Gor Mahia to name coach by Wedensday

Gor Mahia chairman Ambrose Rachier has indicated that the club will name its new coach by Wednesday September 3.

“I do not want to say much because we haven’t finalized issues yet, but what I can tell you is that we have narrowed down to four applicants, and we shall be announcing the name of the successful coach by Wednesday,” Rachier said to the KPL website.

Former coach Zdravko Logarusic is among the leading contenders and is perhaps the strongest candidate due to his familiarity with “the terrain”. Loga is also tha fan favourite because he never lost to arch rivals AFC Leopards.

Another strong candidate was former Gor Mahia player  and former coach Zedekiah Otieno. But Secretary general Chris Omondi has strongly hinted that the likely candidate is a foreigner.

“The shortlisting is complete and we are now sending interview emails, but there is one particular foreign coach with whom we are having direct communication with and unless something changes, he will succeed Williamson as he looks well qualified,” he said to the KPL site.

Amrouche Hits at Logarusic

Immediate former Harambee stars coach Adel Amrouche who had been rumoured to be a candidate has said he is not interested and claims he is still attached to Harambee stars. And he went a step further to state that Logarusic is not a good candidate for the job

“I still have contract with FKF and I am not interested to coach a club in Kenya yet. I respect Gor Mahia a lot but in my opinion Loga can be good solution for the club”, he stated to futaa.com

Critical Juncture

Gor Mahia will need the new coach to hit the ground running as they face what is likely the most critical phase of the league this year as they play four matches in 10 days.

Sun 14-09-14 15:00 Tusker vs Gor Mahia Kasarani
Wed 17-09-14 16:00 Gor Mahia vs Ulinzi Stars City
Sat 20-09-14 15:00 Gor Mahia vs Chemelil Sugar City
Wed 24-09-14 16:00 Gor Mahia vs Bandari City
Sat 20-09-14 15:00 Gor Mahia vs Chemelil Sugar


16 thoughts on “Gor Mahia to name coach by Wedensday

  1. At least ZICO was forthright and sincere. It would very unethical to leave his team at this juncture and with eight games to go to the end of the league. Tactically I know he can do well in Gor as he did before. And he will do so in the near future.
    And now with Amrouche also out it leaves two people; one is Loga and the other is unknown, at least to us. It’s a tough call for the EC. Get Loga and hope that he still has the magic (which was waning just before he left) and hope that he will have changed and no negative issues sorrounding him. Also with a broke EC/club no drama from him due to late or no payments at all. In other words no blackmail especially now that we have the chance to retain the big one.
    The other issue is that if Loga, who is a fans’ person, is left out and the succesfull candidate is unable to perform to the expectations of the fans it could be so disappointing.
    Anyway may the best person in presenting themselves take it and also take Gor home dry and clear.

  2. At this juncture,it would be a good idea to go for a coach who has handled the team before since a new coach would take long(like LVG)to understand the team especially with the league on home stretch.We really need to retain this title.we have all it takes to do so.

  3. @ Ombeng Ombeng if that is the case then your man LOGA has a field day but may be perhaps that is ZICO’s tactical retreat as he awaits the verdict. If that was the case then it applies that BW must be very unethical to depart GM when we all know that H/Stars has no busy schedule within the current annual calender.

    Anyway it is up to the EC to do their part and provide us with a solution. Even if it is IMONJE let us join hands together, after all the remaining fixture will be tougher than we think and perhaps it is only the players and fans who can provide 75% of success while EC and TB can share the 15%.

  4. Contradictions galore!
    Which is true about Amorche’s comments on Logarusic the one in favour or the one against?
    On Zico not being “interested” I thought the shortlist was from applications recieved then we EC can state its terms (especially given our precarious finances) but it appears otherwise.
    Anyway to me EC’s number one priority is to ensure that players & other TB’s allowances are paid in full & on time.
    Ati mid season & players seem tired!

  5. Zico has acted profesionally,i applaud him for that,thats what any professional coach would do,you dont abandon a team with eight games to go.As of BW,I think the guy just wanted to use Gor as a stepping stone,his focus has all along been on the national team,he couldnt resist the temptation.Adel Amrouche has also said he is still the stars coach,interesting times ahead.

  6. Ombeng Ombeng Loga is not going to be the coach atleast not for now,the coach is coming from England get it,this i can tell u from a very reliable source,he is going to be assisted by Ouna,Jolawi team manager(bt i av my reservation on this)Owino Ottamax goalkeeper trainer n then Tom Ogweno that is the breaking news


    @ Eric jarae, you are dead right! I have been informed by reliable sources that BW has single handledly identified a successor from Britain whose is on tonight’s flights from UK. He is going to be the next gor mahia coach at least for six months. He is the foreign coach being interviewed on ” mail” and will be unveiled before end of week. He is on secondment therefore he will not earn any salary just like tim Breytt of nairobi city stars.

    Unfortunately, it is Not LOGA as we had hoped and praid for but for us as fans, we shall work and support anybody who is appointed, we only have 9 games to close the season! The reasons are clear……..the club is OFFICIALLY BROKE and cannot afford to pay a full time salary for a coach

  8. @Jakoyo, this is indeed a great day. Your change of heart is really refreshing!! That you will support any selected coach is a real change of heart. And more so, that he has been seconded by your ever useless BW is even more soothing to the brain and heart. I don’t drink on Tuesdays but this calls for a few Heinekens!! Off I go Jakoyo. What a coup!!!!!!

  9. I hope that the new coach Frank will deliver what the Gor fans really need, the TPL trophy. It also seems that there have been major changes with JBO as a major victim. If it’s for his health reasons then no problem as being involved with coaching Gor can be really stresfull. On the keeper’s trainer changes no comment.
    Anyway, unless our financial position improves it will continue being a struggle but we shall still triumph come rain or shine because this is Gor

  10. May somebody tell Rachier that Gormahia is not a team for the for the experiment especially at this stage of the league.Frank Nutal is a cousine to Bobby Williamson and he has never coached a team apart from being a fitness trainer.

  11. @JAKOYO JAKOYO :: When u assert that Gor Mahia is officially broke r u saying that our COMMUNITY is broke? Gor Mahia is community’s so let our community arise.50 thousand members r enough to sponsor the club
    50 000 × ksh 100/- a month mano en ksh 5 million. We r just not committed period.


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