Nuttall and Kerr deny using Gor Mahia as stepping stone

On Monday, former Gor Mahia CEO Lordvick Aduda accused foreign coaches of using Gor Mahia as a stepping stone. See the original article three headings below.

Response from Nutall

Former Gor Mahia coach Frank Nutall posted this response on his social media pages

I see that the former CEO of Gor Mahia, Aduda, has been opening his mouth again and creating an unbalanced and false view of the foreign coaches that have brought so much success to the club since 2013. He has painted us in a bad light and given an unfair representation of us. So in the interest of a more balanced, fair and respectful portrayal of the coaches that he mentions, including me, the questions that need to be asked are…
“why has the club had 8 coaches since 2013?”.
“Were the employment contracts honored by the club management?”,
“Did the coaches stay loyal and bring success to the club whilst contracts were not being honoured?”
“Did the club benefit from financial sponsorship due to, in part, the previous good work of the coach?”
Many of us stood in the post for well over a season, despite the well documented and acknowledged financial issues, so how can he say we used it as a stepping stone? We stayed and brought titles to the club.
Aduda also questions our success after leaving the club. What is success? He does not know what the agreed targets of success were at our other clubs.
It is noted that he has also made these comments after leaving Gor Mahia (again!), to attempt to return to the FKF (again!). So who is stepping from stone to stone, Mr. Aduda?
Finally, to all stakeholders of football in Kenya, do you really want a person such as Lordvick Aduda running football in your country?

Response from Dylan Kerr

The British is among the six foreigners who have handled the Kenyan Premier League (KPL) champions in the last six seasons, an influx which the club’s former CEO Omondi Aduda explained was as a result of the coaches using the club to better their CVs.

Kerr, who won two league titles with Gor Mahia before ending his 16-month spell to sign for Black Leopards of South Africa, has now told Goal that he was not that type of coach and that his stay with the club was done in a professional manner.

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“No…not in my case,” Kerr told Goal on Tuesday when asked whether he was among the coaches who have used Gor Mahia as a stepping stone. “But I can’t say for any other coach, I don’t know about them.”

When pressed further to explain, Kerr said: “It never happened that way and Gor Mahia chairman [Ambrose Rachier] knew about my move, he knew why I left because I talked to him.”

After Bobby Williamson, who went on to win a first league title in 18-years for the club, five coaches have come and left – Frank Nuttall (September 2014-March 2016), Jose Marcelo Ze Marie (March 2016-June 2017), Kerr (2017 July-2018 December), Hassan Oktay (2018-19) and lastly Steven Polack, who resigned last week.

Original article by Aduda

The former K’Ogalo official now claims many coaches are using the club as a stepping stone to better their careers
Football Kenya Federation (FKF) presidential aspirant Omondi Aduda has blamed the influx of foreign coaches at Gor Mahia on their intentions to use the club as a stepping stone for bigger things.

The Kenyan Premier League (KPL) champions have seen six foreign coaches handle the side in the last six years, a worrying trend which has left many football lovers in Kenya asking what could be the reason behind it.

Since the arrival of Bobby Williamson, who went on to win a first league title in 18-years for the club, five coaches have come and left – Frank Nuttall (September 2014-March 2016), Jose Marcelo Ze Marie (March 2016-June 2017), Dylan Kerr (2017 July-2018 December), Hassan Oktay (2018-19) and lastly Steven Polack, who resigned four days ago.

“It is Gor Mahia which gives them the platform to be seen and noticed,” Aduda told Goal. “Apart from genuine ones like Hassan [Oktay], who had genuine family issues [which he is still taking care of until now] the rest have used the club to enhance their CVs.

“For example, when we brought Frank [Nutall] to Kenya, no one knew about him, but when he came to Kenya and managed to win the league in 2015, he was spotted by Zamalek and he left but he was sacked after 45 days.

“That means we always tolerate them, we give them a good atmosphere to work on and immediately they are spotted, they don’t think twice but walk away.” Aduda told

Aduda believes the coaches come to exploit Kenyan clubs because if they were good enough, then they should be able to win titles whenever they go after leaving Gor Mahia.

“When you look at Bobby [Williamson], he joined Harambee Stars, and he actually recommended for us to sign Nutall, and when Nutall was known after the unbeaten record, remember he had very good players [Aucho, Olunga, Kagere, Walusimbi and the rest], that was top cream, he was seen and he went to Zamalek but lasted 45 days there,” Aduda continued.

“Then we also had Ze Maria, it was his first stint in Africa, and though he did not win anything, he gave us a good team, it is the team which claimed the Super Cup the next season and also won the league under Dylan Kerr, but he also walked to Tirana but he never lasted there as he was fired.

“Kerr came, he won the league title twice and also reached the group stage of Caf Confederation Cup, he was spotted there and then dashed to South Africa, and what happened in South Africa I think you know. It is him who wrote to us that we terminate his contract but of course he knew he was headed to ‘South Africa.

“Oktay was genuine, he had family issues, I don’t think he used Gor Mahia as a stepping stone, and that is why up to now he is attending to family issues, you cannot blame him for going, he is a very nice guy.”

5 thoughts on “Nuttall and Kerr deny using Gor Mahia as stepping stone

  • Jatingare

    And Aduda was using Gor Mahia to enrich himself. Remember how he demanded a cut of the sign on bonus from Derrick Otanga?

  • Kerr hit the nail on the head with his statement.
    “Rachier knows everything!
    Why each coach leaves and the next one is already lined up to be hired.”

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