Two Rivers Mall festivity in video and fixtures

On Wednesday October 14 Gor Mahia signed a partnership with Two Rivers Mall

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5 thoughts on “Two Rivers Mall festivity in video and fixtures

  1. Paradox of a K’galo player.
    Training at 2 Rivers, rubbing shoulders with the high and mighty but you’ve not been paid salary for maybe 6 months.
    You go back home to hungry wife and kids, school fees, rent etc hauna.

    1. Yes thats my number one worry. I am hoping that with fewer officials eating, the club has its act in order and will pay salaries on time

      1. To be fair, most teams can’t afford to keep injured players in the payroll. That’s why every player must have a plan B for when their career is ended by injury. What the club must strive to do is to get insurance cover

  2. Please remember to buy your petrol from Delta on your way to the stadium or when headed to the training ground. You can buy some more on your way home…..Delta ni mafuta ya kisasa!


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