There are too many gaps in the new constitution

Gor Mahia CEO Omondi Aduda announced that the club will hold its annual general meeting on June 12. He went on to release some details about the constitution.

“CAF and FIFA stipulate that the CEO or the General Manager, the treasurer and the Secretary general are the ones mandated with the running of club affairs and other elected officials will not be allowed in active running of the club,’’ explained Aduda to Citizen Sports.

Adduda claimed that the draft document meets the sports registrar’s orders and CAF Act which provides for the formation of a secretariat. Part of the CAF requirement is for the club to have a competent logistics officer, director of marketing, a competent security officer, amongst others.

Other positions include a qualified public relations officer and a publicity officer. As per CAF and FIFA, the positions of CEO, finance officer and the secretary general should not be elective.

Are members supposed to read the entire constitution and vote on it in one day? Keep in mind that this is the constitution that will govern how this club is run for the next several years. Therefore it should be treated with some seriousness and refined before it is adopted. Below are some issues that ought to be considered in this authors view.

Roles need to be clearly defined.

Gor Mahia has myriad problems that have plagued the club for over 50 years now. Unless clear accountability is defined, the same issues will continue to pop up.

For example, Omondi Aduda is the CEO. But hardly anybody knows what his job description is.  Which official is responsible for matchday arrangements?, for ticketing?, for jersey sales?, for international travel arrangements?.

Clearly defining roles will prevent cases of officials fighting each other in public as has been the case

Hire officials on performance contracts

There is no  better way to motivate officials to work hard than to peg their pay on how well they perform their roles. Each officer must have base responsibilities that they must perform as well as stretch goals.

Accountability is a must

Chairman Rachier and other officials have often lamented that fans refuse to become members. He and other have also lamented poor attendance at matches which sometimes only yield Ksh 6000 in gate collections.

Fans have made it clear that the reason they have stopped attending matches and refuse to become members is because they think the money will end up in some officials pockets. Unless the club starts publishing audited accounts, membership will continue to lag. Fans have been saying this for nearly three decades but for whatever reason, officials would rather blame the fans.



21 thoughts on “There are too many gaps in the new constitution

  1. This articles misleading. You are raising issues to do with accountability and lumping them as holes in the constitution, which to be honest you have clearly not read.
    On the other hand the constitution needs to be released and members given time to review it. This are dictates of democracy. The issues you raise are more to do with accountability and incompetence;
    – Rachier cannot account for gate receipts.
    – Nobody knows what Aduda does(apart from he himself)
    The issues we need to raise is how does the Constitution enable us to counter such unproductive scenarios.
    1. Does the document demand that the club will read the financial statement every financial year.
    nb: some of these demands will only work if Gor is recognized as a business.
    2. How does the document guard against none performers.

    1. I am 100% in concurrence with @Dinga’s submission and it has captured wholesale my frustration with this article which qualifies to me as one of the most unserious , most unrefined and most incoherent article on an issue that requires at the very least , and considering the seriousness of the issue , at least an understanding of the document , which again like @Dinga has rightly opined , the writer has not read .
      What the writer has gone on a rant about are clearly operational and not constitutional issues and even as we discuss the writers reservations about the constitution being discussed in one day , I think it helps to remember that the same document was brought to MEMBERS in April and the members sent the drafters to go back and make amendments to the draft and it is these amendments that will be presented to members next week and so yes , the MEMBERS are aware about the document and have had MORE THAN ONE DAY and more than One Month to go through it .
      If i was the writer i would have used the article to beseech fans who have not enrolled to do so and be part of the solution , instead what you have given are the usual run of the mill excuses about why people are not registering and if it may help , its worth volunteering that the small picture excuses the writer has delivered are the causes of the operational problems he , the writer is ranting about , because if we are to get out of the small thinking /small pictures mode , and look at the bigger pictures , we would in the semantic 50years he loves quoting , risen to the fact that the absence of the people giving excuses creates a vacuum that is excitedly and enthusiastically filled by Opportunists to hire hooligans and mercenaries to vote and make decisions on behalf of the small pictures men and women and the consequences being the disasters in the form of men and women who we then expect to be saints and then feign anger and surprise when they dont .
      One thing the writer should have enlightened the people about is that after a constitution has been ratified , the next process is to make laws that then breathes life to that constitution e.g what parliament does , and that is the context upon people of my school of thought who have argued that the coming elections are going to be the defining moments ever , of Gor Mahia , because it is the good men and women or otherwise that we elect are the ones going to lay a foundation for posterity , We get it right and the sky is the limit , we gamble it away for the sake of change and we are in for Afc style future .
      Finally , Its good to hear from you @Jasego and thanks to @Fred Odhiambo for smoking you out , yesterday I left the comments of 2days at 12 , checking a short few hours later , they were 24 and immediately and even before checking , I knew there was fire on the mountain , Heavy gunfire and Bazookas , it was interesting and exciting , as much as it was unnecessary .

    2. *These are dictates of democracy.
      **The issue we need to raise is how the constitution would enable us counter…
      forgive the many errors

    3. *These are dictates of democracy.
      **The issue we need to raise is how the constitution would enable us counter…
      forgive the many errors

  2. Admin: Please share the doc you are referring to so that we can know what you are talking about. The issues you have mentioned here are more operational in nature but nothing to do with a constitution.
    From what I gathered the new doc will entail having a secretariat to run the club on a daily basis. This will be either through a CEO or General Manager. Only the Chair, Treasurer and SG will be elected. The others like PR, Logistics, Operations will all be appointed to work on behalf of the elected team

  3. This is misplaced comment from the Administration. If you have not read the new constitution, you better keep your peace or grab a copy and read before making comments.

  4. Even the US constitution has been amended. Somebody wants to come up with a super wonderful documents that is faultless. Awuoro.

  5. I think those blasting Jasego should also tell us what they are doing for the club. All I hear Jasego say is how he is helping… so what is wrong with that.
    However, the problem coming out clearly is that someone is seriously asleep in the office to the extent that makes Jasego step in…
    This brings into light the weaknesses that the constitution needs to cover. Jasego has stated that he is now playing an official role. The constitution needs to be clear on transition.
    Remember that the constitution might not directly state what action to take against a lazy or non-performing manager but it might be able to make a requirement about performance.
    I personally do not think that the constitution will be a hard delivery. There will be no re-inventing of the wheel. All that is needed is to pick from Barcelona’s, the U.S and China’s constitutions to come up with something good. Raila can then read it for us and we’ll be good to go.
    (If you look at the Kenya’s companies Act document and you look at Britain’s then you will see what I mean.)
    So if Jasego is helping Gor… let it be. If he entered the office thru’ the window then whose mistake is it? Those against him are barking in the wrong compound!!
    Take the document, read it well, seal the loopholes, vet Jasego, cast your vote.

  6. Me still thinks that we only need two elective positions , a Chairman and his running mate , who can fill in in the absence of the chairman , electing more than that is akin to going to an election and electing the President and also electing ministers for him and personally I dont see the rationale of having a CEO and a Secretary General , a Finance Officer and a Treasurer , a Marketing Director and Publicity Officer and the office elected must learn to differentiate between bouncing hooligans and security personel .
    And lastly , since this is a sports club , we need to have a Sports director who will be in charge of scouting and identifying emerging talent , I am saying all these because a constitution may not delve so much into the micros but would assume that the people for whom the consitution is for would be wise enough to enact progressive enabling legislations to breathe life into such enabling offices .
    I have been getting a bit concerned because its not long to the elections and yet uptil now , NOBODY has come out to declare their intentions for the top office and it makes me concerned because I always assumed that the Must Go Crowd had somebody to step in incase somebody went .
    So far , the only one who has “declared” albeit sheepishly is Jakoyo and me thinks he was testing the waters for and on behalf of somebody , unfortunately the markets didnt register any reaction .

  7. Something interesting and worth noting has today happened , and that is that the blatant biasness that most African teams face when they go up North has this time met its match .
    In the Match featuring Wydad Casablanca (also a Notherner) and Espereance , a referee seems to have been compromised to behave exactly the same way a ref behaved in our game against Hussein Dey and where our clean goal was cancelled , Wydad Casablanca’s clean goal that could have changed the outcome was cancelled and VAR conveniently and coincidentally ceased working , Unfortunately for Esperance , and unlike the Likes of Gor Mahia who have no Oga at the Top , Wydad from Morocco seems to have an equally big Oga at the Caf headquarters and for that reason , CAF has ordered that the match be replayed .
    I have heard some of our very own “fans” lambasting Gor Mahia for always crying when they go North , if only they knew the near impossible obstacles sub saharan teams have to go through in the North , if they did , they would just shut up , on top of that , and unfortunately so , we have an FKF who would readily side with the opponent if the team involved was Gor Mahia .

  8. Jasego welcome back wuod kanyada,I also went underground because I could not get proper updates as far as mighty kogallo is concerned. Mr Jasego is that player from Uganda Nelson Senkatuka worth taking us to CAF Champion or he is another MuSTAFI Francis in Kogalo? what’s his profile wuod Asego?

    1. Aduda is the one who brought Francis Mustafa and Erisa Ssekisambu for commission. Me any player I try bring is of continental caliber. Nelson is a gem in the making who will seize K’Ogalo with both hands and fire us to unsealed heights hitherto. Kero a close eye on him at Afcon

  9. Dear comrades, as Dinga correctly points out certain factors have occurred that may be unexplained to you since I was quiet. AR called me and a few other stakeholders few months back and explained he was overwhelmed at the helm of GM due to too much stealing of funds, inflation of costs by CEO and Treasurer during Caf assignments in North Africa, Sabotage and incitement of players by Nyangi and Ben Omondi etc…We told him we are there for GM and he then co-opted us into GM mgt officially to take charge and help him run the club.It is from the 2011 constitution that he gets the powers to bring anybody he wishes with special skills as need be to help him discharge his mandate. It is from this that I wear a new hat that some abuse me for. Be as it may we crushed out spectacularly out of Caf CC due to player sabotage but still went on to win the league 3 peat and keep the trophy for good. I wonder what gor player had to say while I was away…

  10. It is from the above that much has occurred including writing of a draft constitution that complies with the sports act, caf and fifa statutes due to be ratified on 12th amongst others. AR then made known his ambitions to retire due to abuses left right and centre and lack of appreciation for anything he has done for GM. Whilst that is his right we cannot let him go in so much uncertainty as the club is in debt of upto 105 Million in overdrafts , KRA 120 Million tax arrears, private investors 90 million etc. All the above are supported by Chairman’s properties which are the bank guarantees and security including parcels of land, two mansionnette houses in Lavington and Runda etc. So even as we forge ahead let us remember GM is big in the field but very small in terms of alternative revenue streams that can supplement sponsorship money and make the club self-reliant. Passing the draft constitution is the first of the transformation process so let us join hands and achieve that milestone …Jamigori, Jamriambo, Teddy and others am glad you guys have kept this site well going positively…ADOR onge kuma dhie jowadwa mano club olwar piny because Nyangi and Ben Omondi are the ones positioning to take over by proxy candidates for Chairman. Let us transform the club and let AR transition it into a new corporate structure then exit when our business model is self-sustaining in 2020…Thank you very much

  11. Bloggers Wazito FC led by their money laundering bitcoin owner has swore to buy on-pitch football success in Kenya in what he refers to bullishly as “Man City Style”. Suffice to say that Cannot happen as long as I am around GM in whatever capacity since he will Never outmanouevre me in football matters. I already told you before he has offers for Shakava and Philemon on the table and as Jamigori points above through his TM offered Bernard Ochieng and Derrick Otanga the same offer yesterday of 1.2 Million sign on fees and 200k salary, a package he has standardised when trying to out muscle GM for players signatures. We understand the allure that could be for players seeking a new challenge without pressure that comes with green army following plus some sort of financial stability. Let us not discuss our potential targets much here lest he opens his purse strings to beat us to the chase. Two of the players I mentioned earlier though are ours in principle as agreement is in place am just waiting for their signing fees to finalise everything…Thank you very much

    1. Why dont you just allow the likes of Shakava to go and look for better and able replacements. As for Philemon, its worth negotiation

  12. Meanwhile those available on Saturday please make it to Thika so support our very own Kisumu Allstars against Thika for a direct qualification slot into the KPL. It will be good to have Otenga as they are known in the league and a Mboka Derby next season…


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