Gor Mahia take on Nakumatt next

After a convincing 3-0 win over Kariobangi Sharks, Gor Mahia will next visit Machakos Stadium to play Nakumatt on Saturday August 4. The last time these two sides met, Gor Mahia recorded a convincing 4-0 win. Gor Mahia will be buoyed by the return of Karim Nizigiyimana from a long layoff. The Burundian right back is now match fit according to coach Dylan Kerr.

“Karim has been training really well after his rehabilitation. We are observing him but I think we should be able to give him some minutes in the Nakumatt match. I am really excited to have him back,” said Kerr to michezoafrika.

Another player who is keen to return is Wellington Ochieng. The fullback has also been nursing a long term injury, as well as Ernest Wendo.

“I think I now have a big problem because every player is working hard in training and wants to play. It is a good problem for me because I know we have a strong team all round,” said Kerr.

Gor Mahia are further buoyed by the return to form of Kevin Omondi. His form and match fitness had been questionable for much of this season. He has played very well in the last three matches, scoring three goals and showing the quickness and dexterity that saw him become a national team regular 5 years ago.

Kogalo are 15 points ahead of second placed Sofapaka who have played 24 matches. This means that if Kogalo can wrap up the 2018 Kenya premier league title if they win 5 more matches. In fact Gor Mahia could possibly wrap up the title by the time they play Rayon Sports of Rwanda on August 19.

After Nakumatt, Gor Mahia will visit Mombasa to play Bandari on August 7. Their stay at Mombasa on Monday will be funded by former parliamentary aspirant Eliud Owalo who has offered to pay Ksh 270,000 for Kogalo to stay at a 5 star hotel in Mombasa.


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  1. The best thing about mayienga mayiengo piny is that his fans are so passionate that they can go as far as shooting the bills of the team single handedly. A case in point is Dr Evans Kidero who provided the house for the coach, His Excellency governor Mike sonko who funded the team trip to Pretoria, now Owalo who will host the team in Mombasa not forgetting our able chairman who has been there for the team in all ups and downs.

  2. My concern on the previous article on the Gor land. I am suprised that there exists a title deed. 1.4 acres is big land enough to build apartments for the players. So what can we do to get this land. The issue of squatters being on the land is non-issue. A title deed is a legal document so Gor has legal ownership of this land. I would like to see the club bring out this issue into the limelight. Gor Mahia must get it’s land back or Uhuru should give us alternative land. Patron just what exactly is your role!!!
    My second concern is to ask if the Gor Mpesa is working. The least I can do is to be send money rather than always making noise in this page. So Pliz anyone kindly remind me the Mpesa-bill number. I hope it still serves it’s purpose. I will “buy” a ticket on any Gor match I watch Live on TV.

      1. If I am not wrong, the only thing that can be contested is if the President had the right to allocate. But at this time the old constitution was operational. I always thought that land was given “verbal” yaani bila documents. I do not see why Gor has not gone for that land. I am supprised that Moi really went that far to help Gor. If there is a time that wakina Sonko or Ouru wanted to help Gor then this is it. Giving Gor air-tickets now and then is appreciated but this is the kind of help Gor needs. Help Gor acquire it’s land.

        Thank you sir.

    1. @Jambatatiny, football is a tricky game. I Remember once at Kasa when Jerry songle-handedly carry us over Ushiru. In that game Gor was seriously outplayed yetjusta gew weels agothe chant was that ‘Jerry must go’. You should instead pray for Bonnoe to rediscover his form

      1. Odhoji was in charge of some games we drew this season…we were all like..where is Bonny..now we want to crucufy him. may God restore him.

  3. @Jaupanda ‘bloggers’ cannot contribute on the weighty matter of the Gor Mahia land because the administrator has defeated ‘bloggers’ ‘ efforts to contribute. By the time ‘bloggers’ went to sleep, the trending article was the outcome of the K-Sharks match in Kisumu. Then sometime after 11 p.m the administrator introduces the the land article and come this morning by 6 a.m., he introduces this current one about Nakumatt. Surely even a robot would not keep up with that pace. Our blog administrator should know that we ‘bloggers’ are mere mortals, made of flesh and blood, hence get tired after blogging and therefore deserve a good night’s rest before waking up the following morning to blog again when fresh.

  4. @Jaupanda ‘bloggers’ cannot contribute on the weighty matter of the Gor Mahia land because the administrator has defeated ‘bloggers’ ‘ efforts to contribute. By the time ‘bloggers’ went to sleep, the trending article was the outcome of the K-Sharks match in Kisumu. Then sometime after 11 p.m the administrator introduces the the land article and come this morning by 6 a.m., he introduces this current one about Nakumatt. Surely even a robot would not keep up with that pace.

    Our blog administrator should know that we ‘bloggers’ are mere mortals, made of flesh and blood, hence get tired after blogging and therefore deserve a good night’s rest before waking up the following morning to blog again when fresh. To be fair, I request that he re-posts at it some time next week after we are done with Nakumatt.

  5. I begin by commending the administrator for pinning that magnificent team photo. This kit that the boys donned against Yanga was truly sparkling. I must commend our team’s kits this season. Gor Mahia kits have been great this season, their variety notwithstanding. Perhaps we can all remember the TUZO emblazoned jerseys of the Rama Salim-Demond Selenga-Pablo class, which to me was the least inspiring.

    May I also commend Eliud Owalo for his gesture. He has made me feel proud to belong to Gor Mahia. In fact he has given we the slum dwellers of Dunga Unuse slums a big challenge and for that matter we, the Dunga Unuse community will offer the team transport and security from Miritini train terminus to their destination.

    The new Nakumatt coach has really turned this small team around and it should be noted that since he was promoted from team physical trainer to coach, he has pulled out some very unbelievable wins. He should therefore be taken seriously when he declares that he has a surprise for Gor Mahia. The man is talking with some unbelievable confidence and I appeal to Ker and his boys to take Nakumatt seriously and put this coach where he belongs. Let us not be mislead with the first leg’s 4 – 0 scoreline.

  6. Bloggers my posts are being quarantined simply because I have complained about the rapid rate with which weighty articles are being pinned.

  7. Hehehe, wow!!!!

    Gor Mahia striker Francis Mustapha received a warm reception back in his home country since his move to Gor Mahia.

    The Burundian striker, who penned a long-term deal with the reigning Kenyan champions brought business to a standstill at the Bujumbura Airport on his first return to his home country since his transfer to Gor Mahia in June.

    The family members were lead by Mustapha’s mother as they dance and sing to the top of their voices in a homecoming celebration.

    “I cannot believe I am now seeing you play continental matches for that big team on TV,” Mustafa’s mum was quoted by the Nairobian.

    1. At this rate if I was Kenyan my first target would be to play for Gor. Even average players become giants at this team. Must be the atmosphere or else what do they feed on?

  8. https://nairobinews.nation.co.ke/news/exclusive-gor-mahia-striker-mustafa-returns-homecoming-family-celebrates-gor-mahia-transfer/


    It turned out to be an emotional homecoming for new Gor Mahia signing Francis Mustafa when the footballer returned home last week for the first time after signing for the Kenyan champions.

    Business came to standstill as the 21-year-old striker was received by dozens of family members, who included his mother, fiancée and young daughter, plus friends and supporters at the Bujumbura International Airport.

    There was songs and dance, ululations, hugs and kisses and even tears as the lanky forward met his family members for the first time since putting pen to paper on a long term deal with Gor Mahia, believed to be worth millions of shillings.

    “God is great. He has done wonders,” Mustafa’s mum shouted.


    “I cannot believe I am now seeing you play continental matches for that big team on (Pay-TV Channel) Supersport,” a cousin to the player added.

    The event would not be successful without engaging the services of a professional cameraman to capture the whole episode.

    Later, the celebrations extended to the player’s home where prayers were offered before food and drinks flowed freely.

  9. As we take on Nakumatt tomorrow can the EC enlighten us on the parcel of land at Embakasi? Bloggers should put pressure to get the necessary feedback from them

  10. Please please Kerr,stick Shaban Odhoji

    Bonny should be benched the rest of the season and be released free at the end.

    We can’t tolerate mediocre performance.

    En kamano

  11. It never excites me that some philanthropist has come to K’galo rescue ,not that I dont appreciate but for the fact that K’galo has the capacity and potential , using its Pan African Brand to be a very sustaining and wealthy entity thereby banishing this reliance on handouts , that in my opinion should in most cases be a case of embarassment rather than celebration .
    Secondly the recipients of the handouts ( EC) , rather than be creative and innovative to create avenues for self sustainabilty , have decided , and deliberately so , to sit on their sorry laurels knowing manna will fall from somewhere and to hell with the embarassment and the cheapening of our brand .
    How lucky can an entity be , in a capitalist state , to recieve , for free and not once but twice
    parcels of land to enable them grow , and after receiving the first land and losing it , were lessons not learnt when they received the second one , what was so difficult in fencing the land and planting some goalposts in it , or was Nyayo supposed to come and fence and ringfence it for them ? , what is this nonsense we are being perpetually treated to ? , so now , again , we are supposed to run to somebody to help as get what is legally ours ? , if it is ours and I believe it is , the courts will surely grant as any pleadings we pray for , and who better to do that than the chairman , is it not true that Rachier is one of the most esteemed lawyers in this country ?, if the answer is in the affirmative , then who better to benefit from his skills than the club he chairs and has chaired for close to a decade and to add on to that , this land/training ground/stadium has been his emphasis on all the elections he was ready to die to win or was being the chairman just a status hunt in order to be called the chairman of something .
    The single most important issue in Gor is for it to be self sustaining , this issue of wannabee nobodies pretending to be benevolent philanthropists using our club as a laundry to cleanse their tattered images with their mysterious wealth is so obnoxious and nauseating that the sooner it comes to an end , the better .
    We must go to court and reclaim our land , we must protect and safeguard our intellectual and property rights , Serious clubs are listing and trading in the stock exchange while we cheer and celebrate the Gonya -ring from the Kurias and the Sonkos , people who were born long after Gor was formed -Its embarassing , its a shame and it is belittling .
    We have to and must reclaim all that belongs to as and most of all , our brand .
    Good luck against Nakumatt tomorrow .

    1. Teddy Sofaset I hear you. I hope you don’t mind the philanthropic gesture from my Dunga Unuse community. Ours is purely out of gratitude to our gallant boys for the smiles they put in our faces after every three days.The exploits of K’Ogalo has transformed my community and I must say that it is owing to that that we Dunga Unuse slum dwellers are now the most optimistic of all slum dwellers in Kenya. Whatever we have offered K’Ogalo when they travel down here, is out of the abundance of our poverty and given with no ulterior motives.

      1. anything good happening in this club will take the fans initiative. we need an organised fanbase to pursue issues such as this land one. who shall step up ..

    2. Teddy So Many Words So Little Said. What Is All This Tirade for? Is It A Sin To Be Benevolent? Really Whats Your Beef With The Gor Benefactors? Just Keep Your Wealth To Yourself N Let The Sonkos The Kurias N The Owalos Of Rthis World Who Were Born Long After Gor Was Formed Show Their Love For The Club Through Deeds, And Not Mere Words. Ichlit Ni No Mano Mari.

  12. @BB, Ofcourse your efforts dont fall in the category I implied , its an effort I know Mombasa fans have made through the years and hencs appreciated , @Nyarkopolo , your idea makes sense insofar as the people who have been given the mandate to lead the club are alive to the fact that this is their primary call or else why are they in those positions .
    It is nonsensical to be willing to kill or be killed while campaigning for a leadership position and then when you get it , somebody else outside that mandate is expected to do your job , unless you are a conman and a fraud .
    Who if I may ask is in possession of that title deed ? , I wouldnt be surprised if all the officials hitherto the current ones passed the opportunity to use the title deed to secure loans that have probably been long embezzled and as such , the issue of an excuse of squatters being on that land is a perfect cover to hide behind .
    Let the guys who were given the mandate ( EC ), start by being open with as on the issue of this land , its current status and what they have or are doing about it , after they have done that , only then shall
    we know what we are dealing with , its only then that we can make informed decisions on how to proceed as fans , but if the opaqueness continues , then it will only confirm my suspicion that undeneath the tight lid , is a pungent smell of gigantic proportions -EC , Please open the server .

    1. alright…though its a fact that they dont act without pressure from the fans. fans too are stake holders and have a big say.

  13. Dinga hav seen dha vedio iz such amazing one it means gormahia is being recognized all over east and centrol africa to be such a successful club in dha region u know and dat even means gor is barca ov africa u,,,, I really love dhiz club for sure,, keep it burning guyz

  14. Dinga have seen dat clip.. Indeed it ws such a worm welcoming u know and dat one even means dat gor is being recognized az one ov dha best team in east and Central Africa u know infact gor iz barca ov africa… I really love dhiz club anywai keep it burning guyz

  15. Kindly those travelling to Machakos take care and ensure safety to all, we do not want any more accidents and loss of life.
    Anyway let me wish our beloved team victory

  16. Masoud juma and victor Ali abondo are officially free agents in South Africa.

    @jasego, can somebody broker thier move back to kogallo …? For sure, EC would be Keen to seal the deals

    1. Masud Juma said he can never play for Gor.for me he burnt his bridges right there.in guikan, Mustafa and tuyisenge we have much better players!!

      As for Abondo am not sure if he can fit into the current team and displace any of our performing unit..but that is just my opinion!!

  17. Yanga terminates the contract of Cameronian keeper Youthe Rostande

    The former African Lyon keeper had a one year contract remaining with the Jangwani side.

    Bonny (A fande) is next

  18. Against nakumatt lineup :Odhoji,momany,joash, Philemon, Wellington, Guikan, Kevin, Boniface omondi, Onguso, ondiek.No place for Oluoch, shakava, mieno, Kahata,George, Wendo, Walusimbi and Tuiysenge


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