Oluoch in action as Kenya held by Tanzania

Stars in a past group photo

Goalkeeper Boniface Oluoch was the only Gor Mahia player in action on Sunday when Kenya were held to a disappointing 1-1 draw by Tanzania. A number of former Kogalo players were in action: David Owino, Anthony Akumu and Wycliffe Ochieng. Also in action was Humphrey Mieno who is said to be a transfer target for Gor Mahia.

Additional reporting from the Nation
Victor Wanyama scored from the spot and helped Harambee Stars hold Tanzania 1-1 in an International Friendly match played at Moi Stadium Kasarani on Sunday 29 May.

Tanzania started strongly and spent most of the opening minutes in Kenya’s half but Victor Wanyama created Stars first chance of the game sending a long ball to link up with Ayube Timbe whose attempt to loop it over Tanzania keeper Don Munishi was unsuccessful.


Stand United forward star Elias Mrugao Maguli gave the visitors a lead after the half hour mark as he opened the scoring heading past Boniface Olouch after Juma Abdul hurled a dangerous ball in the 18 yard box.

Tanzania celebrations lasted for just six minutes as the hosts Harambee Stars won a penalty through Ayub Timbe after he was brought down in the 18 yard box. Victor Mugubi Wanyama converted the penalty to the right side of the goal equalizing for Kenya.


Few minutes later Ayub Timbe sent a low cross from the left wing in the six yard box but Jesse Were was pressurized by Aggrey Morris thus missed the chance to put Harambee Stars ahead.

David Owino Calabar failed to direct his free header into the net in the first minutes of the game after Timbe delivered a corner kick to the far post where he was positioned.


Kenya’s custodian Boniface Olouch made a fine save to stop Mao Mkami from putting the visitors ahead once more just after the second half started. Several chances came in the final half of the game but no team managed to find the opponents net.

Kenya Premier League top scorer Wycliffe Ochomo, second placed John Makwata and AFC Leopards winger Clifford Miheso were handed a chance to play as substitutes but their involvement could not earn Kenya a goal.


Harambee Stars Starting XI: 1. Boniface Oluoch, 9. Joakins Otieno Atudo, 5. Abud Omar Khamis, 12. Eugene Ambuchi Asike, 8. David Owino Odhiambo, 14. Anthony Akumu Agay, 15. Victor Mugubi Wanyama, 23. Ayub Timbe Masika, 19. Humphrey Mieno Ochieng’ 16. Eric Johanna Omondi, 29. Jesse Jackson Were

Subs: 3. David Okello Abongo, 10. Eric Ouma Otieno, 6. Mayeko Musa Mohammed, 24. Victor Ali Abondo, 27, Wycliff Okello Ochomo, 20. John Mark Makwata, 21. Clifford Miheso Ayisi

Tanzania Starting XI: 1. Bonventure Munishi, 6. Juma Abdul Jafari, 2. Mohammed Hussein, 13. Aggrey Morris, 15. Erasto Edward Nyoni, 17. Jonas Gerrald Mkude, 7. Himid Mao Mkami, 16. Shiza Ramadhan Yahya, 12. Mwinyi Kazimoto Mwitula, 10. Elias Mrugao Maguli, 4. Deus David Kaseke

Subs: 18. Aishi Salum Manula, 5. David John Mwantika, 9. Farid Mussa Shah, 11. Jeremiah Juma Ally, 8. Abrahim Hajibu Migomba, 3. Mwinyi Haji Mngwali, 14. Mohammed Ally Ibrah



15 thoughts on “Oluoch in action as Kenya held by Tanzania

  1. Tell me anyone, have you ever witnessed such dull, hopeless and clueless Harambee Stars before? Outwitted by Taifa Stars in all areas. Jesse Were is a club player, by miles not a national team player. And with shorts tucked upwards he cuts a very awkward number in the team. Ochomo, Oooh and Miheso oooh. Who will rescue the stars? “Stars” really? This team is clearly under some evil siege

  2. I totally concur Jesse Were is at best a club player and can’t/will never be national team material,its just how he is…Many opportunities one vi one for harambee stars and he fluffs,excuses mara ooh,mara ooh but that’s just it…Overall Kenya needs to up its game,aboud Omar showed glimpses brilliance and ayub timbe was superb as always…

  3. anybody who thinks that Okumbi can make *s win a match is decieving himself.Okumbi cannot win with the kind of tactics he’s employing.I did say sometimes that the *s requires a tactician & not a coach.I somebody is talking about geling in national team then he’s in a wrong job. National tm cant be like club where u wud want players to know each other.Not that players r bad.Give Zico that team anyday including 2morow & *s will win & will play gud football.The problem is okumbi & even 2morow(tue) ni kichapo

  4. What if we give Okumbi some time i thought he’s been into less than five matches. Has any of us been given time anywhere or is it a question of bitterness, personal prejudice or some predestination?

    Its quite unfair to rubbish people the way we are doing to the players and tech bench of Harambee stars. They are still human beings , Kenyans and brothers at the end of the day.

  5. Kassim my brother well said, but dalili ya mvua ni mawingu ama? We have forty million other brothers and sisters, to be chosen as one of only 11 of the forty million, one must really be the best. And for coach, you are standing there as best of the forty million. We do not hate anybody. Some of these things one ought to see for himself and not even wait for a number of matches, any match played and lost has a meaning. See how many people turn out to support the team these days? Tells you a big story.

  6. My friend, Okumbi has not won any tounament including those of mtaa like kothbiro.In the top league(kpl) his record shows that he has many loses & many draws wins cannot even reach 20 wins in 3 seasons. now in the national team we nead someone like Bobby Wiliamsom or Adel amrouch who will stand on the touchline & even Nigeria will find it dificult to win against kenya. We dont need to gumble with the national team.

  7. As long as Okumbi coaches Kariobangi Sharks, they will not be promoted except through politics. In terms of local coaches, I believe they should give Twahir Muhiddin a chance. He previously worked under very bad conditions. Give him a chance with good working conditions and he will thrive.

  8. Kenya got an equalizer which they never deserved. Timbe and Oluoch carried this cursed piece of a burden for 90 minutes. Jesse Were would have excelled in a fashion show where contenders display their hair, height and shorts. It is hard to imagine how a Tz team composed of younger shorter players could outmanoeuvre H. Stars in all dimensions. Miheso could not convert a cross into the net. A combination of Gor, Mathare and Western Stima players would have saved this country from such daylight mockery of anything football. By the way, do Kenyans know that their national football team is called Harambee Stars? Did Kenyans know that this team was playing in Kasarani? What made Okumbi qualify to be a national team coach instead of Nuttal, Logarusic, Amrouche or Zico? The man knows nothing beyond the kindergarten soccer laws of ‘kicking the ball towards the opponents region to avoid conceding and get closer to their goal’. Surprised? oh, you are not alone!

  9. Its quite shameful n total rubbish for gor office to to keep on maintaining gor mahia youth and at the same they are not promoting the young lads to senior side gormahia fc and they are not selling or loaning this youth players to other clubs am seeing a situation where some youths are going to loose hope for not breaking into senior team or other clubs
    To me I think there is kind of favouritism and under cutting of deals by brokers who bring other players to get commission I just pity this youth because they are not well connected to higher office they are going to rot in youth system there around 6youths who can break into gor senior team but no one to fight for them. The purpose of bringing KAGERE and other Burundian midfielder is to give the young players exposure n experience as they will copy from KAGERE n bring out the best out of them BUT when I see n hear that gor mahia office is going to recruit field rejects like kina Humprey Mieno,ochomo,baron,Johanna omollo I feel dejected while youths who can b discovered are still in gor youth I wonder. Me I wonder with gor recruitment locally they recruit someone because the player ran carelessly while playing against gormahia or player is related to gor Ec but they don’t look at inborn talent or class no wonder when pressure catches with them at gor the fade away like tea cup storms. LET gor office not bring people who are going to give the coach hard time because they will say they know football n coaches will not team them anything. Let gor invest in youth from 17years to 20years in senior team n they will learn n copy easily from kagere n we will have so many marcellos n farouk miyas n divock origi. The field rejects cannot match walusimbi aucho Musa Karim kahata so gor office bring kagere n Burundian midfielder the other pick from GOR MAHIA YOUTH its my request

    1. @Blackmarket, you sound bitter to the extent that your message was missed. By the way even the top teams do not pick all the academy players. Check ManU and the rest. At least we have Nondi from the junior team

    2. Blackmarket, this us the frustration we are facing with brokers in this office. I know we have some youth team members training with the senior team.

  10. I don’t think Black market is far from the truth, we have very good talents in the country but always look outside the country for average players.

    I concur very much that we as well need the foreign talents but honestly the people in charge are not doing well in nurturing the talent we have around.

  11. We drew with Sudan, an extra time goal from a defender. So now who will play the Congo match? Which is our first eleven? Can anybody say?


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