Gor Mahia 2020 election results

A drama filled Gor Mahia election was completed on Saturday

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The process was marred with skirmishes as the former treasurer accused the organizers of a lack of transparency
Francis Wasuna has been re-elected as Gor Mahia Vice Chairman to deputise the long-serving Ambrose Rachier who was unopposed.

In the election process conducted virtually on Saturday, August 8, the incumbent received 226 votes which translated to 58% of total votes while his only challenger Sally Bolo managed to get 163 votes, which is 42% of the total.

The proceeding was marred by skirmishes as Sally, who was the former K’Ogalo treasurer, turned physical as the provisional results trickling in showed she had no chance of winning.

Dolphina Odhiambo defeated Chrispine Okoth to win the Treasurer position. The former managed to get 286 votes, translating to 74% while Okoth managed just 103 votes, 26% of the total votes.

Dolfina and supporters celebrate

Apart from Rachier, Sam Ocholla was also elected as the club’s Secretary-General unopposed, taking over from Ronald Ngala who, reportedly, did not qualify for the post.

“The elections were not properly planned and I had advised my fellow aspirants to wait until everything is organised well before the process, but they did not listen to me,” former club’s Organising Secretary Judith Nyangi told Goal.

“We will definitely go to court over the same, and I believe the results will be nullified and we shall go to the ballot again. We just want free and fair elections, a credible process.”

Sports Disputes Tribunal (SDT) had threatened to nullify Gor Mahia’s elections if they were done unlawfully.

The SDT, in a letter signed by Elynah Sifuna Shiveka who is the deputy chairperson and obtained by Goal, said the exercise must be conducted in strict adherence to the law if the results have to be recognised thereafter.

Ben Mathews Agunda, David Osewe Odero, Alfred Odhiambo Otieno, Gilbert Otieno Wandera, George Ochieng Gombe, Meshack Odera and Edder Jalang’o are the Gor Mahia members who have asked the tribunal to stop the elections which they claim is set to be done against the demands of the Sports Registrar.

“Upon reading the chamber notice filed under a certificate of urgency and all the accompanying documents dated August 4 and filed on August 5, the tribunal hereby directs and orders as follows,” read the opening paragraph of the SDT’s letter.

“That no interim orders are issued in regard to prayer no. 3 of the chamber summons dated 4th of August 2020 and filed at the tribunal on 5th August, 2020.

“The activity of the first respondent scheduled for 8 August 2020 shall be declared null and void in case it was unprocedural and unlawfully done.

“The claimants shall serve all the respondents with the application and these directions on or before Monday 10th August 2020.”


Chairman – Ambrose Rachier

Vice Chairman – Francis Wasuna

Secretary general – Sam Ochola

Honorary treasurer – Dolphina Odhiambo


Rachier: I have unfinished business


There has been controversy over Ambrose Rachier’s decision to seek another term. He explains to Yahoo sports why he is seeking another term

Despite leading the Kenyan Premier League (KPL) champions for the last 12 years, Rachier has defended his move to seek re-election again during the club’s much-awaited polls set to be conducted via electronic voting on August 8.

“I have done much for this club and it is evident enough. Since I took over in 2008, we have achieved so much and that makes me proud,” Rachier is quoted by People Sports.

“In 12 years, we have won 46 trophies, surely that is something. It is also a testament I have retained my seat unopposed; it means members have always had faith in my leadership.

“To run this great club, you have to be a servant first. It is not easy to lead Gor Mahia given the image and so it is about being passionate and efficient. The reason I am in the seat is so to help drive the club to greater heights.”

Rachier, who is heading to return unopposed, as no official stepped up to contest his position, has also supported the club’s new constitution which moved to reduce the number of elective posts from 11 to four.

“It will be better to have a lean but effective office with individuals able to persecute the mandate given to them,” Rachier continued. “In the past, it was a bit complicated and sometimes differences would occur.

“We want to speak a unified language that is endeared to developing the club.”

On whether they are ready for the exercise, Rachier said: “We are ready for the polls and we have followed all directives of the Sports Act. In fact, the recent directive by Sports Registrar on deploying monitors to assess the viability and credibility of elections online is complete.

“We have ICPAK [Institute of Chartered Public Accountants of Kenya] on board and we have already forwarded names of voters who have met criteria of being registered club members.

“The Board is in place with gender balance ascertained.”

Apart from Rachier, secretary Sam Ocholla is also unopposed while former club officials ‘Sally Bollo and Francis Wasuna will battle for the vice-chairmanship post while Gor Mahia’s Augmentin official Dolphina Odhiambo will face off with Chrispine Okoth.

All systems go for elections

The Gor Mahia election board in 2016

Gor Mahia’s election board are ready for the club’s elections which will be scaled down considerably from past years. With only 500  registered members compared to over 2000 in past years and with the Chairman running unnopposed, there will be a lot less fanfare

Story courtesy of the Nation

It is all system go for Gor Mahia elections as the Electoral Board meets on Tuesday to release the guidelines for the online exercise slated for Saturday.

This even as a group of seven disgruntled fans says they will move to the Sports Dispute Tribunal (STD) on Tuesday seeking to stop the exercise.

The seven, through Omondi Omollo Advocates, had on July 21 written to the board questioning the legality of the exercise.

However, they say the response they received didn’t touch on contentious issue of academic qualification that requires all aspirants to be degree holders and registration of the club constitution.

Board chairman Henry Ogoye, on the other hand, says everything has been put in place electronically for the treasurer and vice person post which will be up for grabs.

“We have finished up on everything and we will have our last meeting on Tuesday to fine tune all aspect of the technology to be used. Every voter will have a secret code to be used in voting through a link which shall be issued,” Ogoye told Nairobi News on Monday evening.


“It is going to be a transparent exercise and all issues raised recently by the registrar have all been taken care of,” he further said.

He also said they responded extensively to the demand letter by the fans on all issues within their mandate.

“The board was formed recently and couldn’t respond to all issues outside their mandate like how the new constitution was passed. Our response to them centred on the electoral rules which are anchored on club constitution,” he added.

Sports Journalist Gilbert Wandera, who is among the fans petitioning for the cancellation of the election, said they will be heading to SDT on Tuesday.

“First, they didn’t respond to us on when the constitution was registered. They have also failed to show us how the requirement of the degree was incorporated in the constitution. The board itself was also not formed through the laid down process, considering locking out other candidates has also been opposed by the Registrar of Sports,” said Wandera.


He said that they have no option but to seek legal redress as the election is illegal.

Other fans who are against the exercise are Kulendeng branch official Ben Agunda, insurance financial advisor Sewe Odero, Alfred Odhiambo Otieno, George Ochieng’ Gombe, Meshack Odero and Edder Jalang’o.

Outgoing Organising Secretary Judith ‘Nyangi’ Anyango, who was barred from vying for treasurer’s post because she lacks a degree, also supports the decision to head to SDT.

Meanwhile, former club officials ‘Sally ‘Nyar Adwen’ Bollo and Francis Wasuna will lock horns for the Vice Chair’s post while Gor Mahia’s Augmentin official Dolphina Odhiambo will face off with academician Dr Chrispine Okoth who holds three Masters degrees and a PhD.

Long-serving chairman Ambrose Rachier and Sam Ochola have as good as secured the Chairmanship and Secretary General’s posts respectively having been nominated unopposed.


Rachier: Unschooled people not welcome at Gor Mahia

Gor Mahia chairman Ambrose Rachier has taken a swipe at Judith Nyangi. This comes after Judith Nyangi declared her determination to run for the position of treasurer against the wishes of Rachier.

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The K’Ogalo chairman and some club officials have been at loggerheads regarding how the August polls should be conducted

Gor Mahia chairman Ambrose Rachier has hit out at club members who are opposed to eligibility requirements set out by the electoral board.

The need for any candidate to possess a degree has generated tangible opposition, as some members have threatened to file a case at the Sports Disputes Tribunal (SDT) and stop the elections.

Gor Mahia’s organising secretary Judith Nyangi has been categorical that such requirements are meant to lock her out from vying for the honorary treasurer post.

“There have been jokes before where people from nowhere just appeared and vied for important posts in the club,” Rachier told Ebru TV. “If one is running for the treasurer’s post it is common knowledge that he or she must be competent in matters money and accounts.

“There is no need for picking one who cannot even write down their names,” he added. “I can never tolerate people who have not gone to school.

“Election requirements apply to various posts even for the president of Kenya, senators, members of parliament and even governors. One cannot claim he has to vie for any post just because he is a Kenyan.

“That is not how things are done.

“This process [of seeking public views] was not conducted in a short period but it took more than nine months because we wanted a document that was not only in line with the Sports Act but also one that carries the views and vision of our fans.”

Rachier, first elected into office in 2008, also clarified their intention to conduct the polls under the new constitution which has equally attracted opposition.

“We are going to conduct the polls according to our new constitution that is in line with the Sports Act and Article 81 of the constitution of the Republic,” explained Rachier. “The elections codes of conduct were discussed and approved last year, and why did the dissatisfied members raise issues then in May 2019 and waited until now?

“The elections’ code of conduct that laid down eligibility requirements for every candidate was ratified after our committee of experts and fans from Korogocho, Kibera, Kwa Sabuni, and Mathare Valley took part in the process

“So far, I stand re-elected because no one declared interest to vie for my position and Samuel Ochola has also been elected as the Secretary of the club as he had no one to challenge him.”

He also explained why they picked August as the preferred month for the exercise.

“We have always preferred to conduct our elections when there are no football actions because politics will always pollute the environment when done during the season.

“That is the reason we picked August as the month to carry out the elections.”

Rachier also declared readiness to respect any court order that could be issued concerning the mandatory intermittent elections.

“Every Kenyan has a right to raise objections on a matter they do not agree entirely with,” he concluded. “For that reason, members can petition the court and if the elections are going to be stopped I am going to respect the order from any tribunal.”

Sports Registrar Rose Wasike recently laid her own demands that the Gor Mahia elections must adhere to if they are to be approved.


Judith Nyangi says Rachier always threatens his opponents

Nyangi seen here with players on a tour of Sudan

Judith Nyangi, who was recently locked out of the forthcoming elections by a new procedure , has accused chairman Rachier of using negative tactics to dissuade opponents from running for the Chairmanship

Additional reporting from goal.com

Gor Mahia organising secretary Judith Nyangi has claimed Ambrose Rachier threatens candidates interested in challenging him for the chairmanship post.

Nyangi and Rachier have been at loggerheads recently following the requirements of the election that every candidate running for any post in the August 8 vote must possess a degree.

The organising secretary claimed those requirements are meant to lock her out of the race for the honorary treasurer’s post.

Nyangi, in an interview with Radio Jambo, alleged Rachier, who did not attract an opponent before the nomination process closed, is always issuing threats.

“Rachier is a man of threats,” Nyangi said.

“He has been clear to me over a number of occasions that Gor Mahia is his. The Sports Act is clear that no one should serve more than two terms and if anyone dares stand against Rachier, he will be threatened by him.

“Rachier has been saying that anything he has built he cannot allow anyone to take it away from him. He has been there since 2008 does it mean he is a Gor Mahia’s life chairman?

“I have been wondering whether Gor Mahia are a community club or a private club.”

Nyangi further claimed Rachier’s dictatorial tendencies have denied Gor Mahia proper growth compared to other regional clubs.

“He should vacate office for other people now. Yes, Gor Mahia have been winning cups but what I know is that Gor Mahia are more than winning cups,” she added.

“At this time, we should be at the same level as Yanga SC and Simba SC, teams that have been robbing players from us. They are capable of taking our players because Gor Mahia are being run like a kiosk.

“The politics now at Gor Mahia is that everyone must support the ‘deep state’ and if you do not support the ‘deep state’ that is Rachier you should not be in the office in the first place.

“There is only one man that I will never oppose and that is Raila Amollo Odinga [the former Prime Minister].”

The deep state, mostly used in the political arena, is a body of people, typically influential members of government agencies or the military, believed to be involved in the secret manipulation or control of policies.

But Rachier, in a separate interview, explained why members might have opted not to challenge him.

“That depends on an individual’s interpretation [whether he has done a good job at Gor Mahia or not],” Rachier said.

“I have on many occasions welcomed people interested to stand against me to come forward and that was before our nomination process was closed.

“When the nomination process ended, it emerged that I did not have an opponent. It may be because I have done a good job or otherwise.

“I am thankful to the members who have shown confidence in me. Members should come out and elect officials to the positions that are still vacant when the time arrives.”

Dissatisfied K’Ogalo members have already threatened to take matters to the Sports Disputes Tribunal (SDT) and stop the elections.