Video: Kenneth Muguna speaks on preparations for Champions League

Skipper Kenneth Muguna is confident that Gor Mahia will do well in continental competitions.

On the Covid 19 pandemic, Muguna stated that the players were significantly impacted. They are adjusting to it and hoping that things go back to normal soon.

On training he says he has a gym at home and thus has kept himself in shape

Muguna says that he would rather win the league instead of being given the league by a boardroom decision but he understands that the league had to be halted for the sake of public health.

He is sure that team will play well next season.

On Joash Onyango’s departure, he says he understands because no player can stay at the same team forever.

On the continental campaign he says the preparation must be good and player effort must be maximum and the office must do its part.

He speaks well of coach Steve Pollack. He enforces discipline and loves football.

Muguna says his football career started in Kondele Kisumu at a team called Urusi, then Real Kisumu, the KYOC then Palos and then Western Stima

3 thoughts on “Video: Kenneth Muguna speaks on preparations for Champions League

  • Oswozo Moziek

    And what is his situation? Is he staying or leaving? There are some situations that need to be sorted out early for team harmony going forward!!

    • Sijeyo

      The correct answer is that neither he nor the club knows. At Gor Mahia things can change very quickly

  • Charles

    Methinks Mugabe, 12th year as boss, has always been uncomfortable with an ambitious/ assertive coach who does two things:
    1) Identifies and insists on the players to be signed and a lean squad,
    2) wants players & TB salaries & allowances to be given top priority.

    Sadly the 2nd duty is that of the TM, but for Jolawi his highest goal every season is to defeat efusi.
    Everything else is secondary including
    doing well in CAF. Sadly a good number in GMFC think the same forgetting that the real money and fame is in CAF soccer and for that you need a stable lean squad not overhauls every transfer period.

    Sam Ochola- our new SG though seems to have a good head on his shoulders.


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