Update: Kerr clarifies that he is not interested in Stars job


Dylan Kerr used his social media page to clarify that he is not interested in the Harambee Stars job.

“I do not want the Harambee Stars job. I was asked a straight question if I can be interested in the job and I said ‘NO’. I am at Gor Mahia and my contract indicates that I am a Gor Mahia coach and so, I am happy at the club. I am not in anyway interested in coaching the national team and I wouldn’t want to even think about that at the moment,” said Kerr.

The previous story caused a stir among many fans. Though he categorically stated that he was open to an advisory role, some fans took it to mean he wants to actively participate in Harambee Stars  training sessions.

Previous Story

Gor Mahia coach Dylan Kerr has told Capital FM that he would open to helping Harambee Stars coach Stan Okumbi in an advisory role if called upon.

“The coach needs help and I am here if he needs me to help. If he wants me to come support him I will do that because I want him to succeed; everyone wants him to succeed. Sometimes coaches need help, advice and support from other people outside the national team set up because everybody wants same thing; success,” he told Capital FM.

This comes as Harambee stars fans have become increasingly dissatified with coach Okumbi who seems to lack imagination.

On whether he would leave Kogalo for Harambee stars, Kerr ws categorical that he is fully committed to Kogalo.

“My job here is at Gor Mahia and I am happy. I like my players, my staff and my club chairman who has been amazing and backed 100 percent. He has let me do my job without interference which in Africa is very rare,” he continued.

In 2014, another Scottish coach Bobby Williamson left Kogalo to become Harambee stars coach. This was in August right after the fiasco that was the 2014 CECAFA   campaign.

In 2011, Zedekiah Otieno “Zico” was the Kogalo coach when he was approached by FKF to take over as Stars coach. Zico acquited himself well in that role including forcing a draw against Uganda in Kampala that doomed that Cranes chances of qualifying for AFCON.

Vojo Gardasevic, the Serb who could barely speak English, was another Kogalo coach who was recruited by Stars after having steered Kogalo to the 1995 league title.

On Harambee stars chances of qualifying for AFCON 2019, Kerr told Capital FM that poor organization was letting down Kenya football.

“I think all the stakeholders should sit down in a round table before the start of the season and sort out everything about Kenyan football,”

“We have three years to qualify for the World Cup, 18 months to AFCON… are we gonna kid ourselves and say we will qualify or are we gonna do something about it.”
Gor Mahia head coach Dylan Kerr conducts a training session at the National Stadium in Dar es Salaam before the team faced Everton FC in a friendly match in July 2017

“I am not trying to rectify Kenyan football because I have no right to do that but I wanna give my experience of football around the world to make Kenyan football better,” the coach further added.


13 thoughts on “Update: Kerr clarifies that he is not interested in Stars job

  1. My Ker, in my language your name means Ruoth/King, I will be surprised if they don’t come out guns blazing against you, this is Kenya and they don’t take kindly that kind frankness. My advice is leave them alone, you have a job to do at Kogalo

  2. Focus on who and what brought you to Kenya, Gor Mahia Football Club! Next year deliver the league and cup double and at least reach the group stages if not win the CAF Cup. After that you can tell us about helping H.Stars. First a child crawls, then walks before running. Let FKF support the league (improve the winners purse) & clubs in CAF for Stars to do well. That said an informal chat over the phone or a cup of coffee is ok, but its for Okumbi to reach out, even Ma5 (with efusi at no.13/14) observed this. So far Okumbi hasn’t asked for help so let him be. H.Stars has too many friendlies that constantly interrupt the league program. Why not put some of those resources into the league by giving the clubs more financial support/grants.

  3. MeThinks the dude is frustrated by his players.For nearly 2yrs , under wuod maria and now kerr, GM have been training 2 touch football at camp toyoyo & they do it really well but when the real game comes five consecutive passes is impossible, even stima possesed the ball with neat passes than GM.What could be the problem?.If there is a fan or player that can watch a repeat kogalo match x2 or 3,Huyo mseh ana’rcho, coz ni boring.I wonder how GM plays when the matches are not live, the ones screened live we have been below par & none other than the coach has said so,bt on none live matches he is always quoted praising the team.My suggestion, Kerr should only sign Ball players.I know some fans will ask kwani wale wako ni athletes ama karatekas, I 4give you if you tempted to ask.We should be way,way above our competitors in terms of the quality of our play and structure.

  4. Some people here are not worth listening.
    The team has taken the league four matches to go. What else do you still need?
    You can start your club and Speer us ours .
    On Kerr, let him borrow the leaf from his brother Bony Williamson. …
    There is nothing good at Harambee stars. ..

  5. Somebody understood my post “Ataro” , its the coach who was being interviewed said he was not pleased with the kind of futball his boy’s displayed, that was not his standard & for heaven’s sake they were live on TV.He went further & apologised to the GM fans and applauded the opponents coach for the type of futball they played.He said his players failed to showcase what GM is really about, if some players are not up to the task definitely they ‘ll have to pave way.All said done we all happy for 16th league title.

  6. Sir Kerr,harambee srars is an ecer sinking doomed ship that cannot go anywhere unless tge whole football enterprise in Kenya is overhauled with immediate effect and long term rebuilding structures put up.Stay at wuon timbe and see more glory days ahead

  7. Can somebody confirm this ugly scene…..

    “Gor Mahia coach has threatened to quit if players’ welfare is not addressed urgently.

    Gor Mahia players are currently on a go-slow demanding for delayed allowances according to information obtained by Goal.

    A source within the club told Goal that players are now threatening to boycott the remaining three league matches if the matter is not addressed in time.

    According to our source, K’Ogalo players staged a go-slow during a friendly on Friday, something that has now forced Dylan Kerr to intervene, “even threatening to quit” if the matter is not addressed”

    1. Why is Goal.com always happy to report Gor Mahia go-slows and boycotts…? That aside, this unpaid allowances drama is becoming annoying. What are those 20 EC officials doing in office if they cant pay players’ dues..Chietha ridha!!!


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