Humphrey Mieno signs for Gor Mahia

Gor Mahia have acquired the services of Humphrey Ochieng Mieno who was recently released by Tusker. The towering midfielder put pen to paper on a three-year deal on Friday.

“I am happy with the move and look forward to joining the rest of the team for preseason. The expectations are high but I can’t divulge more now because everyone is in offseason but for sure I am hopeful of a successful stint,” he told Nation Sport on Friday.

Gor Mahia are looking to fill the gap left by Kenneth Muguna who is going to Albania to join former coach Ze Maria at KF Tirana.

Mieno has significant experience. He first played in the KPL in 2009 with KCB. He would later play for Sofapaka, AFC Leopards and most recently Tusker. His formative years were spent at Ligi Ndogo.

He has also had stints abroad playing for Club Africain of Tunisia and Azam of Tanzania. His best years were the Sofapaka years (2010-2011) when he was a national team mainstay.


33 thoughts on “Humphrey Mieno signs for Gor Mahia

  1. team ochiek ,,,,

    mid ya wendo+mieno+lawi

    passes kaka sadhi,,,, no defence will try opposing… ….

    now we ought to test and enhance player understanding in the pich early enough wachak chon,, necessary friendlies if possible with teams of our calibre

    koso nade jodala

  2. Hapo sawa technical bench, can we organize powerful friendlies na team za south for instance ZESCO and the rest so as to keep our tempo and geling, bado tu Cersidy Okeyo alafu we exorcise the moments of 1987

  3. I fear for the futures of the likes of Kahata and Co. We have too many players in the team. We have bought Charles momanyi a defender. This brings the total no of Central defenders to 6. Where will all of them play? Joachim, Bernard, Musa, Shakava, The other defender we signed from Western Stima last year e.t.c. If you look at the mid we have Meno, Lawi, Kachi, Wendo, Migi, Munguna, Boniface Omondi, Walusimbi, Berry, Ndirangu. I think Gor need to clear some players before signing others. I appreciate the quality signings we are making.

  4. I will have to drop getting Tshabalala Mohamned Hussein sibce Godfrey Walusimbi has put pen to paper on contract extension for a further two years.So those who asked me how it was possible with walusimbi having renewed 3 months ago have their answer,negotiations stalled as Buildcon of Zambia wanted to sign him.Having weighed options and chosen to stay foreign quota is filled.Our foreign players are happy here,Kenya mondee bende rokwaro moro wang foreigners marach nairobi west (light note tings)

  5. Teams of our calibre are as follows, zesco United, Tue pui za mazembe , mamelodi Sandown, El meireikh, Al Ahly Egypt, Esperence of Tunisia, Rangers international of Nigeria, Orlando pirates, and Zamalek. If we can not play any of these teams at least two to gauge our preparedness in caf champions league, then we’ud rather forget group stage. But what I know is that the league trophy is safe with signal.


    Until AR comments, nothing official so far but here are the players at advanced discussion stage…ONLY 6 WILL BE SIGNED !!

    2 Strikers – Guikan and Kevin omondi ade
    1 Defensive midfielder – Solomon mensah
    1 Attacking midfielder – Lawrence juma / Samuel Onyango / Humphrey Mieno
    1 Winger – Isaac kipyegon / Wesley onguso
    1 Right back/defender – Charles momanyi /mohammed Hussein tshabalala

  7. We followed the right procedure in acquiring the player as long as there was no pre contract in place then tusker have question to answer bcoz that is player tapping when if not authorized to approach a player

  8. Moses Kuria Walo ati suggesting rebranding Thika Utd to Mt Kenya Utd & bringing onboard sponsors if they survive relegation with view of snatching Mayienga’s title next season.So i ask him,with which players?Eugene Mukangula,Charles Ngotho and Said Tsuma?Omera winning the league tek,ask wuon timbe and spare us the theatrics…Iwalo bwana

    1. They can IEBC and Matianga Squad. Look at the threats deeper.Lets behave ourselves in the stadias. With KFF easily manipulated and Matiangi Boys out there it could be what he is talking about. Squad Ochiek..Esperemce nindo ataro.

  9. This is urgent. Administrator please wish us a merry Christmas. It almost 8 p.m. now and 25th December is just some 4 hours away. Please hurry.

  10. benard ondiek arrives. kwani wakao ji teee yawa ,,,

    mieno n lawi is in, muguna not yet left,,,,, wendo, osok n philemon pod pod nitie still chasing cersidy ,,,,

    ade yuko in kachi nitie kara why overcrowd stars,,,, aya,,,,,

    jasego confirm na sam and cersidy who is arriving I really wish sam ochopi

  11. So who is in charge of transfers at Gor Mahia? Is it the CEO, Mr Omondi Aduda or the Chair Mr AR? We seem to be signing everyone without the care of team functionality, cohesion or even balance. We had a good team this year that needed only a few tweaks to excel. Why would Gor Mahia sign players with reckless abandon that is currently on display by Mr Omondi Aduda. A striker, a winger, 2 central midfielders, one central defender and one full back is all that this club needed. I stand to be corrected but l feel going the Man Utd and Chelsea way to sgning players to curtail the opponent from doing so is highly mayopic and cheap. The Kogalo brand of signing only quality MUST be respected.

    1. @Le Pastre, I think both EC and technical bench are involved in the signings. Players signed will add more competition in the team and will give the coach array of arsenals to be used against the opponents. We only need to know whether these players are going to give us real value additions in terms of winning and winning in different styles.

  12. I too feel that we are going to destroy the career of many good players who need play time to excel. These players that Gor have signed are very good players. But they are not good enough to dethrone the current squad that took the league. Who will dethrone Wendo from his position. Who will remove shakava to the bench. Full backs are among the best. Who among the players who arrived will remove walusimbi. Majority of the players will not have play time and will not improve their game. Even Ade will not get play time bcos the standards at Gor have gone up.

  13. WAn wasekelo jotugo turii coach ajipange na squad rotation or system formations like 3-5-2…3-4-2-1…4-2-3-1 etc that will give more options in fielding players.We dont want excuses mara ooh so and so was injured we lacked a capable replacement hence so and so…Players are available in abandon just reach Caf Group stage and win all local titles.We will offload some in due course under contract for profit in future as the business aspect of football must also be inculcated in GM

    1. @ Jasego, does it mean the coach was not involved in player recruitment? If that is the case then I see problems. Remember the coach is the boss and he chooses players who impress him, formation that he believes in and player rotation Or no player, he can not be forced with anything because, I believe, he’s a professional coach.
      At the end of the day he must take responsibility for his actions or inactions.Some of these players will get frustrated on the bench. Remember this is what almost killed Berry’s carrier in Tirrana.
      On business aspect of the team, I support you 100% but remember you will not sell a player for sitting on the bench. This player has to play and impress to be seen by agents

      1. Sylvester,i believe CEO runs administrative issues esp signings therefore have no doubt Aduda has signed those he said so.Being so i would like to believe Coach knows of the new arrivals too,maybe an additional two might be surplus to his requirements but as they say if they are good then the more the merrier.Having many good players than less cannot be bad,selection headache for any coach is a welcome scenario for any club of high pedigree

        1. I believe the club chief executive officer runs administrative issues especially as regards signings therefore have no doubt ours has signed those he said so.Being so i would like to believe Coach knows of the new arrivals too,maybe an additional two might be surplus to his requirements but as they say if they are good then the more the merrier.Having many good players than less cannot be bad,selection headache for any coach is a welcome scenario for any club of high pedigree

  14. dan aneno ka wendo dhie bench to pave way for the industrious pair either osok, benard odiek or wirk xtra hard to reach the levels if akina akumu, dube(wiye okee) n aucho ….

    to mitna ….. I wish kerr could mould one of such thats where we actually lach …one to dictate the play both offensive and defensive ….mmmmm kaa to dube gi aucho ne nyonga………bana opponent kaka sadhi….

    jodala can such a class ever arise……apenjo gi muolo

  15. Wesley Onguso, Lawrence Juma, H Mieno, Bernard Ondiek, Charles Momanyi, Ade, and Guikan are all exceptional players and I hope they will add depth to the squad. Please stop right here and don’t add any more players.

  16. true la pastre, ,,,,,

    I still cry of a world class midfielder of our calibre, could we not hold onto muguna for another year….. muguna does more creativity and dictating play,,,,, we wud be better of if combine this with lawi/mieno’s attacking prowess if combined

    take a glimpse on the lens julians reign glory years we had fundi we had abbas, fundi(george) felix , Allan, Isaiah omondi chali…etc…who all prospered in the team to ease victory past their opponent
    our mid, may be yes but still

    waiting to watch mieno n muguna(i hope he doesn’t leave) together with osok/wendo

    jodala pod an gi ‘to(kiewa)’ adier berr;
    leagwise we are fit but continental wise baaaaaaaaaaado …
    the like of zesco, mazembe, Sundowns ,
    jogi tee nigii good holding midfielders,,,, and sharp strikets to captalize on chances created…
    1987 we had peter dawo in striking, fundi mid,, austin(legendary captain) now??????

    what we need now is serious trainings, friendlies(necessary with good teams) to help us identify on our weak points ..and help ifentify a starting eleven which ought to be competitive).that’s all lens Julians did to mould a team capable of competing abroad even after he left….

    Esperance last beat us due lack of concentration lack of flow in our our game…..

    signing up to now are enough ….adequate training is all is necessary now…..

    if we have to sign then maybe a striker(with pace and vision for goal) or a holding midfielder(both skilled and technically gifted as was the likes of aucho,)….

    we ought to better our 2015 performance and if we compare our playing units of 2015 and 2018 lots and notice
    where the inferior part we ought to strengthen the area before it is late if necessary,,,,,

    @jodola 2015 the midfield was thorough (aucho, berry, abondo)
    compare to 1987of george odhiambo fundi,Georrge Nyangi
    “Artillery”, Isaiah Omondi “Janabi” and Abbas Magongo

    I still feel with adequate training and good friendlies to help knit the playing unit can help,,,,,

    tb is it possible to reinstate mathew ottomax to help in the goalkeeping unit then mould the likes od osok, ondieki, Philemon n wendo to match 1987 class if not better their standards …

    donot overlloook the players mostly this guy ondieki, lawi n mieno they will be of use and disadvantage if properly used,,,,,,

    of late I’ve not seen free kicks n conners be of worry to our opponents as it should be in competitive teams like gor….

  17. cant hold onto muguna for OK ly this the lad is fit for us now,,,,,.

    if he leavrs and lawi gets burned hatuna bahati ,,,,,

    or get sam for emergency ade n kachi mmoja apush center attacking mid to assist mieno kill games.

    back in 1987 we had dawo, fundi, janabi,abbas , chrles, hezbron, felix n Isaiah who were highly gifted to kill games …….

    our supastar class bado haijakuwa….I wish nuttal was around to assist kerrr n ottomax be coaching akin fred, odhoji n boni outclass opponents…….


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