      2. If I’d cancel your comment I very much would. Your one person who irks me a lot in this page, more so when you comment on my wall. Simply shut up, ridharidha.

      3. Guys, Im the true Gor player. Huyu ni fake. The fake Gor player writes in poor English; that is how you can distinguish us.

        Admin, can you also block those using names that have already been previously used?

  4. I want to take this opportunity to thank the boys for a respectable results considering the congestion in fixtures , punishing travels and the upheavals the team has gone through in the last few weeks .
    Secondly , the Riot act that Rachier has read to the team is spot on and should have happened as long ago as last year , but better late than never .
    A Riot act may normally work or backfire , depending on the calibre of players you have e.g a riot act may backfire against say , Lionel Messy or Ronaldo coz those two are institutions within institutions and will never lack options or suitors but as to the wannabees I see in Gor Mahia , a riot act works and very perfectly and the reason being that they have little or no options and this include the two I.e Kahata and Philemon who are under some illusion that they are stars , and proof is that this kahata , right from the year 2000 been trying to go professional abroad but failing each time , from S.Africa where he didnt last 6months , twice at Tirana , 6months each , failure again and lately Cs Constantin of Algeria , reason being , to those who know the technicalities of football , that he is just not that good , too slow and plays in a league that football is played at a tortoise’s pace , making him look good .
    As for Philemon , well . . . . ., in short , if Gor were to terminate the contracts of these mercenaries , the only option that they would have is the local league , but first they would have to accept a drastic cut in wages and the realities of late payments in salaries and bonuses and I wish that when they are leaving , they can gather the contacts of all the “Gor fans” who were cheering them so that they can establish a til death do us part relationship but again hoping that the said fans dont give them a fake number after misleading them .
    The season is comimg to an end soon , we dont have any other continental assignment that the mercenaries can use for blackmail , but we still have a good number of Riot read to players , who are good enough to win as the league and qualify as to the Continentals , a privilage the expelled players wont have unless they go to a club that wins the shield cup , after winning the league , we can then use the recruiting window to replace “The Celebs” , and I can promise one thing , between now and then , done professionally , the club cannot fail to get , deep inside Kisumu county , Homabay, Siaya and Migori county players that are taller , stronger , faster and more stylish than Kahata or even Philemon or Shakava .
    Just like there will always be unexplained and inexhaustible exceptional athletes in
    the Rift Valley , the same will always be the case in football and Rugby in the former Nyanza and Western provinces and to some extent at the Coast .
    So to the Mercenaries , you have been tolerated long enough , indulged enough but the time has now come for us to part ways , so that you can be free to find a home where you can best practice your trade unionism and while on your way out , carry your cheering ochestra with you .
    I support Rachier on this , my only beef with him is that he allowed it to mutate to the point it reached , the axe should have fallen earlier .
    But once this has happened , I beseech you to make sure that the club transits to its new constitutional architecture to enable us to never again have the likes of Nebucadnezzer in any of our structures .

  5. With some comments here am surprised as how some of us are pro status quo, let’s give our honest views and suggestions for improvement but please let’s not try to belittle certain members of the playing unit. Our memories must be really short. Kwani are they slaves who are not supposed to question anything, let’s get used to being asked hard questions, it’s how we handle such questions that will speak to our managerial capacity, not yelling at anyone who asks such questions.

  6. First let me congratulate the boys for the draw, they deserve it even though they were a bit fatigued. On overhaul, am together with the EC on this,let the so called CELEBRITY players now terminate their contract and leave, Gor mahia gave them the platform to show their metle to the whole world but they abused it by orchestrating endless go slow.We are waiting for JUNE transfer window to bring good players to the club, we shall get even good from Africa during AFCON.I still in the opinion that OLIECH should also be grilled because the hullabaloo of his VISA CARD missing is disrespectful to the team.

  7. For the first time,i encountered a situation whereby an employee competes with his employer how to share business profit like a partner.this despite the fact that the employee is in payroll.These leeches appetite for cash have gone so high that gor mahia just have to release them.if they dont go abroad,they should be ready to take 30k payable in three instalments in KPL.

    1. Are you sure it’s the first time you are encountering such a situation?
      Do you know the cost of a demotivated staff?
      In this case think beyond the playing unit and rope in our ever hostile fan base… three consecutive loses and you will know who they are. Even yesterday bottles were still being thrown on the pitch

  8. Its my very strong opinion that anybody seeing the calls for discipline as merely targetting some players is displaying emotional and shallow judgement , this is for posterity .
    First of all , even in the most liberal and democratic institutions , there is a way of adressing or expressing grievances and in our case , the players have a representative called a captain and the management have a representative called a team manager and any grievance from the players is and must be channelled through the captain and to the management through the team manager , any other way , in any organisation , whatever the grievance is unacceptable and must never be accepted and if not accepting is taken to be status quo , then so be it and I once again challenge anybody who does not just want to argue , to confirm to me that they would do the same thing , same way at their work places , heck , even the most powerful union in the land , KNUT , dont do it that way , they officially lay down their grievances and gives notice of action -and if that is not enough , does anybody want to tell me that it was a coincidence that the players @BB intimated on this wall are the same ones who were Coincidentally asleep when their photos were being taken and forwarded to the media .
    For one to cry foul that its in bad taste to mention players in the light that we do , who do they want as to mention , do they want as to mention the Goal Post ? , when its a fact that the playing unit is made up of individuals who have names , Why are the said players being the once being mentioned from a squad of close to thirty players , thats why I totally and completely support Rachier in his vow to place the culprits in 3categories , I.e the ones for termination of contracts , suspensions and warnings to the blind followers .
    There are thousands of clubs in this world that pay better and on time than Gor Mahia , whose players are booked in 7star hotels when on transit , whose allowances and bonuses arrive before time and Victor Wanyama struggled , endured and sacrificed to join one of them I.e Tottenham Hotspurs and hence Kahata , Philemon and Shakava can join one of them too , but there is a reason they are in Gor and the reason is the same one Muguna used when he terminated his contract at Tirana despite the fact that those thousands of better clubs were available to him as a free agent .
    By the way , is there anyone on this blog who can take deragatory photos of their workplaces and then openly and defiantly post to the media while on the way to represent the same employer against a competitor , I have even tried to take leave of my brains in order to sink to the brainless level of this action but it is still refusing to add up .
    Does this boy called Philemon know that a termination or suspension from Gor Mahia can cost him his place in the Afcon team and does he know that know that the same on his CV can cost him a chance with any future employer or downgrade his hand in negotiations , have his “Friends ” not told him tthat , is it not a fact that he is not in any shape or form better than our Gattuso .
    What we critics of the likes of Philemon are doing to him is called tough love , coz we love him and so we must wield the carrot and stick , what the cheer leaders are doing with him is called irresponsible parenting , giving carrots and more carrots .
    In serious societies , the captain and the team manager would have been shown the door , the captain for being part of the childishness and the team manager for being clueless yet the childishness and brainlessness was going on right under his wide nose .

  9. We are fed up with ‘celebs’ who hold the club at ransom whenever they like. Plenty of chances are available at chemelil, vihiga, mt Kenya and zoo fc,let them move and earn 15k per month and be cheered and jeered by less than ten spectators. Gor has had better players in the past.Hatumbembelezi mtu waende.

  10. Did you know that after the KQ flight broke down , the players who the following down were taking photos while “Sleeping” at the airport , were booked and slept at Laico Regency but by some miracle forgot to take Photos .
    Secondly , I think we all remember that Man U fans & most players were very much against Mourinho’s methods but when Paul Pogba tried to opportunistically tried to take advantage of the same to go to the media , the same fans told him to shut up or ship out , its not that Pogba was lying , its just that the fans knew that his actions , if tolerated simply coz he was not wrong , would set up a wrong trend ending up undermining the institution .
    In Europe , I have seen fans boing proven stars like Ronaldo and Bale , but here in Africa/Kenya , some people would rather we blame the GoalPost or the Corner flag because blaming the players may “demotivate” them .
    Whoever cant take criticism aende acheze DRAF .

  11. @ Teddy sofaset branch Entebbe, I like your post very direct and eye opener, let those castigating their EC to go and be chairperson of simbi nyaima.Discipline among players is Paramount and not negotiable in modern football. We want players at kogallo and not dramatists and attention seekers

  12. @Nyakwar Ondenge , what the people with this ringfenced village mindset dont understand is that once a player , any player exposes to the world that his insatiable greed is enough to make him throw matches , the world of match fixers mostly in Eastern Europe and Asia are instantly alerted , remember the George Owino case , and if a player can throw away an International match because of delayed allowa
    nces (Delayed) , whats to stop the same player from receiving tens of thousands of dollars to fix a game , sometimes its so frustrating to see how gullible and ignorant we can be , cheering things whose endgame we least understand and that pointing out the same to a club we claim to love is DEMOTIVATING .
    If this word “Demotivate” was an entity , it could have sued some people for abuse of the keyboard and ignorance and in the first world , ignorance is quantified as a Cost .
    This world we love in has so many layers of complications and its good to understand it before we unwittingly expose our ignorance .
    To nip all these sheninigans in the bud , an example must be made of the ringleaders and surely why would somebody insist on staying at a place he is unhappy at, why cant that person just do what Kahata , Muguna and Musa Muhammed did at Tirana , terminate the contract by mutual consent , ama you have no lucrative options like Gor Mahia ?

  13. Where can they go to when upto 12 kpl clubs have not paid their players Feb and March salaries including sofapaka.The best paid players in Kenyan league are in Gormahia and still they have the effrontery to boycott training ahead of an international match.This is totally unacceptable and thorough punishment should be meted out on them to deter any future misbehavior.

    1. @Odhis Muga , did you mean 12clubs have not paid salaries or bonuses or allowances , because if it is salaries , then it is very serious , it means our “celebs”have nowhere to go , including those who boasted to the media that they have marketed themselves enough , no matter how much you market yourself , once you blot your CV with indiscipline , the only way for you is down , if in doubt , ask Mario Balloteli , Nicholas Anelka or our very own Collins Okoth Aka Gattuso , very exceptionally gifted players but exceptionally misguided .

  14. Players are signed and paid as per the negotiation during their signing, legally players can only down their tools if their salaries are not paid in three months arrears, other allowances are paid to motivate the players, if its true that all their salaries were paid before the BARKANE game then the club should demand part of that money back

  15. Even as we agitate , and rightly so for the disciplining of errant players , its noteworthy to not lose sight of the fact that there are more problems afflicting Gor Mahia than the players sheninigans .
    Lets take the example of indiscipline , it is a fact that the tower of babel that is the EC is cringing under the weight of gross indiscipline amongst its members , with each member being a spokesman/woman of Gor Mahia while talking at cross purposes on every issue , and while its normally easier , cheaper and popular to blame Judith Nebucadnezar Anyango , we will be hypocritical if we left out where the buck eventually stops and that is a right at the doorstep of Ambrose D .O. Rachier , he is the captain of the ship and is ultimately responsible for all the good , the bad and the ugly that is going on in Gor .
    Secondly , rectifying the indiscipline in the EC and the playing unit is still not a comprehensive solution if we dont crack down and hard on the most debilitating of them all , THE INDISCIPLINED FANBASE .
    I yearn for a day I will wake up to a headline reading “Puported “Gor Hooligans” jailed for 21years with Hard Labour , I have had enough of foolish excuses like oooh , fans need to be educated and sensitised on the need not to be brainless , oooh we are not wanted , ooh this , ooh that , So yes it is good and sounds progressive calling for action , but let it not just be a one dimensional solution to a multi dimensional problem .
    Rachier must clean his house or be forced to do it , likewise the fans must also clean their houses or face the consequences .
    If we successfully accomplish these objectives , the multiplier effect that will be a consequence will see more families in the stadium , more generations in the stadium , more elites willing to associate , more sponsors scrumbling for a piece of Gor Mahia , a stronger hand in sponsorship negotiations , a spike in registered members and overally, a spike in revenue .
    Going further , its my opinion that Rachier has to proove to the Gor faithful that he is the right person to steer this ship going forward and first he has to give as a new constitution and if and when he does , I will recommend him to be part of the transition team when enabling laws are enacted to breathe life into that new constitution .
    We have celebrated enough on the same spot , we need a Reboot , we need to “Stop drying where we have bathed” .


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