Gor Mahia trounce Kariobangi Sharks 3-0

Before the match
Image courtesy of Felix Ochii

Kogalo returned to local action with a bang, beating Kariobangi Sharks 3-0 at Kisumu stadium on Wednesday. The goals came from a own goal by Sharks defender Shiveka, a second goal by Kevin Omondi and a third by Lawrence Juma.

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A more relaxed Sharks went down in the 25th minute when Geoffrey Shiveka headed into his own as he tried to clear a lobed ball by Francis Kahata. Sharks, before the unfortunate own goal, had thwarted earlier attacks launched by Ephrem Guikan and Lawrence Juma. The Guikan and Juma chances came thick and fast in the 10th and 11th minutes.

Sharks had their open chance in the 19th minute when Eric Kapaito was through on goal but was brought down by Ondiek. The resultant free-kick was fruitless too as Shiveka directed the ball way above the bar.

Juma set up Guikan after a fine run from midfield but the Ivorian handled the ball inside Sharks area five minutes to the first break and there he wasted an open chance for Gor to double their lead. A sublime Kahata cross veered off the goal mouth begging for someone to tap in but no one for the home side was there to tap it home in the 44th minute. Michael Bodo got the first yellow card of the day after bringing down Juma who was engineering a counterattack by K’Ogalo inside the one added minute.

Henry Juma almost made his impact felt after replacing Harisson Mwendwa in the 65th minute. He tested Odhoji with along range shot that Gor Mahia’s custodian had to stretch and punch the ball back into play. Odhoji was called to action once more when he parried Bolton Omwenga’s shot over the bar for a corner. Inside the last twenty minutes, Sharks showed the intent of finding an equalizer but the league leaders stood firm.

Within a minute of introduction, Kevin ‘Ade’ Omondi scored the second goal for Gor in the 76th minute. He collected a cool pass from Juma and just lobed it over the young Sharks goalkeeper; Brian Bwire. Juma, who was signed from Nzoia Sugar early this year, got himself on to the scoresheet on the 85th minute when he collected a cut-back cross from Innocent Wafula.

Gor Mahia Starting XI: Shaban Odhoji, Innocent Wafula, Harun Shakava, Charles Momanyi, Godfrey Walusimbi (Wellington Ochieng), Bernard Ondiek, Cercidy Okeyo (Kevin Omondi), Lawrence Juma, Francis Kahata, Ephrem Guikan (Joash Onyango), Boniface Omondi.

Unused subs: Peter Odhiambo, Wesley Onguso, Samwel Onyango, Raphael Asudi.

Kariobangi Sharks Starting XI: Brian Bwire, Pascal Ogweno, Geofrey Shiveka,(C) Bolton Omwenga, Michael Bodo Patilah Omoto Sven Yidah, Harrison Mwendwa ( Henry Juma.), Shaphan Oyugi ( Sydney Simale), Duke Abuya Eric Kapaito (Ebrima Sanneh)

Unused subs:  Gad Mathews, Francis Manoah, Wycliffe Otieno, Vincent Wasambo.


41 thoughts on “Gor Mahia trounce Kariobangi Sharks 3-0

  1. We thank the Almighty God for the sweet victory over Kariobangi Sharks. Heko to players, Coach Kerr, TB, EC and fans that thronged the stadium.

  2. Leo nita celebrate with sparkling wine now that Gor beats Sharks . Hii team ya Mr. Mwendwa said that they can not do business with Gor Mahia – they could not release Ovella Ochieng to join our team , i am very, very happy. Congratulation KOgalo.

  3. Congrats Gor Mahia for the win and asante sana to Kerr for begining to listen to genuine fans of Gor Mahia like myself. Only genuine fans like myself who mean well for the club will tell you the truth. Sir Kerr, please continue to bench this Bonnie and you will record more clean sheets. Last two games Shaban Odhoji has been in goal has resulted into clean sheets 4-o against Yanga and now 3-0 gainst Sharks. Statistics don’t lie. in this game Bonie would have conceeded a minimum of two goals. I feel very very happy now and kissed everybody who was around me. Anybody there please arrange for me a handshake with Baba Travis.

    1. I also need a handshake with @Dan Original. However, this hand shake will only last to the extent that i dont see Bonnie in goal. More clean sheets are emminent with Bonnie in the bench. he is not in the Bench, I hope he was left in Nairobi. Kerr, whe you travel to play USM please leave Bonnie in Nairobi.

  4. Since we only need 5 points, OFFICIALLY we could be crowned KPL 2018 champions by Mid next week.

    Congratulations to the EC, TB, the players, the fans and most importantly AR. This has been one of the best seasons ever in the history of the club!

    1. @Jakoyo, unless you are still assuming that the league is always won with around 60 points. Currently assuming Sofa/Ulinzi/Ingwe win all their matches then we need to win 5 matches out of 13. Very doable to me

  5. This league is as good as gone, congratulations to the great Gor mahia players and Technical Bench.We are proud if you guys keep up and may God continue giving you strength and ability to performe best. Let’s not revisit Bonny’s case we have moved on without him kik wadondre kode.

  6. Congrats and well done to Mr Kerr and team.
    No more we can beat Gor, referee was biased and other Abu Nuasi stories.
    Big mystery is why are average players performing so well at Gor. Take Olunga or Wellington Ochieng who could probably end up as one of the best defenders kpl will see. Where would Olunga be had he not joined Gor?

  7. Heheeee….@jabatiso..Nimekubali the good gesture.I mean the handsek but leave the young man alone.Stop regurgitating my brother and just support the team bro.

    1. @Baba Travis, where i come from we say ”weche iweyo ji jogweng” through my handsake with you, I have forgiven the young man. I see good things a head for Gor mahia. Once again congrats to the team.

      1. Eish…tears of joy. thanks players. ec. tb and fans. we walk with pride and with a smile everywhere. God bless you big players and Kerr. thank you Jesus.

  8. Hehehe!!
    Kerr, a darling of most K’Ogalo fans, was forced to board a Motorbike to catch the team bus to the Kisumu International Airport.
    Kerr was left behind by the team bus after the Briton was carried away by the celebration with a section of the club fans at the Moi Stadium in Kisumu.

  9. Shaban Odhoji Tosha…..

    Bonny no kik wachak wanene koruako law Gor.Obiro miyowa masira nono….

    Obiro ringo mapok noneno…..Gor ok tug godo Kaka oparo no

    1. @Janam, leave Bonnie alone. Must we always have a hate figure in the team. Mara it was K14, mara Guikan, before it was Jausege, mara Joash etc. We have accepted to move on as a team and not dwell on petty issues. Footy can be tricky. Next time the howler will be on Odhoji in a crucial game and we will be here crying for Bonnie.
      Accept and move on. The team is bigger than anyone else.
      Even you we have forgiven you for previously wishing that Gor lose continuously. The same wish an ingwe fan would have wished for Gor

  10. For me it has only reached a point whereby i am in deep discussions with Sir Great Kerr and Zico plus federation to have me registered albeit late as a special case Gor Mahia striker for one game in which i want to be fielded in a relatively easy game like against Zoo Kericho or Thika United with instructions to players to feed me with numerous passes to which i promise one will be a goal. That way i will also have my name Jasego etched in the annals of K’Ogalo history as a scorer in our 2018 campaign. Thanks to all those in support

  11. Happy with what I saw, yaani Gor Mahia just turned up in the first 20 minutes and the last 20 minutes in this match. The rest of the match can easily be described as a procession of some kind. Gor kept on toying with KS the whole afternoon, switching play from one wing to the other. That Guikan lead the line for more than 70 minutes in this match is a testament to how easy this match was. It is a high time El Capitan was given see some deserved rest. In the absence of Wendo and Mieno, the spine of the team becomes so soft. Ondiek and Cecidy lacks aggression that you need in the middle of the pack if you’re going to control and dictate the pace of play. It was interesting to see the introduction of Joash in the midfield to stem the charge by KS. Kevin Omondi still has it in him to produce a masterclass when one is needed. His goal was a reminder to the haters that class is permanent, while form is temporary. We rested 8 first team players in this match. We must resist the temptation to brand players negatively as some are fond of doing. Oluoch is a senior player in Gor Mahia (Deputy Captain) and must be respected. Those calling on the Coach to publicly admonish players for underperforming are stale and out of order. We must buy a defensive player in January to share the defensive load with Mieno and Wendo. We can really be exposed in the absence of the two. If KS harboured any dream of bearing Gor Mahia, the perfect opportunity was today. They failed though and will have to wait till next season. Where is Joachim Oluoch? The boy had started brightly and it’s my hope that he is still in the Coach’s plans. Finally, we might just win this league unbeaten again!!!!

    1. Le pastre,I echoe your sentiments. Oluoch has stood many a times for the club. Let’s not crucify him before suicide, this may come back to haunt us. As Pontius Pilate said, ” my hands are clean”….and Jesus also told those who wanted to stone the prostitute…”let he who has never sinned to be the first to throw a stone”…..omera, you can only talk if you have never played football….wachaneni na Bonni..

      1. Sign him in your team omera. Football is about competition, if odhhoji is performing then let him defend the chance

  12. A lot has been said , and a lot of it in good faith , that its about time we cease the tyrade on Bony Oluoch , well , I beg to disagree and on my part I may not stop my arsenal soon .
    I say this on the premise that the only person who will silence my arsenal is Bony himself , my only relations with Bony and indeed any other player is nothing personal but solely based on their performance , my tirade may/will even get worse when evidence shows that the poor performances are a consequence of off field manenos or misplaced attitudenal disposition .
    A lot has been said about e.g K14 , moreso for reasons that have been making him not perform to his potential , evidence lately seems to suggest that he is heeding good consel hence his evidently better performances lately and for that he has quitened the critics , not all but almost all .
    This is what Bony must do , in my opinion , the only constant and the only entity I will support unconditionally and unreservedly is Gor Mahia , not the EC nor the players coz these ones come and go .
    So , Yes , I may any opportunity granted continue tearing at Bony , if he needs me to stop then he has to lose the poor attitude , indiscipline , impunity and the sense of invisibilty , for he should know that as much as readiness and experience on the continental stage is in my opinion still with him , the gap between Odhonji and him is not much and is narrowing by the day and I want to tell Odhonji that this his chance , Power is not given , It is taken (Grabbed)

    1. Brother Teddy i concur with you. There is No gap whatsoever between Boni and Shaban Odhoji at all. Shaban is better if anything. Peter Odhiambo albeit young is the most promising of all three in my opinion. Those seniority of Boni are nothing but hot air. He is a poor useless goalkeeper full of attitude and other characters i wont even waste my time mentioning here. I speak all this having told him to his face and he told chairman who called me. So this whole leave Boni alone is fine as No one is interested in talking about him as he solicits No good memory anyway. Which keeper just shouts at defenders and Cannot dive or make any save? Isn’t the primary duty of a GK to save the last ball or did rules change and say that no ball from opposing strikers should reach a GK in which case if it does it Must result in a goal?As long as some try to pacify him here we will also tell him off unless everyone ceases and let’s him improve we shall praise him when due. Why is K14 now on his way back to most hearts?Improved performance period not unwarranted loyalties of sijui senior kitu gani. Even National team selectors with a new Coach Migne don’t even want to hear his name is that sheer Coincidence?

      1. I hate Bonnie, but now this has gone to another level. I thought is only football, now it has became personal. Lets leave everything to Kerr, otherwise we will spoil his career.

        1. I heard Jerry jagoal is willing to return from retirement. EC kindly confirm these romours before we start celebrating

  13. Once you become a professional , you have to be
    ready for two things , Praise if you perform to expectations and criticism if you dont , an example that readily comes to mind is Christiano Ronaldo , arguably one of the best footballers on earth , in the first half of last season , Christiano came in , not only for criticism but also boos from the Madrid fraternity and the pundits , but what did Ronaldo do , he upped his game , re jigged his work ethic and he answered his critics on the field and for that he is again in play for the balon d oer , now this man Bony , its in record that prior to the first leg against Yanga , Dylan kerr on being asked about the whereabouts of Bony , responded that he didnt know implying that Bony was absent without permission and without any apologies , akin to Balala’s ” You guys can go to hell ” , Now this attitude has not only been afforded Kerr but to Frank Nattal .
    What does this then mean ? , that this is a guy who is indisciplined and is getting encouragement from someone higher up than Kerr , now , and Nattal then .
    To go further , I want to use an example of a croation star player in the world cup , who refused to come in as a substitute and was promptly expelled from the team on the basis of this one incident , the long and short of it being that nobody , no matter how big is indespensible and the team must always come first .
    If I was Bony , the first thing I would have done and bigger and better players have done it before , is to apologise to the fraternity and promise to up his game and he should remember that Gattuso who was a match better utility than him is now footballwise no more , for attitudes that he would have easily rectified .Discipline in a disciplined sport is non negotiable and in my case , I have no room for blind loyalty , my loyalty is direct to the club and on individual players , PERFORMANCE .
    On the oft quoted example of Jesus and the prositute example of who shall cast the first stone , we ought to take into account that the reason why the guys who walked away did that was because they had failed the morality performance and hence their walking away was based on performance too.
    Bony must shape up or ship out and if he doesnt , not even the wayward official protecting his wayward behaviors will save him and his rapidly dwindling career , His way forward is solely up to him and until then , the bombs will continue dropping.

  14. Bonny has reached optimum satisfaction and the law of diminishing utility is catching up with him. He is a good goalkeeper and it’s high time he retire. He has helped both Gor mahia and the national team.
    Hongera kwake.
    And everything must come to an end.
    The other time he kept clean sheet and let us not forget again that the same Bonny made Jerry to retire.

    Jothurwa , let us not talk bad about Bonny. He did his best and his name will remain as one of the legend at K’ogalo.
    I rest my case.

    1. There is nothing personal here. Respect is earned thru’ performance. Football does not use cultural practices where you are honoured simply cause of age. Ronaldo makes one wrong move and the world quickly forgets the good he has done. Bonny should retire before his named is soiled i.e. if he is not up to the tusk anymore. So should Kevin Omondi… but at least he is showing the signs that he wants to change.
      Ghost Mulei did the honourable thing and quit coaching. He is remembered honourably. Competition is cutthroat. Bonny should be benched for now. The 3 CCC goals are because of his mistakes… and we wonder why many of these Kenya players cannot survive in foreign countries.
      Kenyan coaches have messed bigtime. They have produced players who behave like big babies. Only department they excel in is excuses. Not all foreign coaches are good but for sure local coaches are a disaster.
      To add on to this, Kerr should be loaned to Harambee stars(at a fee). This is one guy who can help Kenyan soccer.
      1. Gor team now know how to hold the ball.
      2. they know how to draw out a team.
      3. they know how to use the spaces created.
      These were all evident in the recent Yanga.
      I have never seen Harambee stars with an idea on anything.
      Kerr can mould Kenya football.

  15. Congratulations to the entire Team, Technical bench and the Fans. To the fans thank you for always providing the right atmosphere for the team to thrive. This great support is always a great motivation to the players who in turn give the best they can offer. Let us keep it up. Your great support announces your presence in every town and Country that some of you go to in support of the Team. When you leave every place/ Stadium people ask “Who is Gor Mahia FC” In this way more fans are recruited to support the Team. Irrespective of what an opponent may think or say Gor Mahia fc is now speaking for the Nation of Kenya in Matters footbal. In the Country, Regionally and Africa. I love how Coach Kerry puts it, “Gor Mahia Fc is carrying the Nation on their Shoulders” You are are the ambassadors where ever you go . Therefore as the Green Army, Keep the Green Flag high.

  16. In the recent past, big names like Crispin Odula, Patrick Oboya, Jerry Santos, Mungai Kiongera, George Midenyo, Passenger 27, Jackson Saleh and Sammy Okinda joined Gor Mahia with much hype but had to leave in a huff owing to overwhelming underperformance. It is for this reason that a sizeable number of K’Ogalo followers were sceptical regarding Humphrey Mieno, but as if aware of the fans’ misgivings, Mieno chose to silence the noise and cacophony by performing even better and with consistency.

    K14 too seems to have borrowed a leaf from Humphrey Mieno and appears to be telling his critics that “Passenger 14 ni wewe”. That is the way to go in this team since many Gor Mahia fans have zero tolerance for mediocre performance. The resurgence of K14 is so welcome. This is one player who is far more talented that Victor Wanyama, yet cannot sniff the success that discipline, focus and professionalism have brought to Victor Wanyama.

    When K14 fails to perform we as fans cry loudest and lambast him relentlessly. When he gives a serious and credible performance, it has been reported here by reliable sources, that again it is us who lure him to drinking dens to thank him with alcohol for a job well done. Those guilty of this should stop because they are destroying this talisman’s career. Woe unto them for their wickedness for their fate is awaiting them Mark 9: 42: “If anyone causes one of these little ones—those who believe in me—to stumble, it would be better for them if a large millstone were hung around their neck and they were thrown into the sea”. Luke 17: 2 reiterates the same fate even more clearly: “It would be better for them to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around their neck than to cause one of these little ones to stumble”. Now let them not say that they were not cautioned. Just let K14, Mieno, Philemon, Joash, Momanyi, Lawrence Juma, Odhoji, Guikan, Wellington, Blackberry, The Rookie Goalkeeper, Boniface Omondi, Ondiek, Lawrence Juma, Okeyo, Wafula, Asudi, Lukewarm and Okiro thrive and surpass the successes of the Victors (Ikpeba, Wanyama and Moses).

    1. @Barefoot Bandit, I can see you are now one of the witnesses of Jesus Christ by preaching his gospel. It is great to bring the word of God into the right perspective as it is God that has taken us and Gor Mahia this far. Thank you BB for this illustrative and informative piece of writing.

    2. For K14, the talent is still there, he is just a bit overweight and out of shape. If he would just focus and get back in shape, he would be terrifying. But he is getting there and giving the unsettled Guikan a run for his money as the back up striker

  17. The larger constituency of Gor Mahia fans are disgusted with Boniface Oluoch’s attitude towards the team, individual players, the Tech Bench and even the EC. It is common knowledge that coach Ker had to chase the team bus yesterday using a Boda Boda motorbike because he was left behind “celebrating with the fans”. It is instructive that the “celebration” was actually a session with the Kisumu fans who told him categorically that Boniface Oluoch should be dropped to the bench, should train further and should be allowed between the posts only after showing demonstrable evidence of improved discipline, attitude and performance.

  18. ‘…Mississipi Roll Alooooong, Until The End Of Tiiiiime…’
    Kogallo SGR. It Doesnt Matter Who Plays. Bao Ni Tatu Tatu Since Kagere Left.
    Bwanacha Notweyo Jowadgi Gi Buru Thooo!

  19. Plenty of praises for Gor from the WiseMen of African football at the Thursday evening SS Soccer Africa program. They say that our game is easy on the eye and very entertaining . Kudos to Kerr and everyone involved


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