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Tuyisenge leaves as one of the best heading specialists ever to play for Kogalo

Jacque Tuyisenege is leaving Kogalo after an illustrious career at the club. Since joining the club in 2016he has proven to be a reliable scorer. He joined the club at a time when fans were concerned about the club’a attack given the departure of Michael Olunga and Meddie Kagere.

After an injury riddled start that left many fans wondering why he was signed without a medical test, Tuyisenge finally hit his stride and went ona goal scoring spree that ended with him being the 4th leading scorer in the 2017 KPL.

One area where Tuyisenge excelled was in the aerial division where his ability to accurately direct powerful headers resulted in numerous crucial goals. As Tuyisenege leaves, let us recall some of the best heading specialists this club has seen.

Peter Dawo

When it comes to scoring with headers Peter Dawo is second to none. Not just in Kenya but one can safeky make the claim that no African striker has ever scored so prolifically from headers.

His name is synonymous with Gor Mahia’s only continental trophy in 1987. This is because he scored 10 goals to emerge as the top scorer in the tournament. 9 of the goals were from headers. The most memorable came in the semi finals when with Gor Mahia staring at elimination with only a few minutes left, he scored with a powerful back header. Just as crucial was the header he scored against Esperance when he headed home a precise corner kick from Abbas Magongo after lulling the Esperance defence to sleep by pretending to tie his shoelaces.

Dawo scores against Esperance

Dawo also scored numerous crucial league goals such as the 1987 Mashemeji derby. In a tense match at a packed Nyayo stadium,the game appeared headed for a scoreless draw when Dawo rose to head home a cross from Ben Oloo “Breakdance” and in the process sent fans into a near delirium.

Dawo was the kind of striker who created utter chaos and bedlam against any defence because of his hyper-activity in the goal area and his amazing leaping ability.

Allan Odhiambo

Allan Odhiambo (centre)

The towering Allan Odhiambo was a product of Eastleigh secondary school at a time when they were the best school team in Nairobi, winning the city title in 1988 and 1989. Odhiambo first came to prominence in 1990 as a central defender of the Kenya U21 team coached by Gerry Saurer, a coach who excellent at identifying and unearthing talents. That was the best U21 team ever in Kenya’s history as nearly half of them played for the Kenya national team in later years.

Odhiambo, barely in his twenties in 1991, ended up as the leading scorer for Gor Mahia in 1991 with 12 goals. It was quite an achievement considering that he mostly played in central defence or as a defensive midfielder, a position that coach Len Julians deployed him to take advantage of his scoring . He scored in both legs of the mashemeji derby in 1991.

George Otieno “Vigo”

Vigo (right) in action against Aggrey Litali of Motcom in 1983

A powerfully built defensive stopper, Vigo was sometimes preferred in that position by coach Len Julians because unlike other defenders of that era, Vigo was good on the ball and was able to initiate moves from the defensive area.

And when Kogalo was awarded a corner kick, you could count on Sammy Onyango sending an accurate delivery exactly where Vigo anticipated the ball and Vigo would not dissapoint. He scored numerous goals from heading home corner kicks in the 1982, 83 and 84 seasons. Thsi despite playing sparingly.

Jacque Tuyisenge

His most memorable goal remains the goal he scored against English premier league side Everton in Dar es Salaam. On that occassion, Muguna took the corner to the near post and Tuyisenge, anticipating where the ball was going, left the Everton defenders flat footed and powered the ball home from a very difficult angle.

The goal was epic because it was against a premier league side and it was less than a minute after legendary Wayne Rooney had opened the scoring.

Tuyisenge would go on to score numerous other goals from the air. But also on the ground. A feat that enabled him to become the fourth leading scorer in the history of the league. Only Sammy Onyango, Hezborn Omollo, Allan Thigo and Peter Dawo have scored more goals for Kogalo.

Tuyisenge was also a humble person, a class act, a committed professional. Despite his stature, he was not one of those who was always agitating to move overseas for a better deal.

On behalf of GORMAHIA.NET and Gor Mahia online supporters club, Thank you Tuyisenge for three exceptional seasons at Gor Mahia. You will be remembered.


22 thoughts on “Tuyisenge leaves as one of the best heading specialists ever to play for Kogalo

  • An exceptional professional who gave his all to Gor Mahia.
    THANK you so MUCH Tuyisenge, always valued, honoured and cherished.
    GOD’S PRESENCE ENGULF you and propel you to greater heights in your professional persuit and development

  • He started slow with recurring injury now he leaves Gor with a “nickname” and some pain after doing fantastic job which we do not yet know how to compensate for. ALL the best

  • Oswozo Moziek

    @teddy… I may be wrong, but is Tuyisenge really a heading specialist? I have my doubts as to whether he has really scored so many goals via headers. Please enlighten me

  • Dan Original

    Now that our two targets (B. Ochieng and Otanga) might go to Wazito we need to look further. I see Wazito using their financial muscle to change the local soccer but Gor will still prevail. Sofapaka used the same model bit could not sustain it. You need a name and a culture to make your koney work for you in soccer. I can imagine Wazito being the team to beat in 2019. Good for Kenya soccer. In Tz they have Azam

    • Dan that shall never happen in Kenya here. Let him buy whoever but he will still be number 12 at best next season. I will deal with Wazito both perpendicularly and ruthlessly. Wash wash money cannot buy a trophy in Kenya here only talent and winning culture will

  • Oswozo Moziek

    @teddy,correct me if am wrong. Am not too sure if we should call Tuyisenge a heading specialist. I may have missed out, but has he scored so many goals via his head to be compared to the likes of Omuga? Kindly enlighten me!

    • Jausenge was an all rounder. Equally good on his feet as well.

  • Teddy time has come for us to have a very sober conversation with Africa. In mind is the recent playoffs Casablanca vs esperanza. Would Gor or any other team had a chance really? Our FKF only go to these meetings to receive handouts and come back. We should have a serious discussion with CAF if not FIFA

    • CAF President Ahmad has been arrested in Paris over corruption allegations over knitting deals. That is the extent of the rot in Caf that we are crying every year that is robbing us…

  • @Oswozo Moziek , To be honest with you , I was never going to comment on this article because I have really felt shortchanged with the last two articles we have been served and its my opinion that the author should stick to his usual cut and paste job .
    @Dan Original , We dont know how this Project Wazito is going to pan out but I will welcome it while it lasts , I say this because the unwillingness or the inability of Kenyan teams to make an effort of rivaling Gor Mahia is causing Gor Mahia a lot in terms of being a Monopoly with its unintended consequences , good examples of Gor situation can be seen with Bayern Munich and Psg vis a vis their struggles in Uefa , On the flip side , the coming to fold of Wazito is best exemplified with the Manchester City and Chelsea situation and the consequences theirein of putting pressure on the others to try matching those investments and the results can be seen in Uefa and Europa .
    As to whether Project Wazito will be sustainable , we wait to see , because before the much touted Sofapaka came to be , We had Volcano , but I wish them all the best coz we desperately need to Make Our League Great Again .

  • Thank you Jacque. Good luck to you in Angola

  • Ja Thur gi ji

    Thanks to Jausenge for his immense contribution. Though he never became top scorer any season, this was more than compensated for by his teamwork, we won three kpl titles in a row and got to the quarters of Confed Cup. Good luck wherever you will be out there and always remember Kogalo. And even sweeter is that we are getting at least something from his moving, cheers guy, go conquer the world.

  • Going through today’s daily nation online , on the commentaries pages , I came across an article titled “Tribalism must be condemned in the Strongest Terms Possible ” authored by one Jeremiah Kiplagat and after eenumerating how the vice is Killing this country , the author uses the example of GOR MAHIA as an antidote to this and goes further to say that were the country to emulate what Gor Mahia is doing , of going for the best irrespective of ones ethnic background . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    At this time when the country is trying to find its way out of this malaise , A progressive and Proactive Office would long have identified this positive trait and used it to counter the negative narratives that have long plagued the club and secondly this positive trait has the potential of generating Millions of Shillings for the club if right liasons , which are plentifully available , are exploited .
    But that is a long shot with EC as currently constituted because clueless , visionless , shameless and brainless rascals /Steakholders elected by people of similar traits will as expected , always violently and noisily scramble for the low hanging fruits as the absentee landlords/”Stakeholders” also come to terms as to the consequences of their failure to register as members and failure to vote .
    Gor Mahia is like The Democratic Republic of Congo , So rich and yet so poor , in the process reducing its members/citizens to mere but colourful dancers .

  • Harry Ababa

    Ahsante sana Jausenge and all the best in your future aspirations. God Bless

  • God bless you Tuyisenge…We will forever remember you man. You have left your name in Gor K’ogalo. Asante sana.

  • Dan Original

    Jausenge, all the best. You have delivered more than was required/expected if you.I liked your humble natire despite being a highly-soight after striker. Even your on-pitch character despite the anti-footbal nature of our opponents you still kept your cool.
    Back to now. As we prepare for CECAFA from 7th July I hope we will have roped in the right players to use it as a pre-season session. I hear Simba has pulled out but with Zesco, AS Vita l, Bandari and Motema Pembe i think we will have the strongest test yet. No excuses this time

  • I have read a tweet from a handle @FCGorMahia that our Nicholas Kipkirui lost his father yesterday , My heartfelt condolenses goes to the family and may the soul of the deceased rest in eternal peace .
    My only worry though , is that even as we mourn respectfully , somewhere in the city, a section of our purported fans are as usual planning how they will Violently invade the place like they have done severally before , the media is heartily awaiting the spectacle , infact the juicest headlines are being deliberated to accompany the photos “our fans” will cheerfully provide .
    I Pray that am prooved wrong and that we give the deceased a sendoff befitting one that we cherish , Please .

  • New arrivals osechopo Jasego? Lets start early this time.

    • Lawree malich but we are on it…

  • We salute Tuyusenge for the 3 years dedicated service he gave Kogalo.He has been a good and humble servant to kogalo and fans.
    We wish him all the best in his future endeavors.Thank you so much Jacques Tuyusenge.You are A LEGEND.

  • Stephen khayo

    Good luck Tuyisenge a very mature player. I like the way you have left us…in a mature manner.


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