Gor Mahia held by Ulinzi 1-1

Scorer: Dennis Oliech

Gor Mahia settled for their second consecutive 1-1 draw on Sunday as they were held by Ulinzi stars at Kisumu. Gor Mahia’s goal was scored by Dennis Oliech who had a good game.

Additional reporting from the Nation

Defending Champions Gor Mahia on Sunday battled to a 1-1 draw with Ulinzi Stars in a SportPesa Premier League match staged at Moi stadium in Kisumu.

Former Harambee Stars striker Dennis Oliech gave K’Ogalo the lead on the 47th minute, but Enosh Ochieng struck 10 minutes later from the spot to level the scores.

Gor’s head coach Hassan Oktay was left fuming with the result and blamed centre referee for poor officiating.

“This one is disgrace and we (Gor) have to wake up. I don’t understand why the referee denied us a penalty when Francis Kahata was fouled inside the box, it was a clear penalty,” bemoaned Oktay.

But Ulinzi’s coach Benjamin Nyangweso was left celebrating the result, saying his side played well.

“Getting one point from a team like Gor is not easy, we deserve it because we played well,” said Nyangweso.

Gor threatened first with a second minute attempt, which Francis Mustapha blazed over the crossbar.

The visitors survived 10 minutes later when the Mustafa picked on a rushing Francis Kahata with a pass from the right wing, Ulinzi’s George Omondi reacting first to clear the danger.

Ulinzi’s top scorer Enosh Ochieng forced Gor’s goalkeeper Shaban Odhonji to a save on the 25th minute from a rebound, as he sought to guide his side to a consecutive victory, after their midweek’s 2-0 win over Western Stima at the same venue.

Both sides were forced to a first-half substitution due to injuries. The soldiers made the first change on the 38th minute, Benard Ongoma taking the place of Ibrahim Shambo as Gor introduced Pascal Ogweno for Philemon Otieno.

Five minutes to the break, goalkeeper Odhonji rose high to deny Brian Birgen from a free-kick, before Mustafa saw his attempt at the other end saved by Ulinzi’s goalkeeper James Saruni.

Two minutes after the restart, Oliech capitalised on a defensive lap by the soldiers to fire K’Ogalo ahead.

The striker dribbled inside the box to beat Ulinzi’s goalkeeper Saruni with a left-footed shot to the left side of the goalpost.

Ulinzi’s defender Birgen was then forced to a timely save at the heart of the box as the defending sought to stretch their lead immediately.

Ochieng levelled the scored for the soldiers from the spot on the 57th minute after he was fouled inside the box.

Mustafa was not lucky with his clever header on the 70th minute, before Ochieng saw his solo effort two minutes later miss the target the other end.

Oliech would have sealed maximum points for his side deep into extra-time from substitute Jacques Tuyisenge’s cross but he sent the ball wide.


26 thoughts on “Gor Mahia held by Ulinzi 1-1

  1. My question is have the controversial bonuses been paid or scrapped altogether? What is the reason behind our current poor run, 5 games in all competition without a win…Next is bandari, mount kenya and then tusker. Infact, this bonuses stand off coincides with our worst run without a win since October/November 2017.

    I fear for the players because why play to win if there are no bonuses…..Clearly this players are not playing to win. EC should answer this burning question.

  2. When all is said the boys played a very good game today but since referee confusion is finally the match ended in a draw. Ulinzi were awarded a fake penalty but Got denied 2 clear penalties as Ulinzi players handled the ball inside the box but the referee opted not to see evil and hear no evil but that’s the game we leave to fight another day.

  3. When Everton hit Gor Mahia 4-0 , haters including Man U supporters (Kenya branch ) were on our case like a nonsense , Today , in the same Stadium , Everton 4-0 Man U , I wish to applaud with the highest accolade Our very own , Everton’s hard tackling defender , Zedekiah Ouma (Z.ouma) – congrats bro .
    As for our Game against Ulinzi , I appreciate the draw , these boys are not machines , neither are they Robots and for anybody to start opportunistically bringing in fake narratives with an attempt to cause consternation , should be rest assured that Gor Mahia fans may be boisterous , but they are not so stupid as to be incited by such cheap shots .
    The players are well advised to avoid that poisoned chalice somebody here is trying to serve you .
    Congrats once again for the draw despite a punishing last one week .

  4. I’ve never seen a biased referee like the one who was handling the match today. First, the penalty he awarded ulinzi was no penalty. And he denied Gor mahia fc three clear penalties and all 50:50 balls he was giving ulinzi. Maybe he came with a fixed mind that Gor mahia fc must not win. Is all right, just keep trying our patience. If that referee will continue officiating in that manner, then he will not qualify to officiating even cecafa. But I thank the players for putting a good fight. They will live to fight another day. Ulinzi also played a good game considering that they were playing against defending champions who is a good side. We still have a date with them and they will host us in afraha Nakuru. @jakoyo,what bad run are you talking about. Do you even see the log . have you analyzed the league statistically. Gor mahia fc have played 21 matches and have drawn 5times only and lost three times meaning that they have won 13 times. They have drawn the least and they also have lost the least. So I don’t see how the team is performing badly. Or you only want to create unnecessary panic which is not there. I always believe that you are a true Gor mahia fan but now I will agree with those who normally refer to you as ingwe sympathizer. Ingwe is now doing well in the league and you should not bother yourself with matters Gor mahia. We’re on track to defend the league and secure our position on continental football. Gor mahia pod pek.

  5. I don’t understand Oktay obsession with mustapha…the guy can’t score…can’t assist goals…let him stop over resting players …we only have league to play…his subs are useless…Boniface omondi is a good player but highly ineffective when he comes in as a sub.. Samuel Onyango would have been a better option..lets be serious with all matches…whether we beat Bandari,ulinzi…nzoia it’s 3 points…5 games no win…please Oktay don’t let this league slip….sportpesa cup ..knocked out…gotv shield…kn ocked out…caf…. Tactically Oktay is a retard like solsjaer…

  6. @Michael Ogollo , The Jakoyo group is the same one as the Nyangi group , People who would rather the club sink and be dragged through the mud because of their self created differences with Rachier .
    Sometime before the 2013 club election , a man who was then a member of the facebook branch volunteered to me that in the run up to the elections , they would instigate acts of hooliganism at Gor matches so that Rachier would be painted as a failure and true to his confession , acts of violence surged theirein .
    Even the insistent acts of hooliganism we witness in the stadium in most cases even when we are winning and one would be naive to treat them as innocent acts of coincidence .
    There is absolutely nothing regrettable about our performance today , infact kudos to the boys that inspite of the phisical toll the week has had on them , they acquitted themselves with honour and for @Jakoyo to assume that he can opportunistically take advantage of this situation to cause disaffection is to assume that we the fans are that gullible , the players I believe have wisened up to such machinations .
    We Gor fans may be boisterous but we are not fools , infact whoever thinks we are fools , always ends up being the fool .
    Lastly , and on a light touch , When Everton whipped us 4-0 , there was celebrations in the land by our haters moreso the Manchester utd (kenya branch ) fans , today , in the same Goodison Park Stadium , The same Everton whipped Manchester utd 4-0 and a big kudos goes to the hard tackling Everton defender and who is one of our very own , the indefatible Zedekiah Ouma (Z.ouma) who marked that Wa Ingo Lukhaku into submission .
    In one clean sweep , Man U have in a single afternoon turned the elusive Uhuru Kenyatta’s Big 4 agenda into Goals -Kudos Zedekiah .
    We Kogalo are now peers of Man U .

  7. Oliech played a good game today. Without off field issues, he can still be a lethal striker. He was my best player in today’s game.

  8. Oliech is a good striker who is capable of shielding the ball from opponents before shooting or providing an assist. Why bench Kip, the proven goalscorer and play the misfiring mustafa? Poor selection may cost us the only remaining silver ware this season.

  9. Honestly Mustafa haja tosha mboga. Just the thought that he is an expatriate is a shocker. The guy is a joke for a footballer. Oluech today acquitted himself well and has proved his worth to the team going forward. His control, shielding and fighting spirit is what we need in this stage of the season. Blackberry needs to up his game as he is a very pale shadow of his former imperious self.

  10. The kind of phisical football we play is not suited for the likes of Mustapha , neither is it suited when we meet our more abled opponents from West and North Africa .
    Countries such as Spain long discovered that they would never compete if they didnt change their systems to accomodate their smaller bodies and that Is to keep and move the ball on the ground .
    In Gor’s heyday in the 70s and 80s when we used to conquer all , including North and West Africa , our opponents used to belittle our stature until they came face to face with us on the pitch , where everybody is equal when the ball is on the ground and smaller players are better on the ground .
    Barcelona would be one of the most useless teams were they to play the pigia serunkuma style and which is the same style we play with the likes of Mustapha and Boniface Omondi , this
    system may work locally where styles are similar but be a complete liability internationally and when adrenalines are high like when we are playing away , it shows that we cant even string 3-4passes .
    Ze Maria was onto something on this aspect , the kind of football he wanted to impart would have matured by this season , but instead we bashed and ridiculed him , we didnt care about sustainable systems coz we wanted the excitement of instant gratification , and for that we are still where we were , staggering from one zig to the next zag , all these preceding years are wasted years , just like we have wasted years since ridiculing and telling Lesslie Okudo to pack up and leave when he proposed a system of management that we are now belatedly demanding and which the likes of Simba adopted and ran off with as we enjoyed our status quo breeze under our coconut tree.
    It was not a coincidence that the footballing philosophy we had then worked like it did and its not a coincidence that its not working now , the same can also be explained by a fact that even the English whose style of play of kick and chase , locally referred to as pigia Serunkuma , have since abandoned that style as evidenced by the fact that all coaches in the Top 10teams in the EPL are all foriegners and who are coaching non English brand of football , football has moved from Brawn to Brain and its only brainy football that will accomodate our smaller stature , once we can get 2-3 giants in the Central defence to remedy the kind of set piece problems Berkane killed as with and who can intelligently move the ball from the back , then we are good to go .
    Lastly , lets remember the first thing that has shocked foriegn coaches when they come to kenya -Our speed of play , our speed in transition and our state of urgency , it just isnt suited for when we go beyond our borders .
    I still wouldnt wish to go into the merits and demerits of Oktays style for now coz the guy is coaching through very challenging and unhelpful situations but I can say that the style of football he is imparting and which is similar to Dylan Kerrs or Nuttal or Bobby Williamson will never take as far , it will cause momentary excitement when we win matches locally but struggle abroad .
    Am concerned about Mustapha but our problems run deeper than him.

  11. Jamriambo, Blackberry openly defied the coach by resisting substitution. To show his disgust, he threw the water bottle hard on the pitch and matched away to continue playing.

    If what was witnessed against Ulinzi is a random sample of the state of refereeing in KPL, then we should understand why only a handful of Kenyan referees are considered competent to officiate internationally.

    As we mourn the referees’ incompetence against KK Homeboys and Ulinzi we should also remember that as a team, Gor Mahia needs to improve in the final third. I have watched all the matches that we lost to Bandari and it is the lack of ideas in the final third that lets us down. Joash will play his heart out, covering every blade of grass in the pitch, but the final delivery in the box is never utilized. This coupled with wastefulness is the main cause of our low scores. How many goals has K’Ogalo scored in our last 6 matches in all competitions? The main culprits of this wastefulness are Samuel Onyango and Boniface Omondi.

    One positive about Samuel is his ability to always shoot low unlike the rest who blast everything into the sky. However, Samuel’s low shots lack commitment and strategy. One would think he aims at sending the defence into panic than scoring. As for Boniface, someone needs to remind him that only a lazy GK will let in a goal at the near post. Perhaps he needs to carry out an audit of the EPL or La Liga or Bundesliga on goals scored in the far post against those in the near post. I believe if he could be aiming at the far post, he could be among the top scorers. Does the Tech Bench ever take time to train on these aspects or is it assumed that this is basic stuff?

    Dennis Oliech did a splendid job against Ulinzi. I wish he continues with that rich form till the end of the league. He could have had two assists to Wendo and Godfrey. He fed these two guys with text-book picture 45 degree cut backs, but whatever each of them did with it was totally embarrassing for players who have graced the continental arena. Simply poor technical application. This begs the question: Does the Tech Bench ever take time to train on these aspects or is it assumed that players in the level of Gor Mahia are above such basic stuff?

    Finally, for the first time, I saw Wendo survive 90+ minutes without a yellow card. Was the referee compensating for the dubious penalty he awarded Ulinzi by sparing him or is it that he has finally transformed?

  12. Blackberry’s action is a consequence of preceding cases of indiscipline in the club going unpunished and its a pointer to the fact that we have over indulged the players to the point where a defiant mentality towards the TB and the EC is creeping into the playing unit .
    We all remember how hard and swift the axe fell on Kepa , the Chelsea goalkeeper when he defied the coach against being subbed , he was fined , benched in subsequent matches and ordered to offer a public apology to all the stakeholders .
    Now , these are some of the bigger pictures some of us usually forsee when castigating indiscipline , any indiscipline , its never that anybody hates anybody or that anybody doesnt understand the imperfections players complain about , its always that there are other ways of sorting out such issues without bringing the club in general into disrepute and damaging its brand .
    Blackberry should be an example to the upcoming/junior players and for that reason he should be used as an example to the rest that Senior or Junior , such should never be condoned .

    1. Blackberry’s action coupled with the other countless shenanigans we have witnessed this season just point out that the head coach has no control over the dressing room. He has no control over the players and is absolutely helpless.

    2. To make matters worse he was off colour completely getting balls wasting chances and not making any follow-up till fans started demanding for his substitution then he again missbehaves.

  13. I read in media reports that Philemon picked up an Injury during the Ulinzi game and if that be so , I hope its nothing serious and that he will be back soon to the team .
    But I want to take this opportunity to request him to use this as a learning moment moreso on the issues some of us have advised him about in the last few weeks and that no matter how far you rightly or otherwise feel you have reached , never burn the platform that afforded you the bridge , because circumstances may sometimes make you not reach where you assumed and force you to turn back , one of the circumstances being e.g an injury or nobody wanting to associate with you because of a toxic leaving certificate.
    I remain a proponent of action being taken on the recent cases of indiscipline ,
    but that notwithstanding , I 100% wish you a quick recovery , a quick return to the team and to the national team .
    Always remember one thing , That in God’s wisdom , thinking and reasoning was mandated to the head , The heart was mandated to pump blood and to deal with Love issues an so when an issue like the bonuses and allowances come up , Use the former and not the Latter and also when listening to advise , do the same.

  14. The efficiency with which the two draws against Gor Mahia were posted to this blog was amazing , but today we have won and 5hrs later we are still at the Ulinzi draw .
    Are the Postings now beeing done based on moods and feelings ? , Lets witness the same efficiency we see when the team has drawn , Lost or when players have Posed for photos while “Sleeping”.

    1. The efficiency with which you switch mid field and linking roles in this forum with Wuod Kanyada is unwatchable. Like the clockwork . smooth well oiled roles of our legendary midfield of Magongo, fundi, engine…


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