FKF want to borrow Gor Mahia coach again

It appears that once again FKF are interested in using the services of the incumbent Gor Mahia coach. The AFCON qualifiers due to start shortly. Kenya open their qualifcation campaign on June 17 against Congo-Brazzaville and Nyamweya wants coach Frank Nuttall to act as Bobby Williamson’s assistant.

“We are talking to Gor Mahia to lend us Nuttall when we start our campaign for Afcon 2017.” said Nyamweya to

In a bid to assuage Gor Mahia fans who may worry that FKF are grabbing Nuttall from Gor Mahia, Nyamweya has assured that he will not be hired on a full time basis

“We don’t want to engage him to a contract but need him to come on board and work closely with Bobby Williamson because our aim is to make sure that Kenya qualifies for finals to be held in Gabon. We will only require his services when Stars’ are in camp and nothing else. We always have a break for our local league when Stars’ is playing in international matches. This is the time we will need Nuttall’s services.” said Nyamweya.

Nuttall apparently already has a working relationship with Williamson given that it was Williamson who seconded Nuttall to Gor Mahia. And Williamson is likely impressed by the work that his successor has done at Kogalo.

And whereas Musa Otieno is a defensive specialist, Williamson probably needs Nuttall’s attacking mind.

“We will be borrowing for his services. Williamson will remain our coach and Musa Otieno the assistant and Nuttall will only come in to give a helping hand.

Aside from taking Bobby Williamson from Gor Mahia last season, FKF also engaged coach Zedekiah Otieno “Zico” when Harambee stars were attempting to qualify for the 2012 Africa nations cup.

It is commendable that FKF are taking the qualifications seriously. However Gor Mahia officials need to be careful to avoid any arrangements that will derail the club’s aspirations.


12 thoughts on “FKF want to borrow Gor Mahia coach again

  1. They just need to take Gor as the national team. The stronger the club’s the batter for the national team.
    We released bobby but that did not change anything. Leave our nutal unless there is hidden agenda. Loga is also in town talk to him

  2. Yah sure Loga is in town why not talk to him. Bring Mou to Kenyan or even wenger things won’t change due to poor seriousness on youth and grassroot football. Bobby Williamson and Nyamuea should stop interfering with GM’s TB please. They should consider Loga!

  3. Kwani FKF hawajui ku scout for coaches. Very rarely do u get a clubs coach performing in national teams. Thats why game za Bobby Williamson zilikuwa boring. Most national teams play to grind out results but club teams play consistent patterns. Was the accomodation issue sorted.

  4. we have now become the breeding ground for national team coaches.
    Thats another way of distablising our team!!we dont want our coach mixing Gor and Harambee stars “politics”…thats a recipe for disaster!!!

  5. Sungura Mujanja FKF/Nyamweya trying to hit back at KPL/Rachier.
    We’ve seen true your tricks and please go for Logarusic who has always shown interest in the stars job.

  6. Your last paragraph Admin sums it up all. “CAREFUL” is the word. My question, has GM become an academy of HS coaches? mmmmmmh

  7. This Nyamweya won’t just stop trying to bring the downfall of GM.HS is position 117 in FIFA rankings not because of lacking Nuttal but because of his ineptitude as the fkf president tasked solely with the matters of the National Team.Should the Gor technical bench fall for this clever calculated trick we are done…Rem the case of zico in 2012,pliz nyamweya approach Afc Leopards for services of Logarusic who is unhappy at the den and would cherish the opportunity.#Gor is bigger than HS and not a breeding ground for you to correct your perennial failures

  8. Nyamweya is a disgrace to this country called Kenya he is not right to lead anything not even being a head chef
    He should leave nuttal alone

  9. I take the contrary opinion. It is only when the league is nt in session and he gets to work with good players he can identify and sign for Gor Mahia when the window opens in January

  10. I dont see any problem with that since it’s part time job.

    Afterall if Kenya qualifies we are all happy and country is bigger than clubs.

    Assuming Kenya qualifies for world cup, wont you be happy (imagine that dream will one day come true

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