Gor Mahia players motivated, raring to go

Last season, Jacque Tuyisenge was the bright spot in a Gor Mahia squad that was struggling to catch its footing at the beginning of the season. Yet last season, Tuyisenge was battling back from an injury. This season Tuyisenge is healthy and raring to go. He has already scored two goals and is determined to shake the net several more times this season.

“I am delighted because when you are a striker and you get goals you are always happy because that is your job. So I feel good to have scored in our first match. I cannot say that I will score a certain number of goals this season because I am not God, only God knows tomorrow so I will keep on working hard and hunt for goals. The number of goals He will give me I will appreciate”, Tuyisenge told Futaa.com

His compatriot, Kenneth Mugiraneza “Migi” also played a solid game and scored last Sunday. He thinks the team has the quality to go places this season

““I look at the kind of team we have and I am very confident we can challenge for the title. There are quality players in the team and everyone has that motivation to win. I believe, looking at how we played in the first match, we can do it,” he said to supersport.

Prior to arriving in Kenya, Migi who previously played for Azam of Tanzania, had done his homework on local football and was thus well prepared.

“They have told me all about the Kenyan league; what to expect, which teams to look out for and how best to tackle and prepare the games. They have made it easier for me. I have played two competitive matches so far and I have also looked at many matches before. The difference is that in Kenya no team is small. Anyone is capable of winning. It is not like in Tanzania when you know with some teams you can win by six or seven goals. Here it is tougher” he continued.

Discipline and focus is what has enabled the Amavubi skipper to achieve what he has achieved so far and he plans to continue down that path.

“I usually do my individual training before the team training but I plan to put in even more effort this year so that we can become champions once more. “Here at Gor the coach is good, and the players are also very good. The management is committed to facilitate good performance from the team so I am sure we can achieve that dream,” said Migi to the KPL website.

Defender Wellington Ochieng was in the starting line-up last weekend. In 2016, he found playing time difficult to come by after joining from Muhoroni Youth. He is determined to solidify his place in the starting line up now that Marcelo has left. Ochieng credits Gor Mahia’s play to the technical bench trio of Ze Maria, Marco Aurellio and Zedekiah Otieno

““To have such a trio at your disposal is a fantastic thing. If we heed to their instructions and work hard, then am sure this combination will bring the best out of us. Probably we could even end up making history as one of the most successful crop of players to have donned the Gor Mahia jersey,” said Wellington to Citizen sports.


14 thoughts on “Gor Mahia players motivated, raring to go

  1. Welcome all new players. Johana Jabatiso scored a controversial goal though but he is welcome. Wellington has his trademark ever taking in his shirt. Sisi hapa no goals tu tunataka.

    1. From my understanding, when Walusimbi played the ball Migi was not offside, so when the rebound from Mboya found Migi in whatever position, he cannot be ruled offside and i have seen it happen many times e.g when the ball is played and that moment a player is onside, the ball hits the crossbar and bounces back into play, the defenders dont move, finds that player who had been onside, now in an advanced position behind the defence and scores that counts for a goal. I may be wrong so if there are more knowledgeable bloggers please educate us here!!

      1. Thank you Musymo for the clarification. Actually I only heard some people from within the crowd commenting that. I didn’t see well I must have been very active in noisemaking. Otherwise I have seen over time that you are very knowledgeable in matters football. Otherwise goal was awarded and it was great.

  2. When Walusimbi crossed the ball there was gormahia player who was offside but did not interfere with the ball then mboya saves the ball but lands on Migi ‘s feet who was not offside in the first place, so no controversial goal it was all legal

  3. So far so good Ze Maria. I requested that you make sure we beat teams hands down and got a good answer from your team.

    I’m not in the habit of suggesting whom to be played where but i can’t fail to notice the deafening silence about one Softie Ndirangu. @ Musymo, would you happen to know the status of this creative player we acquired?

    1. That is you. For us who attend matches, we even shout to the coach who ought to be substituted at a time. A player can be superb today but falls I’ll or acquires an injury or becomes unfit. Anyway is Musymo in the gor TB?

      How many bloggers have ever made comments about most gor mahia players?

      Even Shakava has been criticized countless times.
      Anyway sincerely, I really get irritated by bloggers who assume the prefect roles here. They are waiting for every opportunity to remind us of comments that have since become history.

      Gor is a community club and every opinion counts. Be it from the negative energy branch or the coward branch.

      1. Hey! A person bed mos. I requested for the info from Musymo because he has indicated that he at times visits Camp Toyoyo and would be better placed to answer my question.

        1. Ohh, am loyal. I mistook you for those who are so negative about people with different views here. They want us to say yes all the way. Pole bwana you know am a very reasonable goon

    2. @The Villager, Softie is a player most Kenyans love to watch and I don’t know why he is not being fielded. I have my suspicions though. He is too much into the madoido side which while is a pleasure on the eye may not give much advantage tactically to a team. he has journeyed in almost five clubs in the last four or so seasons and that tells you something. And while I would have loved to see him even play a cameo role in matches where we feel we have a comfortable lead, the coach and TB knows best and I will always respect their decisions as long as the results are coming!!!!

  4. I think we are also lucky that our first two games are against minnows (next game being against zoo). I don’t mean to underrate then but I think our chances of winning are high. This will give the boys the necessary impetus, momentum and a winning mentality that will come in very handy when tougher teams the likes of western Stima come knocking.

  5. @Marto Original, please there are no minnows in the KPL as all these team qualified to play in the league. We only need consistence and firing all cylinders in all fronts to enable us win the title this season.

    Let us all give our full support as our objective is only one and remains one to win the KPL title.

    In any case I have annoyed or abused any blogger(s) in this site, I hereby humbly and sincerely ask for forgiveness and let us enjoy the game.


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