31 Dec 15

A section of Gor Mahia fans have been pressuring the club officials to call elections. According to a report in the Star newspaper, A club official, who sought anonymity, complained that some top officials in the team do not want to hold elections and are looking for a way to hang on for as long as possible.

“We have information that some officials in the pretext of complying with the Sports Act, have sent names of only three officials to the registrar of sports yet we never sat anywhere and agreed on those names. What we want is election because the current term of office for this officials has ended,” said the official.

If elections were to be held today, chairman Ambrose Rachier will likely retain his position. The other positions could be up for grabs especially the secretary general position where Chris Omondi resigned almost a year ago and even when he did return, he has been mostly inactive.

Rachier for his part is very busy campaigning for the FKF chairmanship. Should be win, it is not clear if he will be interested in retaining the chairmanship of the club. There is precedent for this in the name of Joab Omino who in the early 1990s was chairman of KFF and Gor Mahia.

Meanwhile Khalid Aucho is the latest in the list of players who has cast doubt about his future at Kogalo.
“Right now I am relaxed in Uganda after a successful season with Gor Mahia which to me I feel was a special one. I can do not know whether I will come back to Kenya or not, I have to analyze all the situations as well as offers from other clubs before I make my decision.” he said to goal.com

This comes as doubts emerge about the club’s ability to retain Meddie Kagere and Goffrey Walusimbi

Gor Mahia will kick off their 2016 campaign by playing Bandari FC in the Super Cup on February 6. They will then play CNAPS of Madagascar in the preliminary round of the 2016 CAF champions league.

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  • collins says:

    Already we are late in sending over the list to CAF in Cairo, we failed to beat the midnight deadline. We have started on a wrong foot. That is number one issue- most urgent now.

  • were we not requested to believe that CAF extended the deadline for submission of the list to January 31st?
    with the current spate of players having partial commitment to stay at gor, expect mediocre results in CAF competitions.
    the best that kogallo will achieve will be edging out CNAPS. nothing beyond that.

  • Jamigori says:

    Why all the noises from bloggers? Bloggers have no input as far as recruitment of players is concerned. Eventually the EC will be called to be accountable in the final output.

    • jaupanda says:

      @jamigori I partly agree with you on recruitment though I think in the long run some bloggers offer a lot of wisdom in desiring to see that things can always be done better. You are right otherwise to say that the final hammer of recruitment is hit by the EC and they have not let us down. To this let us expect a strong team. Happy New Year

  • Dan Original says:

    Gor already submitted their CAF list but have left out Kagere. The deadline for forwarding the list is 15th Jan during which the teams have to pay a fine for any additions. Since we might not have Olunga and the foreign legion minus Karim we need to still bolster our team. The challenges are on the attack and central defence. If we got Cheche it would have helped. Maybe the new Rwandese striker might be our solution

    • Jamigori says:

      @Dan Original, the deadline will be 15 January 2015 and I think the EC will reach agreement with Meddie before deadline date. By the way I have not seen Cheche and Innocent Wafula. Is there any hope for Johana.

  • jaupanda says:

    Happy New Year to all. K’Ogallo family. As we look forward to a challenging season my hope is that we will stand up for our team in all departments. Unequivocal support shall be maintained. Presence at the stadiums will not only be maintaned but hoping you have recruited someone. And finally financial support must not weaken through the avenues that have been provided for participation in the life of this great club.

  • olunga’s name has been included in the list sent to CAF. He must have reached a memorandum with the club. kagere will be missed although this honest opinion may be disputed. creativity will lack in high-octane games where gor is trailing a team like azam.
    remember that gor’s last game against sony was won through kagere’s overcommitment and diligence. i support the idea of kahata, nondi and blackberry trying his shoes but some gap will be felt for some time.

  • ken says:

    l thought we huv sign cheche admin wht happen? was lnnocent wafula name included in the caf list kweli?

  • moses says:

    I don’t see Innocent Wafula and Cheche in the squad. Hope Kagere will rope in and who knows even Johanna.I wish for a new central defender.