Muguna and Joash Onyango absence explained

Joash Onyango is apparently too broke to attend training sessions while skipper Kenneth Muguna says he has family issues to attend to.

Additional reporting from Nairobi news

Gor Mahia assistant captain Joash Onyango has reportedly told his close friends that he is too broke to attend the club’s training sessions.

Onyango nicknamed the ‘Berlin Wall’ for his heroics in central defence, has – alongside his club captain Kenneth Muguna – kept away from training for the past fortnight.

These two players both featured for Harambee Stars in that 1-0 loss to Mozambique in an international friendly at the Moi International Sports Centre, Kasarani on October 13.

The duo will miss Sunday’s league match against Kariobangi Sharks at the Afraha Stadium in Nakuru County.

This development has left the club’s supporters in speculation mode, but Onyango – who was voted the best player in the Kenyan Premier League last season – has seemingly let the cat out of the bag.

“He will not attend training because he cannot afford to,” explained the source.


“The club is in dire financial straits and he has not received his salary for three months. He has a family to take care of and bills to pay. I don’t think someone who has failed to pay you for that while can demand an explanation as to your absence.”

Muguna, though, told Sunday Nation that he was away attending to personal matters and that he informed the team manager Jolawi Obondo on the same.

“I have family issues and until I finish them, I cannot promise when I will be back for training. The issue is really pressing and I have told the team manager,” Muguna said.

Gor Mahia coach Steve Polack has since appointed Joachim Oluoch and Charles Momanyi as interim captains.

21 thoughts on “Muguna and Joash Onyango absence explained

  1. Who is telling the truth between Muguna and Jolawi Obondo? As for Joash Onyango was there any harm in calling and informing the technical bench that he is too broke to attend training? In any case was he too broke to the point of his phone going off for lack of power? All in all this financial quagmire should be dealt with as a matter of urgency.

  2. Solidarity is what we are calling for…all for one, one for all mentality even if it means walkover. Yes, walkover !

    As for Zico, love him or loathe him, he has turned money bags KCB into serious title contenders in 2019/20 and if they come calling ( of which they shortly will), which broke player will say No.

    1. Zico is a failure…the best kcb Will finish is top 8…with or without money gor will win the league…plus or minus Muguna nor Joash take it to the bank

      1. @Johny, I am in total agreement. This Jakoyo is not a Gor Mahia fan but impostor or Ingwe fans. KCB will not win the league and what has made Jakoyo comment that Zico has turned money bags KCB into serious title contenders in 2019/20. This impostor does not know that KCB is sponsored by the bank just like Tusker and further more KCB FC does not pay higher salaries like Gor Mahia. The only benefit they have is that players are being paid on time.

        He keeps on changing his profile to Gor Player at times and I can confirm from the computer links.

        1. Very true ja Migori… Jakoyo is a bublor who thinks kcb has all the money in the world because they are sponsored by the bank… look at kcb signings it shows that they don’t have money to splash..

    1. Coach SGP is quoted elsewhere saying that only Kipkirui will be an addition to those available. I wish reason could prevail so that we are back to full house.

  3. With all due respect…Joash won defender of the year he pocketed 400k…mvp 1 million shillings…he was in AFCON squad he pocketed more than 1.6million…pride is getting into his head..he can’t be as broke as he’s claiming…let him quit if he wants …we shall see how far he Will get

    1. It seems you think you have a right to Joash’s hard earned cash but I doubt if the “Millionaire” is “monkeying” around coz have you considered that:
      1. He could have invested the money in a project or even in a fixed deposit account leaving him very very broke as at now!
      2. Joash is one of those acknowledged by Philemon as having helped with his medical bill when even the club’s EC had abandoned him. Not even ADOR with his famed millions “helped” the injured players. Maybe he has helped other players quietly leaving himself broke.
      In light of what has happened to Batambuze and Philemon maybe he has kept aside part of his millions, that you’re eyeing, for a rainy day both for himself and his family.
      Can you blame him for that?
      I think the problem is EC has been using the Captain and his vice to make empty promises to the other players to the extent that the 2 lost face and opted not to face their teammates with any more lies.
      Lastly where are the famed ADOR or even Jasego uses their own money to run the club. That “their own millions” is needed now more than ever before. Stop ogling Joah’s 2.6 million!

      1. @Oduor12, So what if Joash assisted Philemon. I too assisted Philemon and how much did you contribute? Are you a registered member of the club? How do you know that ADOR never helped Philemon? Get your facts rights and stop posting things that you have no ideas and facts.

        Some bloggers like you need to grow up. At least I can see you have graduated from “Mugabe” story to a new narrative.

      2. Oduor12 probably you don’t understand English…I said he can’t be as broke as he wants us to believe…so amongst gor 30players it’s only Joash n Muguna who are broke funnily enough they are the blessed few who pocketed alittle allowance from the national team…I like Joash n Muguna but I love gor mahia More…they can go to hell if they want too gor will just be fine…

  4. There is a person calling himself jakoyo who is up-to no good. How can someone who’s a Gor mahia fc follower insite players to boycott matches and give walkovers. We are in a bad situation and the best Gor mahia followers can do is to plead with players to be patient with the club as the management is trying to find a way. Jakoyo Afc ? is currently doing well in the league and you are now free to go and support your team. Don’t pretend that you are Gor mahia supporter when there’s no day you’ve said anything about Gor mahia fc.

  5. Meanwhile, elsewhere report is that the two have resumed training. Let’s not be vengeful, these are boys still on a life learning path.

    1. @Ja Thurg gi Ji, Joash is not a boy and there is nothing he will learn with such hogwash rudimentary mind and school kid reasoning. If he wants to join Zico, let him go and we will see how far he will go.

      All the accolades and the money that came with these accolades were attributed to Gor Mahia FC but let him respect our logo.

  6. My comrades Johny, JTGJ, Oduor12 and other like-minded fans, I join all of us in thanking God for the return to training by Joash and Muguna. This is welcome news. May reason continue to prevail. May God in His own mysterious ways get us out of this mess.

    1. Barefoot DC motemba pembe will be beaten like burukenge on Sunday…they are so off form until some match officials have started visiting the witch doctor…we will beat them without Joash and Muguna… it’s rather u have an ugly wife who wants to stay than a beautiful one who’s always on the road

  7. Jakoyo ifuwo ka diel…Which walkovers are this you keep mentioning here on the guise of solidarity with struggling players? Why are you still at Gor when your demigod Zico who is a nondescript coach has gone to KCB… Can’t you follow him there instead of talking nonsense here against our beloved team…Yes we are struggling but pushing on. We already have two bank overdrafts and are looking for 7.5 Million for CCC matches. After that I will ensure players are paid so keep calm Gor is mightier than the River Nile…

    1. Jasego, take it easy Bro. No need for getting agitated. We hope and pray that all will be well soon. Meanwhile, watu wajaze stadi on sunday. Even those who will be away, let us buy the tickets as a way of raising funds for the team.

  8. I long since decided not to criticise what Jakoyo posts after I was advised by my psychologist friend that Jakoyo suffers from a condition akin to that of a night runner and hence enjoys the reaction he gets after posting what he does .
    So trying to understand what he does is akin to trying to understand why a night runner does what he does , e g leaving his wife home alone , on a cold rainy night , dressed only in his birthday suit , sprints out into the dark and into the bushes , with a burning light , directed not at where he is going but rather at his backside , jumps over the fence of a friendly neighbour , who probably is preparing to execute his conjugal obligations , gives the metallic door a massive kick , occasioning a huge bang , paralysing his neighbours in his stride , jumps back out of the compound and sprints back to his home feeling fulfilled , now if you can understand this narrative , then you can understand @Jakoyo , it is never the wish of nightrunner , it is a condition through no wish of his , has been passed over to him genetically and through several generation , It has no known scientific cure , the only respite the victims may wish for is that he dies before he gets any offsprings .
    So guys , what @Jakoyo does is beyond his control , and this condition has no respect for money , education , exposure etc etc .
    What a night runner hates the most is being ignored .

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