Gor Mahia transfer news Dec-27-2017

Gor Mahia have signed Western Stima midfielder Bernard Ondiek. The lanky midfielder is a noted box to box midfielder. Ondiek who is 26, signed a three year contract.

Gor Mahia have released midfielder Anthony Mbugua according to CEO Ludovick Aduda.

“We have talked to him and he has decided to leave. It is a mutual agreement because he wants to play and unfortunately we cannot offer that. We have allowed him to sign for another club and want to wish him well in his future endevours.” said Mbugua to goal.com

Mbugua, whose nickname is “Baggio”, joined Kogalo in June of 2016. But he could not get any playing time under either Ze Maria or Dylan Kerr.

One player who is yet to agree to a new contract is George Odhiambo Blackberry. But Aduda says that talks are at an advanced stage.

“Talks are at an advanced stage. We broke for Christmas and after that we will finalize the negotiations. Everything looks positive and we at hopeful he will agree to extend his stay with us,” he said according to Futaa.com.

Blackberry has resurrected his career from the doldrums. He rejoined Kogalo in 2014 after failures in Denmark, Finland, Azebaijan and Tanzania. He had a stellar 2017 that saw him named midfielder of the year and regain his place in the national team.

“Odhiambo was one of our best players in 2017 and we are happy that he’s rediscovering his form once again. At Gor Mahia we want to have the best playing unit around and as such we have to retain good players like Berry,” continued Aduda.

The International Transfer certificate of Ephrem Guikan has been received by Gor Mahia.
“Guikan is due in the country aboard Ethiopian Airline on Tuesday morning. We have managed to secure his release letter and the ITC and are now good to go. The striker has signed a two year contract and will be a good addition to our squad as we strive to do better in 2018.” said Aduda to goal.com

The Ivorian will compete for playing time with Tuyisenge, Kagere, and other strikers.


31 thoughts on “Gor Mahia transfer news Dec-27-2017

  1. Will Ondiek really get playing time? In my opinion I think Wuod Timbe is buying too many unnecessary players. In that same mid, we have Wendo, Migi, Kahata, Maloba, Ade, Philmon E.t.c. Ata cheza kweli.

  2. Methinks the management is doing just fine signing so many, the many fringe players we had last season failed to compete for a. Place in 1st 11,apart frm Phil Otieno & “tak in”,akina maloba,joash,maqbul,wafula the list is endless I think it would be beneficial to them if they opt out or go on loan & try and resurrect their carrier.If again the newcomers failed to offer compe they hit the road.The Gud news is the 1st 11 would be relatively the same minimal changes.kazi kwa new signings, dnt just signing with the hope of boarding a plane.my humble advice.

  3. I will call it as it is. We are assembling a team to compete in Africa therefore a few players will have to be disappointed. I a wait for the final list of players and then I will give my final take on the team. Meanwhile we should encourage the following players to look outside of Gor Mahia if they want to advance their playing career, Jelconia Uyoga, Maqbul, Mike Simiyu, Joash Onyango, Innocent Wafula, Teddy Osok. I will give my reasons for this article later.

  4. Players signed must inculcate a winning attitude & thick skin to survive in Kogalo.I fail to understand why promising players like Boniface Omondi who came from Nzoia Sugar with 6 league goals was trusted with 7 consecutive matches inckyding against Everton but failed to find the back of the net even once while donning the white & green,uluoro ga ang’o mayienga kaa?Joash Onyango,Mike Simiyu,Luke Ochieng,Enoch Agwanda,Baron Oketch,Mugiraneza are all in this category of underperformers,why…Be brave and strive to be a kogalo legend once signed

  5. Jasego, ayiekodi thura. The reason for underperformance or total failure is a double faced Pandora’s box. 1. The players of today treat each other as competitors/ rivals (within) rather than as colleague in the same company striving for the same goals. 2. The failure by the management to do proper induction every time we have hired new players. Players are always left to their imaginations to find out what it requires or it takes to succeed at Gor Mahia. We must retrace our footsteps to thebdays of Douglas Oyieng Dola, Job Omino. We must begin to let our players feel as a family and encourage the veterans to mentor the new arrivals.

  6. Jasego wawe ketho ne Sam mogo, wachoree ni he will face disciplinary action. We loved him lakini kata kawakawe to ibiro wite kamoro for official duties to punish him. Kwee, Sam Kech ngeny Kenya kaa. Jowuotwa osepukne gi mogo dalawu kanyo nekech weche maok wa dwa wuoye kaa. Bed kama intiere noo wuodwa. we understand. Jasego log uru lwetu e wachno.

  7. Why the obsession with this Sam onyango? We have much more quality and quantity within the team.After all his career may take a nosedive if he fails to impress Kerr.Come on guys let’s move on and deviate from delving into the status of an average player.

  8. Since Berry has refused to sign a new contract and the Samwel Onyango issue is getting complicated, how I wish the TB could consider Ovella Ochieng’ from Sharks. On my side I don’t see anything wrong with signing many players. Remember we have 4 competitions to compete in i.e CAF ACL, KPL, Gotv shield, Top 8. To avoid fatigue, a good team will need many good players plus good depth.

    So many things would be cleared up e.g
    1. Does Mieno carry a serious “Odula type” injury?
    Will be another passenger no.27?
    2. Reasonably “large” squad of quality players is ok but of what value are the likes of ” Jelconia Uyoga, Maqbul, Mike Simiyu, Joash Onyango, Innocent Wafula, Teddy Osok”. Such underutilized players would have been best tested in the MAPINDUZI CUP!
    3. Lastly with the financial difficulties of last year how will the large squad be paid. Why not eliminate the unused / “commission” / passenger players!

    MAPINDUZI CUP Ratiba kamili- How and why do we miss out on this tournament year in, year out?

    From Dec 29, 2017 Friday


    Ikumbukwe kuwa
    kundi A lina timu za:
    URA ya Uganda, Jamhuri na Mwenge za Zanzibar pamojan na Azam na Simba za Tanzania Bara,
    kundi B:
    lina timu za Zimamoto, Mlandege, JKU,na Taifa ya Jan’gombe Zanzibar huku Yanga na Singida United zikitoka Tanzania Bara.
    Jan.10,2018 Wednesday
    1st Semi Final (Winner Group A, Runners Up Group ) 10:30 jioni
    2nd Semi Final(Winner Group B, Runners Up GroupA) 2:15 usiku
    Jan. 13, 2018 Saturday
    FINAL 2018 8:00 pm (saa 2:00 usiku)


  10. Totally agree with at @jamriambo, please advice Sam wisely, signing for GM is a huge gamble especially if you were to leave your job wheret your salary is guaranteed at the end month.In GM kuna go slows, at times unpaid dues, you could get injured or off form na ukasahaulika na masaibu kukufuata.If any player has a permanent job elsewhere Kogalo is not worth the risk.Out there kuna teams that can allow you to play and still maintain your job, if football is your portion you will still excel.

    1. What if GMFC is offering him 3 or 4 times his current pay?

      E.g If KDF is giving him 30K per month but the Green Army is offering say kshs.120K per month.
      It means that in a year he will earn kes.1.44M at GMFC rather than kes.360K at KDF.

      What he will be earning in 1 year at GMFC will take him 4 years to earn at KDF.

      This does not include allowances and signing on fees.

      He can take out insurances to mitigate against the uncertainties of living?
      Club management should educate payers of such matters!

      What of the opportunities that a CAF exposure brings?

      Go slows, unpaid dues etc are due to poor/ opaque management. A large squad full of “passengers” drain resources that can be used to motivate and better cater for the welfare of quality productive players. “Passengers”/ “commissioned” players means that resources are not available for medical insurance to be taken out on productive players e.g Karim.

      1. As we are still preoccupied with whom to sign or not EC should remember that CAF deadlines 31st Dec 2017 or 15th Jan 2017 are fast approaching. EC has been habitually penalized for submitting the list late, will it be the same again this time i.e wastage of resources, players signed but can’t play due to non registration etc



        6. A complete list of a maximum of 30 players, along with the number of their licenses,validated by their national associations, must be sent by registered on the online system or sent to CAF Secretariat in case of using the offline system.
        7. This list must be registered or submitted to CAF Secretariat (in case of using the offline system) before the 31st of December of the year preceding the competition. It can be amended until the 15th January of the year of the competition, but after the 15th January the list becomes final and no new players can be added nor replaced up to the end of the competition, except in the case contemplated in the above para 3, 5 and the below para 8.
        8. Starting from the 16th of January of the year of the competition, no player can be replaced from the list. The federations will have the right to add players from the 16th to 31st of January (up to 30 players per list) and these players will only be qualified as of the 1/16th finals and

  11. Just like Mude was a soldier but playing in Kenya we can have Sam to still be a soldier but play for Gor jist loke those old days when Posta, Railways, KQ employees could play for Gor and Ingwe. Otherwise the decision is for the player to make though we can still give our advice

  12. Meanwhile Sportpesa gives notice to all the associations they sponsor in Kenya notice of termination of the current sponsorship contracts. What next for Gor, and ingwe and the rest?

  13. He he 120k,sounds juicy bt I believe that’s the salary range of foreigners, if am not wrong.personally I think one should carefully weigh the pros and cons.Team mate Oketch can help him assess the situation,whether he is better off after stima move.All in All wish all the new signings all the best.By the way what’s with this statement by Aduda that “we have finished our signing unless a quality, talent crosses our path”, gives an impression of a CEO acting bila mpango ama kizungu ndio ngumu


    Gaming company Sportpesa has given all clubs and federations they are sponsoring in Kenya quit notice after Gaming Association of Kenya lost a court case against new taxation laws.

    Leopards and Gor Mahia have already indicated that they will not honor their continental matches next year if this happens.

  15. Sasa salary ya foreigners ndio gani? Are you insinuating that there are 2 payrolls in GMFC based on some “discriminatory” criteria rather than merit. Sooner or later that’s a recipe for disaster in a team sport like football. I believe that most 1st/senior team players and top signings are in the same salary range to maintain cohesion and motivation. Secondly if salaries at GMFC were on average significantly below 100k per player, then for a squad of 30 players that’s way below kes. 3M monthly or kes.36M annually against a sponsorship of kes.65M. GIVEN THAT SPONSORSHIP IS ONLY BUT ONE REVENUE STREAM, WHY THEN DID EC EXPERIENCE FINANCIAL CHALLENGES RESULTING IN GO SLOWS. It’s the EC driven signings who should be worried or rather make the most the situation before their luck runs out and be their “passenger” status is exposed / questioned. Examples in the past are many Thiagos, Odulas, Kelis and currently Jeconiahs plus 6/7 others.

  16. We must play the champions league….. this info on sponsorship was given on July so that the clubs and federation can plan in mind there will most likely terminate the sponsorship..Now which kind of an executive is this. We must and must play the champions league so do not put us in the same cacoon with afc…. lack of leadership is what is destroying kogalo nkt

    1. @Seville, why do you blame executive and what has the executive done? We need to avoid such blanket blame games and provide solutions on the way forward.


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