Low gate collections for Gor Mahia vs CNaPs

The 2015 CAF champions league preliminary match against CNaPs of Madagascar raised Ksh 919,000 according to the club site.

VIP tickets were sold at Kshs. 600 (approximately $6) while the terraces tickets went at Kshs. 200 (approximately $2).

Attendance at Gor Mahia matches has been gradually declining of late and so have the gate collections.

This past weekend’s number is well  below the Ksh 2.6 million that was raised when Gor Mahia played against Esperance in 2014.

And in 2013, the encounter against Anse Re Union raised Ksh 3.5 million.

Going back even further, the mashemeji derby first leg in 2011 raised an incredible 5.5 million.

It is now up to the club top brass to find ways to re-assure fans that the stadia are actually safe for them.

30 thoughts on “Low gate collections for Gor Mahia vs CNaPs


  2. To say the truth the declining sttendance has been due to bad publicity and very little to do with the way the game is played. As far as I know football pattern at times depends on the results required for that day. Most derbys or other must-win games do not necessarily produce the entertainment the fans want by they are more concerened with the results. Had we beaten CNAPs 5-0 the issue of how we played would not have occured. Isn’t the same Gor we were praising the other day after they beat Sofapaka.
    If we don’t believe it’s the safety at the stadium then ask those who don’t attend Gor matches anymore and that’s the excuse they will give you. My two sons used to love Gor and were very proud of donning the t-shirt and going with me to the stadium but after a few tear gas incidences that’s the last thing they think of. I have not even mentioned the blatant smoking of weed in the terraces. Maybe once they grow up they might change their minds.
    Despite the safety concerns we also need to market the matches more than we are currently doing.

  3. am not sure if the 600 being charged for the center stand was supposed to boast the gate collection or boast the status of the high profile game…either way it backfired as we all shared the same stand regardless of what we paid.
    Breach of our ever lax security.just coz it poured the security personnel could not prevent the russia side fans from accessing the center stand…we are setting ourselves up for serious CAF sanctions!!

  4. It seams GATUSSO will never change
    Troubled midfielder Collins ‘Gattuso’ Okoth is at it again. The Gor Mahia midfielder is being accused of having walked away after he was named to reserve bench ahead of Saturday’s Caf Champions League match against CNaPS of Madagascar.

    Gor Mahia assistant coach Bobby Ogolla has exclusively revealed to Goal that they are all disappointed by the player’s attitude and hinted at possible disciplinary action.

    “Immediately the coach (Frank Nuttall) announced starting line-up on Saturday, Okoth simply walked away and later we heard that he sat on the terraces through-out the match. It is very disappointing and we are considering what disciplinary action to take against him. We had a crucial game and needed all our best players.”

  5. @Fred Odhiambo, you are very right was there a target that was set to be collected? The truth about that game is that it was a very difficult game. This is not what we thought as fans, we had underrated them but to our surprise. In the present world, you cannot talk of a village team, the gap has been narrowed, otherwise super Eagles would have been at the Afcon. The Northerners would have met at the final.It was an opportunity to learn those guys first hand. My observation, those guys were quick on the ball and also showed a sign of a team that has been playing together for a long time. But at the same time they were very rough.They were out to get Olunga only that he is strong physically. I am sure the big guys really intimidated them and we can use this to our advantage when we go there.As we improve day by day, patience is a virtue that we must keep.On Gattusso, if indeed something like that happened, then he should know a good team must not have sacred cows.Any body is entitled to play because as a team, they are all equals.Please Gattusso show a good example and carry the team together. We have only just began the race.

  6. THE Low Turnout Of Fans Is All Not About The Stadia Safety But Its All About Poor Village Football And Blind Tactics.I Too Am Getting Tired Of Coming To The Stadia To Watch This Kind Of Football.Plz Rachier Demand A Pure Football From Nuttal Or Else U R Going To Burry Gor.Nuttall Hve A defensive Kind Of Football That Used To Be Played During The Homo Habillis Time.This Kind Of Football Never Attract Fans At All Cost.Its Up To U To Bring Fans Back To The Stadium.We Are Tired Of Excuses From Ouna Whenever The Team Plays Badly.We Wll Always Accept Any Result Provided The Team Plays A Good Football.I Dd Not Expect Nuttall To Defend At Home Against Such A team.

  7. I hope we watched the same game since at no time did i see our team defend. The could have been down in the second half but not defending. Try good football and lose constantly then tell the fans that after all the football is fine. In Gor we want both but we mostly want to win. Good soccer without results tuachie watu wa Coast

  8. Aaah! so people want to see those stepovers,nice kanzus those crisps passes, deadly nutmegs with no end products, it is amazing. Guys this is not exebition soccer, what really mater at the of the day is result, we are all aware that Gor can play well on a good day but these depends on with type of players, formation and the opponents at any given time. So me I think the reasons why there is decline in attendance is due to some headless chickens who normally bring chaos not knowing the consequences.

  9. Gor started struggling the moment E.Ochieng and Blackberry came into the pitch. Ochieng simply resorted to his ‘whoeveritmayconcern’ play while BB was more interested in marketing himself. Do these guys train with the team? As for Gatuso, not only does he give a bad name to the real owner of the name but it’s high time this guy was shown the door for good. Otherwise, I think Gor played a fair game but I honestly expected more from them. The nxt round is theirs to loose. What surprises me is the level of unfitness in the team.

  10. you’ll reading too much into this attendance this….Saturday’s are increasingly becoming chaotic to attend any football match , first there is the traffic which makes stadiums inaccessible, then there is the english league which most Kenyans cannot do without, then there is the high gate charges and on top of that ,FKF/KFF wrangles etc etc etc etc.

    solution lies in CAF/KFF/FKF realizing that times have changed and football is fighting for a share of people’s wallet -therefore they shape up or sofaset branch takes over.

  11. We played well coz we won..but introducing Blackberry and Eric Ochieng’ made us vulnerable and Jerry Santos’ fitness level was suspect..poor ball control,inaccurate passing and lack of commmitment in the middle of the pack.Gattusso should not bring the bad influence in the team,..Football is a collective responsibility sport not a one man show..he should know that and stop that gangster approach and

    mentality…kugoma aachie walimu.

  12. As much as i don’t support Gattuso’s behaviour I have realized that JBO has a tendency of talking to the press about his players. A good coach will not do that. A good example is Mourinho. Remember what he said about Abondo last time. That the boy was sluggish and is not worth playing for the team. That’s a career-ending statement. No wonder Victor went back to Tusker. Such are some of the things you handle back in the club house, dressing room,the team office or even at training. The reason for this is that some of our fans take some things literally just like they have done so in this blog.
    I think Ouna and Bob are doing so much talking while the main man Nuttal is not.

  13. How come we are not mentioning the injustice done to our pockets in January.The bills take a priority and ziko nyingi sana…. I think that was the main thing. Gor does not depend on who is having a wrangle with who. We follow the Team because we love it. In and out season, at the stadia or at the sofa set branch, take your position and K’Ogalo oeeee through out.

  14. Hi, the issue of low attendance is primarily caused by fear factor. Tear gas and general unruliness. The real fans know that football has three results and all are to be expected when in a game even though 2 are accepted grudgingly. Better have fewer dedicated fans than thousandds of unruly fans.

  15. @Dan: Africa needs more Ogolas in this world. What your suggesting only works in where society is civil and that is one thing Africans are not. You see it daily in the news, so it’s a pity that you advocate for an air of civility when the populace just cannot comprehend. That’s why traffic lights do not work, urinating in the open is seen as normal, people fight to enter matatus and drunk driving is the norm. Unless you show muscle then it will never work. Characters like Gatusso and africans in general still see civility as a weakness. that is why the most uncivil in society(found in jails) only reason as gorillas. Why would Gatuso go sit on the terraces just coz he is not playing…is that being civil? He forgets that it’s his carrier on the line. one foreign coach once commented that African players are weak minded. Comparing what Mourinho handles and what Nutall is handling is completely way off… and that is why in Britain the ‘chicken squad’ is in jail while the Kenyan ‘chicken squad’ will not see any cell. Don’t both have working justice systems?


    I pray and hope that the GOD’s of football allows BONNY a.k.a “Kenya 1” to stay injury free so that he can regain his “REAL” form and “RECLAIM” his NO: 1 position at HARAMBEE STARS as long as the selectors are not biased.Even Origi knows who is BONNY. BONNY’s style of play reminds of the late DAN ODHIAMBO steadfast,calmness,posture,positioning,confidence and timings.

    We all know how stakes are high while competing in this “SACRED” position here at K’Ogalo and it can be detrimental in once career. I don’t want to speculate but that is my humble and disparate plea to those competing in this position.

  17. @Dan Original, I agree with your posting on JBO. JBO is always a loose tongue which need to be controlled. However, Gattuso is very wrong and such primitive behavior should be stopped for him to blossom in his career. He he has to style up or go to another team that will condone such bad behavior.

    Discipline is paramount and should be part of our DNA and daily lifestyle for any of us to go places. The high level of discipline should also be applicable to other players and our hooligan fans. We have to behave as Gor Mahia fans and may be Gatusso has copied this bad behavior from our unruly fans.

  18. @jamigori , “Bonny” is none other than Boniface Oluoch with the jersey number 23 .He is the guy who stood in between sticks and took care of goalkeeping responsibility during the last two competitive matches (SOFAPAKA & CNaP).

    And the most memorable moment was when CNaPS lead striker
    lurched onto the loose ball in the 81st minute after defensive mix-up , surged forward but his attempt was blocked by Oluoch on a one against one situation. Bonny will be to Gor what De Gea has been to Man-U this season. SHOULDERING THE BURDEN OF THE TEAM AND TAKING US TO THE NEXT LEVEL.

  19. @Jamigori Boni is former Tusker goalie Boniface Oluoch.
    On the low-attendance its got 2do with the general disinterest in football due to the wrangles between fkf/KPL, poor publicity and fan trouble. Ordinarily even neutral fans attend continental games n this was not the case.
    All is not lost bcoz even though Gor was poor the opponents had nothing special n i forsee them advancing 2 the next round

  20. kitambo GM was touted as the team that plays “carpet futbal”. i believe if the chairman can demand gud futbal frm the players & the coach it can be done,Its jst a change of mentality.@dan & bob i think ua missing the point ,u seem to think that when u play gud futbal u cant results.lets start 2build a k’ogalo philosophy(way of play) so that whoever comes in as a coach or player knows exactly what is expected of them,not jst winning.a win with mbele futbal tuwachie abandu.NOTE AM NOT COMPLAINING.

  21. @Levelmind fan, the carpet football will come once our team has gelled together. Please note that we have a new team that need to understand one another for them to play the ground football. Please be patience and we will be there once there is understanding among themselves and this require time. It is not the chairman to demand but this will come with time.

    We have a good team that just need to time to player together.

    @Wabz, welcome to Gor Mahia and we value your support to Gor Mahia and we will also pray for your team to offer Gor Mahia competition.

  22. This is the season for Gattusso’s theatrics. Guys, the boy is helpless. His episodes of indiscipline usually feature at this season of the year. We said this as early as 2011. Therefore guys, understand him and anybody who is able, please get him a sports psychologist.

    On the same note, I wish to ask coach Nuttal to crack the whip on indiscipline as an emergency. The kind of conduct from Olunga and Blackberry should not be ignored. We were lucky that we did not lose the two players after head-butting (Olunga) and retaliation (Blackberry). Such indiscipline comes to haunt the team at a most crucial time and that is why the coach must stress on discipline.

    In two weeks we will be in Madagascar and let us be under no illusions that it will be Rossy there. Expect all kinds of intimidation, open bias from a referee from Re-union or Comoros or Seychelles. Expect uncalled for red cards and dubious penalties, however, we will only be able to overcome all this if the boys hold their nerve and accommodate all manner of provocation.

  23. @barefoot, we were lucky because Olunga and Blackberry made grave mistakes. The Coach Nuttal should sit down with these players and let them know that there is no retaliation in football no matter the provocation from the opponents. These were red cards punishments and players should maintain high level of discipline no matter the circumstances in the pitch or outside the pitch. Keep your heads cool.

  24. It quite amazing how football coaches in Kenya keep on doing the same thing with the same players expecting different results. I will explain this statement on Saturday just before the league kicks off. How can a team claim to be serious contenders when you fail to address the balance of the team. Some have registered as many as eight strikers while having only registered seven defenders. More to come on Saturday.

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