Lawrence Juma has gone to Sofapaka

All the rumours about Lawrence Juma’s imminent departure to Sofapaka have proven true. Today Juma signed a new contract with Sofapaka as Elly Kalekwa appears determined to build a strong side, having also signed Michael Kibwage who was a transfer target of Gor Mahia.

“We are pleased to have completed the signing of Harambee Stars midfielder Lawrence Juma. Juma has put pen to paper to a two-year deal ahead of the new season,” said the Sofapaka portal

Juma joined Gor Mahia in 2018 from Nzoia Sugar. After a slow start and plenty of time spent on the bench, he played his way into the starting line-up then to the national team. Several weeks ago on his social media pages, he hinted at wearing a new blue uniform which left fans wondering if he was going to AFC or to Sofapaka.

“I am pleased to be here, this a new chapter, a new environment and I am looking forward to a good time with the club. I can’t wait to get started.” he said

Sofapaka will be one of the teams to challenge Gor Mahia’s dominance in the 2020-2021 season.

“The squad we have managed to assemble is a quality one which will challenge for top honours in the 2020/21 Kenyan Premier League campaign. This is a team that has a high chance of winning the league title and get a chance to play in the continental competitions. We have the resources we need to be successful and I am confident we will.” said Kalekwa.

With Juma’s departure, Gor Mahia will now rely on Camerounian Bertrand Konfor and new signing John Macharia to shore up the midfield.



11 thoughts on “Lawrence Juma has gone to Sofapaka

  1. Good luck Juma. Sometimes players need to go for greener pastures. Players must have ambition. And club must look after player welfare.

    1. Does Sofapaka look at their players welfare? Do not be sarcastic and Gor was right to let him go as he wanted a lot of money as sign off fee for renewed contract. This could have been a very bad precedent to set for players that want to renew their contracts to ask for both the arm and leg.

  2. Lawrence Juma ni Mluhya ama?Thats Retrospective thinking.
    Gor is preparing to play international matches where he can easily market himself a broad and he is leaving going to play local soccer.
    Ng’ani ofuo mara adieri,Mae Puga Moti.

  3. It’s ok, he has done his bit for the team. We should wish him well and it should not matter in this age whether he is dorobo, bushman or whatever as someone wants to drag us backwards here. I believe the position is well covered.

  4. @ Janam, so was William and Enock Obwaka, Dan Shikanda, Harun Shakava, Tim Wanyonyi maybe even Musa Mohammed, so what exactly is your point!

    Very few Gor Mahia players have benefitted from the much hyped continental football yet the club has been in CAF for the last 5 years because either GMFC is eliminated early or when players progress to the group stage officials retain most of the prize monies by one pretext or another.

    Lawrence Juma was most likely paid a signing fee of kes.1m. The situation at Sofapaka cannot be worse than that at GMFC.
    Sofapaka Chairman is very shrewd at marketing his players remember Fizton Razak.

    Face the facts, Ladies & Gentlemen, playing for GMFC has become a risky undertaking for any player,
    1) Delayed or unpaid salaries and even if team qualifies for CAF players are reminded of existing contracts and are not adequately rewarded for their achievements.
    2) Club neglects its injured players e.g Wellington, Batambuze, Philemon and Solomon Nasio. Its like the club policy is GET INJURED AT YOUR OWN RISK!
    3) Betika maybe a more stable sponsor than Betsafe. Sofapaka has always had more stable sponsors than GMFC.

    With the current top management at the club it’s advisable for players to prioritize their welfare and that of their families.

    Until EC is more committed to player welfare, Gor players better remember that a bird in hand is worth two in the bush.
    Erokamano and all the best LJ, come back when our beloved club can better guarantee your welfare.

  5. Rachier says he does not initiate contract talks. The player must initiate contract talks. Instead he should try to extend the contracts of key players. If he doesn’t key players will keep leaving

    1. Hehehe well put LJ just initiated contract talks with Sofapaka instead of K’galo so why vilify him.
      In other clubs star players’ contracts are negotiated a year before expiry so that the player is either traded to avoid free transfers or his contract extend when the bargainung power favours the club.
      12 years at the helm of the leading soccer club yet we are still subjected to elementary miscalculations.

  6. Lawrence Juma is Luo from Nyakach Kwabwai and was signed from Nzoia Sugar with 800k sign on fees for 4 years…His contract was running out and Gor offered him 500k for two year contract renewal. He insisted on 1M minimum but club didn’t budge an inch. Elly Kalewa through Francis Kimanzi his good broker pal convinced Lawi to jump ship for 2M signing fee to be paid in two installments with a guarantee of future Harambee Stars call ups despite switching teams…Shakava too I brought back to negotiate with Wasuna who offered 400k sign on fee, Shakava asked for 800k minimum and Wasuna flatly refused to up the offer…Let Lawi go in peace and Gor to Value their players better…Dolfina walo ka nyuka mokber e office mar Gor…Jamriambo Amosi an France atiyo tija…If Gor falters I will be back in Kenya very fast to steady the Kogalo ship as always

  7. Players leave Gor Mahia and Goes for greener pastures abroad, Lawrence Juma leaves Gor Mahia and goes straight to Safapaka!!! ???? awuoro yawa! Somo to gimaber, kata ja class aboro nyalo riek moloyo move no.
    Lawrence Juma bende ng’ama Punda sana


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