Rachier on his reasons for leaving and status of club land

In a wide ranging interview, Chairman Ambrose Rachier told Citizen Sports why he is finally exiting from the Gor Mahia chairmanship after 11 years. he also discussed his efforts to obtain land


Rachier explained that he was leaving for the following reasons:

1. He did not like to be like other African leaders who overstay
2. The sports act calls for sports administrators to hold their posts for two terms of 5 years each
3. Some fans have been agitating for his exit, even calling him Mugabe. Rachier considers this the biggest insult of all since it infers old age and staleness.
4. Some people claim that Rachier has run out of ideas and that they think they can run the club better than Rachier.

5. He wants to give all the agitators a chance to see if they can run the club.

Rachier was then asked if  some of his critics might have a point since the club still does not have a training ground and other has no foundation.  But Rachier responded by saying that Gor Mahia is first and foremost a football club and his main task was to win titles which he did, winning 6 titles. he said it would have been seven if Gor Mahia were not unfairly docked points in 2016.

He also said that Gor Mahia is the only team that played Everton, Hull City and the group stage of continental events.

He was asked about what structures he has put in place to give the club a strong foundation and a strong future but he insisted that his core business at the club is to win titles.

He also took credit for the return of fans since when he took over the chairmanship, the club had no fans and played to mostly empty stadia.

He also took credit for the fact that the club now has a sponsor. According to him, sponsors only came because the club was run. As well as a SACCO that enables fans to borrow money.

He said that he is busy looking for a title deed to build a stadium.

He says that the club has land at Kasarani which was given to the club by former president Daniel arap Moi

He is also partnering with Turkish airlines which he says will help the club with the construction of a stadium.

Asked why he has not been able to get the title deed despite being a lawyer himself. He says the land title deed was in Embakassi and is already occupied by squatters. So he says he is now pursuing the Kasarani land.

He says that he is not interested in pursuing the chairmanship of the FKF.

On the departure of Shakava, Kahata, Tuyisenge. He said on Tuyisenge that the club has made an offer from Petro Atletico of Angola and the club has accepted the offer. On Shakava, he says he is still under contract for 8 months. But the club would be open to offers. On Kahata, his contract is ending in June. He is open to letting Kahata go if he gets a better offer.

Asked why the club does not negotiate with players before their contract ends, he says the club tells players that anyone who wants to leave should just inform the club and those who want to renegotiate a contract renewal should also approach the club. In other words, the club is not proactive in terms of renewing contracts of good players before they leave.

14 thoughts on “Rachier on his reasons for leaving and status of club land

  • Get Enos Ochieng haraka. Negotiate with Ulinzi.He is local and can be an asset

    • Dan Original

      I would rather go for Otanga from SONY

  • Fred odhiambo

    Not sure whether the names being bandied around may have an impact in Gor. They could be what we want but not necessarily what we need. Some of these players can only thrive in lesser teams and struggle to make an impact once they make the step up like Agwanda… Who failed to make the grade in Nairobi but went back to Sony and gave a good account of himself.

    • Aren’t the players named above all very polished and better than sekisambu ? Actually even Agwanda jowi himself

      • Enos Ochieng is better than Ssekisambu and Mustapha combined

  • Fred odhiambo

    When they are being touted they will always look better than what you have…

  • I can confirm on this day , on this wall , that Ambrose Rachier is going nowhere , it should be noted that this is not my opinion but rather a fact that will be confirmed in due course .
    Now am I happy about this information ? , my answer is a Yes and No , and my No is that I feel that there is much more Rachier could have done that he didnt do and for whatever reasons and Yes because , despite my reservations , I have struggled to see anybody availing himself who can do what Rachier did plus what I wished he had done , all I see , uptil now are just pretenders , wannabees , opportunists and clueless individuals whose sole purpose for wanting leadership is not in Sync with the direction this club ought to take and all factors remaining constant as they are now and elections were to be called , I would go for the tried and tested half full glass .
    I hope whoever has a contrary view and a better candidate will , while responding or reacting to my view , do so with facts and reasons about why we need to change from Rachier to whoever , so far the only guy who has made his intentions overt is @Jakoyo and without any prejudice I await his vision .
    I dont think saying you want to leave leadership because some people have insulted you or leaving leadership because some people say you have overstayed is reason enough , Gadaffi stayed for so long in Libyan leadership , the people of Libya wanted him gone and they got their wish .

    • it’s a pity that democracy works only when it suits you. If the constitution says two terms then let it be two terms. Africa started well but most depots decided to stay forever and the big mess started. Khaddafi, Nigeria’s Generals, Mobutu, Museveni the list is endless. Their continued stay built a rot and that is why these countries are suffering. Libya is suffering coz of the rot Khadaffi created over the years. Yes, he started well, but so did the rest.
      Africans should learn how to manage change. So now fear has been created that there is no one better than Rachier. This is the result. Create a fear that without me you are doomed. It’s not a question of getting anyone better than him, but rather that the office can only be held for two terms.
      Unfortunately that these despots hold on for long coz of an electorate that is equally corrupt. We quickly castigate Sonko as corrupt but when he dishes out millions to save Gor then we keep quiet. The U.S and EU have succeeded coz the electorate question the office bearers. Britain never thought that after Churchill they would have another Prime Minister to equal him. The truth is that there wasn’t. But they knew that when the time to go came, he had to go. They respected the constitution. It was up to them to question their leaders and elect somebody else to do the job. It’s about the Office, not the man.
      The best legacy that Rachier can create is to leave a respectful office that the Gor Mahia Chairman position has come to be.

  • Get nani, get this, get that… interesting times indeed. Despite the circumstances, the Gor Mahia recruitment department(and scouts) is one office that has perfomed well . They should be left alone to continue with their good work. Even though at times the selection of some players has left me debating wether Gor has two totally different recruitment channels.
    I think Rachier retiring is ok. He should not insinuate that we do not want him or are ungrateful for the work he has done. Leave coz it’s the right time. I also think that he should be more open about this Kasarani land. It’s a mystery so far. Moi gave the Embakassi land but bogus officials let it slip… it’s good to know he tried helping.
    The best thing Rachier can do before he leaves is to give Gor a good constitution especially with proper guidance to the elective posts.

  • George odiwa

    No doubt that Rachier has been a towering figure in gors’ rejuvination, success and glory in recent times. Calling Rachier mugabe was wrong because unlike mugabe he is not clinging to power. He has the undevided mandate to run the club. As fans our criticism should be constructive always giving credit where it is due and trying to come up with ideas and suggestions rather than wreckless and blant criticism as at times it turns out to be. But ‘leaving the club for those who think can run it better’ is defeatist. They are words uttered with underlying emotions. They lack sombrierity which is a hallmark of leadership. Majority of us fans are proud of u Ador . Gagging fans from criticism is pointless. Criticism is not only accepted but required to keep the leaders focused on the goals and aspirations of the footbal club.

  • @Dinga, Ambrose Rachier is going nowhere. I am supporting Ambrose Rachier wuod Gem for the splendid job he has done at the club.

    Please also note that the new constitution of the club will start with his new first 5 year term that will begin from the date of promulgation of the new Gor Mahia constitution that will be around December 2019.

    Just suggest and bring your candidate so that they can be vetted accordingly.

    • Get the drift of my argument before telling me to bring my candidate. When did Gor ask us to front our candidates?
      Rachier himself is on record stating that he is stepping down. He being a chairman for the rest of his life will not affect my income or life in anyway. But should he see it fit to “do a Museveni” then good for him. Mugabe started well, so did Museveni and so will Rachier. But the question remains, at what expense.
      The point here should not be diluted by the reference to heads of state… the reference however remains relevant.
      When I throw questions it’s all about integrity of the club, the office and the bearer.
      But i’m sure that somewhere in there, I’ve lost you AGAIN.

  • Dan Original

    @Jamigori, the Sports Act became operational in 2014 and all clubs had to comply, Gor is no exception. That means that AR and Gor have to comply as it is supreme to club laws

    • @Dan Original, if the Sports Act became operational in 2014, the first term of ADOR current office will be expiring at the end of 2019 but the current officials will be eligible for second and final term of another 5 years. Therefore ADOR second and final term will expire on 31 December 2024.


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