Gor Mahia terminates Oliech contract

Striker Dennis Oliech is no longer at Gor Mahia. This according to the club CEO Omondi Aduda

ÔÇťOliech openly absconded duty and never answered to phone calls from the club chairman not even the team manager. He never came for training but always wanted to be paid, So why do you pay some one who is not in any way helping theclub?”     Said  Gor Mahia CEO Omondi Aduda .

Oliech’s career at Gor Mahia started on a high note. Coach Hassan Oktay heaped Oliech with praise as a consumate professional and a good example for the younger players.

His most memorable moment came when he scored the third goal against Zamalek after coming on as a substitute.

It was a memorable celebration in which he replicated his older brothers celebration against Zamalek 20 years earlier.

Things started to go South when Oliech went on strike because the club did not pay his sign on fee. He was also accused of instigating other players to go on strike.

His season ended on an unfortunate note when he picked up a season ending arm injury.

Oliech scored 34 goals for Harambee Stars. He is the only Kenyan attacker ever to play in the European Champions League and is considered by many to be the greatest Kenyan striker ever.

27 thoughts on “Gor Mahia terminates Oliech contract

  1. Clearly ,the entire RS Berkane 6 is now officially gone.

    New coach, new players, new season and most importantly new beginning.

  2. All the best Oliech. I think you came to Gor for the wrong reasons and all this came to the the surface. I still think Gor was the best place to relaunch your carrier, but it was not the best place to ‘hit the jackpot’.
    Patience was all you needed.
    But all the best, hope your next ‘route’ is successful.

  3. Tusidanganyane. The truth is that the real reason why Oliech joined Gor Mahia was his ambition to represent Kenya in the just concluded AFCON. He definitely has shrewed advisors. He needed a club that would give him the much needed visibility in the short term. Is there any club in the whole world that would fit that bill other than Gor Mahia? Besides, Got Mahia by then had a coach, (but not a tactician), whose success depended more on players individual input than what he injected into the team.

    Somehow and out of their desire to see the coach succeed, the EC felt it wise to grant the coach his wish and bring in this bandle of trouble although they knew what they were getting into. On his part, the coach decided to put on a brave face and stick with Oliech despite the embarrassment the latter was putting him through.

    It was clearly evident that Oliech’s interest and serious commitment dipped immediately he realized he had failed to convince the national team tech bench that he was worth a call-up. Perhaps he will manage such kind of situations better when he finally grows up.

    1. It was long overdue ,he should have been shown the door last season,but the management gave him time to rethink his attitude towards the club but he refused to change for better.let him try his luck somewhere else…

  4. Hahahaha it terminated it’s self naturally when he got the injury and didn’t make it in harambee Star squad to Egypt.
    Gor Mahia was a vehicle to deliver him to Cairo. And once it didn’t work contract ceased binding to him

  5. Big names have “scouted” Gor for a long time and used the opportunity to go to the next level.

    The last time a saw committed players was when Musa, Calaba, Teddy, Jagol, Olunga and more of that age group played for Gor. Their commitment is evident. They went to Zambia and playing their carears out without changing clubs. To me they were our true heros. Later on we have seen players exploit Gor to their advantage. They helped us gain our pride but at the same time stifled the growth of new talent. They made the call. They left and came back at will. Oliech’s script came to late and every one could read it clearly. I will remember him for only one DANCEGOAL for Gor against Zamalek. Otherwise I wish him well.

    I am now convinced weeding out regional professionals and Big names and bringing in new talents to Gor is the best thing for far. It is the silver bullet we needed – it has complicated life for rent/commission seekers and presented an opportunity for Gor re-emergence. I hope the young talents will not throw away their luck

  6. Surely with our financial situation at the club someone still wants to be begged to play or train with the rest of the team??? To be honest Oliech used to be a liability in our squad last season he is great but he was never mature to lead as anywhere and that is a good example to the rest of the team if there is someone who still feel like showing off his wicked horns doors are open for them to leave if big names and untouchable are are off the gate who are they to give as headache,,, Gormahia is focused and determined to concur Africa and that huge salary he used to get is enough to carter for some vitual issues in the club

  7. Correction oliech isn’t the only player who has played in UEFA…Mariga won it with inter and Wanyama has played it for years…lastly oliech is a good player filled with negative vibes…childish,proud,arrogant..ever sulking…honestly signing him was the biggest mistake ever n we gave him such a golden chance…he was clubless for 3yrs then this is how he rewards those who had faith in him?we wish him good luck and goodbye ungrateful brat

  8. Oliech whom I have great respect for and admiration as far as his skill-set in national team colours is concerned was a retiree whom we gave a chance to earn some monthly stipend and re-organize his life late in his footballing heyday but he threw the chance away. I don’t see much to talk about as Gor is Stronger then before and onwards to glory we March. Come one come all on Saturday Mboka is the place to be….

  9. I may not know the nitygritty of the happenings in the back ground. However going by what was being said, Oliech not coming for trainings or coming late, I think this is not acceptable. Further more he his someone who has played in Europe and those clubs some of those clubs have very stiff and strict rules. It would have been my wish that he brought those characteristics to the Team. I think those young players were beginning to look up to him for leadership. With the talk having been that he was elevated to be part of the technical bench, that could have been a milestone in his footballing career. With the suggestion that he is going for a Political contest, I think that he needs to be very careful.

  10. As much as Oliech’s entry to Gor Mahia was divisive , with some for and some against , ultimately, all those who were for and those against wished for, was that once he was in , he would deliver , he would deliver the goals , the assists , the guidance and act as a role model to the upcoming youngsters to emulate .
    That is all what genuine K’galo fans ever want , for you to succeed and shine because when you do , the club shines too .
    I have used the word Genuine Gor fans deliberately , because amidst us , there is always the odd opportunist/s , those who support or condemn depending on which furthers their personal agenda , those who would e.g wish that a player fails , a coach fails , the club fails or the EC fails if that would further their agenda e.g somebody who can worship a fellow human being , blasphemously showering him with accolades only reserved for God and then within a blink of an eye condemn the same person with deragatory insults only suitable for the devil , we have such , Personally I never ever approved of Oktay , but so long as he was going to be in Gor , I was forever going to wish that he succeeds , even if it was going to be by default .
    So did Oliech deliver any of the expectations or did he hope to con us only to realize that the EC has more shrewd conmen ? , whatever the case msy be , it is good it has ended .
    A good example of how magnanimous Gor fans are , a few weeks ago , a section of the fans were going hammer and tongs over our new signings , including on our Mapingano and Tobias , a few weeks later , they are the fans’ darlings and am sure that in the fans kitchen , new nicknames are being cooked for the two .
    So , good luck to Oliech in whatever he decides to do , like the mafia boss Don Corleone used to say while murdering a hitherto good friend ,” its nothing personal , just business”

  11. Surely with our financial situation at the club right now somebody still want to be begged or rather called to show up in training?? I think the lad used to be the biggest liability in our mighty team kogalo poor show in the pitch, always complaining for salaries and i think he should have been shown the door sooner than later, this is a good example to the rest of the boys if its pride dat thei are thinking they wanna bring they better pack there staff and leave,,, we as Gormahia we are focused to concur Africa in CAF and therefore we don’t want any inconviencies from under performing players like the lad,,, the huge money we used to pay him atleast ends forth it gonna be used for something constructive and meaningful within the club and plz Mr Cahirman do the same to the underperforming staff show them the doors too we don’t want jokes this time round,,, i rest my case

  12. The huge investment called oliech was a white elephant. Sincerely why reduce gor into a cash cow or ATM machine? Why exihibit an orgasmic love for money and forget what u are being paid for? In the field oliech in green jersy was a pale shadow of his former self. Out of the field u could see arrogance and prejudice in exchange of the love and respect he was accorded by the gor family. I think the word ‘u can fire me if u like’ was written all over his face the day he started absconding trainning. We expected that experience and the many years of proffessionl exposure should have impacted positively to our team of younger players? As for playing in the Afcon, it was a thoughtless, selfish and short sighted mission. Is this your character, is this all u are made of. Then again where is the leadership, humility, maturity, role model, sacrifice, love for the game or club? After all the heroics u have now finally decided to initiate a downward spiral towards the demise of your career, brand and stature.

  13. Otek small, wacheni wuod Mary, he does not deserve all that onslaught from the likes of us in this site. With all his weaknesses and shortcomings, when the history of Kenyan football is written, it would still allow him some acres, unlike some of us here who will never be remembered for just being bloggers. One does not lose it all for just disagreeing with a club, not even Gor Mahia

    1. @Ja Thur gi ji, it is better for fans, bloggers and supporters to ventilate on the Oliech sickening story and being a trade unionist. The lad needs guidance and counselling otherwise life can be very frustrating without money after good years in professional football.

  14. @Jtgj , I believe Alexis Sanchez has a more colourful history than Oliech but the sentiments of football lovers vis a vis his current is what is at play , even Pochettino when asked last week about Wanyama , responded that Tottenham is not a Charity and that what matters to him and the club is Wanyama of today and not his history .
    On Oliech , am in total agreement with you that Oliech’s space in kenyan football folklore is secured , but it is his history in Gor that is the subject here , just like Neymar too has the most colourful CV , but tell that to PSG fans , Otherwise like you , I have very fond historical memories of Oliech but overiding that is the fact that only Gor Mahia is a constant , not memories .

  15. Oliech was to be a role model to the young players, with his history, he was to the young lads the way forward, but what did he do? He left the young lads asking question about his time in Europe and surely going to school and being learned are two different things

  16. Why does the Gor Mahia CEO appear to be getting so personal about this Oliech matter? From his talk, he portrays the picture of a man so grossly offended. Is there a score that he’s trying to settle? I am curious with the way he has become very visible as regards this saga. I wish he could be similarly aggressive when it comes to sensitization of fans on e-registration.

  17. When soccer books are written, Dawo Peter name is archived prominently in God mahia colors. In harrambee stars he scarcely appears. Most sadly even after being feted as the first soccer player by Moi and honored by HSC. Return to Oliech he will be honored both positively and negatively in harrambee stars BUT in Kogallo he will feature most poorly. Negatively. We don’t want to remember him. Oriti Wuod Mary.

  18. Oliech or his cronies must have been tasting the campaign waters. Long story short, Oliech is not focused on football. His journey seems to be about money. But I would suggest that Oliech part ways with Gor Mahia. The club does not need side shows. Making a poster while in Gor shirt was a cheap stunt. If Gor EC has sacked you then pls Mr Oliech… just leave!
    Alternatively, appologize to Gor Mahia club and fraternity, organize yourself and show us that the club means something to you. Remember it’s Gor that is helping you!!!

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