Kerr: The journey has just begun

Gor Mahia coach Dylan Kerr is elated at being in charge of the first Kenyan team to reach the group stage of any continental tourney. But he knows his work is cut out.

“I am really excited and happy for what this group of players has achieved. We have made it for Gor Mahia, we have made it for Kenyan football. The journey has now just began. We want to make a mark in this tournament and take this great football club where they deserve to be, among the continent’s elite,” said Kerr to the CAF portal.

Gor Mahia had to overcome a mountain of problems before they played against Supersport. They played without a number of key players including Ernest Wendo who was suspended, Godfrey Walusimbi who has been on strike as well as Ephrem Guikan and Jacque Tuyisenge who were unable to obtain travel visas.

“The journey wasn’t easy, but we worked as a team and that’s all that made us qualify despite the challenges. This is history made after many years of waiting. We can’t wait for the group stage. The South Africans came guns blazing from the word go but we contained the pressure and despite conceding an own goal, we gallantly fought on” said captain Shakava to the Nation.

And it was poetic justice that Francis Kahata scored the crucial goal as he had originally been denied a travel visa by the South African embassy.

“I am happy to be living the dream at this club. I wanted to win the league and help them on the continental front, I am delighted that my goal made the difference” said Kahata to the Nation.

“That was a night to remember. We rolled up our sleeves and fought hard like real warriors. We never gave up even after conceding an own goal. We had pretty good response and immediately after equalising, we got our confidence back. It was a moment for us to step up and we did it. That away goal did us magic.” Kahata told the Standard

Kahata also noted that it is an opportunity for players to put themselves on the market.

“It is a dream come true and an opportunity for most of us to market ourselves. We knew they (SuperSport) would come strongly on us, but we remained calm and played our game,” he continued.

And it was George Odhiambo “Blackberry” who led the team in assists in 2017, who again provided the all important pass to Kahata.

Key assist: George Odhiambo Blackberry

Qualified Teams

Of the qualified teams, the only sides that Kogalo have played recently are Al Hilal and Young Africans.

Gor Mahia also played Djoliba of Mali in 1981, losing 2-1 on aggregate. Ugandan winger Abbey Nassur scored Gor Mahia’s goal from the penalty spot at the City stadium but it was not enough.


12 thoughts on “Kerr: The journey has just begun

  1. let the 27 million be used well in taking care of the players welfare. Transparency and accountability is key. Let us not here stories of mismanagement

  2. Ati what Ker? The journey has just started? This great club? Yawa someone wake me up, pinch me, the excitement is lovely. Sasa Mugabe please FIRST CLEAR ALL PAYMENTS DUE TO PLAYERS & TB e.g signing fees, winning bonuses etc etc. KES 27M is not that much money and should not be swallowed by your infamous and mysterious “HUGE DEBTS” that only you are privy too. Start announcing gate collections for every match. After the group stage draw on Saturday prepare a budget for that stage, seek funds EARLY and get the logistics right. EC sieze the goodwill this achievement is attracting and embrace ACCOUNTABILITY AND TRANSPARENCY. Hopefully am not talking to stones! Shame on CS Achesa and Mwendwa now left with egg on their faces especially given that FKF is to get an add on grant of 5% of kes.27M courtesy of GM’s qualification. Bloated EC get your act together and let us enjoy Kerr’s ride. @Barefoot Bandit omera are you on board? All Aboard?

  3. Congrats wijana!!!! We lead others follow. Stay focused. I am not desperate to have Walusimbi back in the team. There should be no sacred cow here. How will the other players feel about him. Let him stay out. I don’t think he is the only player owed money.
    On the issue of sponsorship, if indeed sportpesa are not willing to play ball, then the team should not appear in branded uniform. Kogallo is not a charitable organization to market them for free.

    An amor, Polo mor, Kogallo bende mor. For God and my beloved club – Kigallo

  4. Rayon Sports of Rwanda to pay its players cash bonuses for qualifying for Confed group stage. Kes 323k per player who travelled and kes.150k for the rest of the players. Na sisi je? EC never even has end of the year awards for GM players. PLAYERS & TB ARE THE GEESE THAT LAY THE GOLDEN EGGS. They have proved it by defeating SSport against all odds. They deserve a reward for their achievement and to act as a motivator for the group stage.

    1. The journey has just began. Hard work, commitment and focus required. Ec must put their house in order. Serious preparation a must if we expect good results. The boys deserve some kind of reward.

      1. @Jamigori, read my post objectively and therein you will in fact find 2 proposals on how to motivate players and TB. Really its not rocket science neither is there any need to reinvent the wheel. Lastly, EC should avoid empty / false promises which is a big demotivator.

  5. And also buy new uniforms..yajowa !
    It’s a shame we will be marketing sportpesa for fee across Africa whilst yanga fc is paid top dollar.

  6. @jamigori No matter how many suggestions you bring forth, if you have a slow, not pro active chair & an incompetent EC, all those ideas ni bure.The chair has ignored the suggestions of institutionalising the club instead prefers the club to rely on individuals/politicians that’s why you hear unfortunately a fan reffering to him as almighty. Sad that we are more successful than ingwe kwa pitch bt the same administrative wise.One would have imagine AR having done so well when he came in & the club had no money he would do better when money from sponsors came in, bt NO! He chose to maintain status quo (Though nashukuru kwa Yale amefanya mpaka Leo.)

  7. Can Kerr try: Tyesenge, Kagere & Kahata upfront: Kagere & Kahata on the wings , Tuysenge main attacker and george Odiambo as attacking midfieder ? . I think this can work well

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