Gor Mahia held by Posta Rangers 1-1

Gor Mahia struck late to force a 1-1 draw against Posta Rangers

Additional reporting from the Nation

Kenneth Muguna scored late to deny Posta Rangers a invaluable win over Gor Mahia in a Kenyan Premier League match at Narok Stadium on Sunday.

Joseph Mbugi had given the mailmen the lead in the 56th minute through a penalty but Muguna struck from the spot with only five minutes left to secure a point for the champions.

Both teams had battled to a scoreless draw in the first half but it was Gor who had the first real chance in 25th minute after Boniface Omondi was fouled by Gerson Likono at the edge of the box.

Muguna took the resultant freekick but it was blocked by a Rangers defender and cleared. Gor captain Muguna blasted wide another freekick at the half hour mark when Elvis Osok brought down Samuel Onyango.

Posta Rangers goalkeeper Jairus Adira came to the rescue of his side in the latter stages of the first half, coming off his line to gather a cross with Lawrence Juma lurking inside the box.

Geoffrey Ochieng’s handball in the box saw Gor concede a penalty that was expertly converted by Mbugi to hand the hosts the lead.

12 thoughts on “Gor Mahia held by Posta Rangers 1-1

  • Ja Thur gi ji

    Hey people, where are you? Come on cheer the boys on, this is a good performance in the circumstances. What has gone wrong with us lately? We seem not to appreciate the team anymore, why?

  • Anytime we want to comment, Augumenting fund guy appears

    • Barefoot Bandit

      Colo my brother, I lack words. However, please let me apologize to you and others. GMAF does not compel Gor Mahia fans to be members. We formed GMAF thinking that it was the right thing to do…thinking that it was time fans took responsibility of charting the destiny of the club.

      From your comment and I believe you are not alone, I realize that we were wrong. Let me apologize for the discomfort GMAF has caused you. As GMAF00004 has aptly put it, be assured GMAF does not gag anyone.

      Personally I respect your bold stand. Please may you also accept my choice to support Gor Mahia in a way that I feel is more meaningful and I will continue marketing and championing the course of GMAF.

      Thank you.
      Yours faithfully

  • Johny

    So what’s wrong with funding the team… Colo… You can fund the team and still support that’s a careless statement..

  • Kadar

    All these years gor has never built own stadium , putting any firm down to help them in running their affairs, big shame.

  • Oduor12 (GMAF00004)

    GMAF not gag anyone from commenting on GMFC matters after all nobody knows who the 140 contributors are unless you’ve joined the WhatsApp / Telegram groups.

    That’s said we congratulate GMFC for the draw despite the difficult financial circumstances.

    You and me can remedy this situation by supporting / sponsoring the team.

  • Oduor12 (GMAF00004)

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    Join Gor Mahia Augmentin Fund and together we can
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  • Ja Thur gi ji

    So is it the Augmentin Fund keeping people away? See for yourselves how fake we all are? We don’t want to take strong clear stands on serious issues like this? We only pretend to support but are quick to criticize others when things don’t go well. We need to change our attitude in the new year, support this Fund fully if we are true supporters of the team.

  • Johny

    Oduor 12 post until they run away…. When the fruits come they will come back… Gor mahia fans are a big let down when it comes to supporting constructive issues… What do you want us to discuss while all the players are running away.. Even winning the league might proof to be difficult.. All we need is a financial base.. We have to sacrifice… Most of us aren’t rich but we just love gor… Shame on you Colo again and again and fake people like Albert kosero..

    • Oduor12 (GMAF00004)

      @Johnny, please note Albert Kosero, sofaset Kampala branch is a registered member of GMAF.

  • Dan Original - GMAF0119

    Kudos to the club

  • Dan Original - GMAF0119

    Captain Muguna, thanks for leading from the front. As much as the current situation is even more dire than during Shakava’s time you have really tried. As for GMAF we will try and if we fail,God forbid, we will say that all least we tried to assist our beloved club. Let’s all remember that the idea of a fan’s initiative to fill the void left by Sportpesa was mooted my belief is that we are all in


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