Nick Mwendwa beats Ambrose Rachier to FKF presidency

Nick Mwendwa who is the proprietor of Kariobangi Sharks has been elected the new FKF chair. He garnered 50 votes. Ambrose Rachier, the Gor Mahia and KPL chair who ran a spirited campaign, garnered 27 votes. Sam Nyamweya, Ssemi Aina and Sammy Shollei all pulled out upon realizing they did not stand a chance.

Ambrose Rachier accepted defeat but said he lost due to bribery

Rachier said: “I must accept the results. It was a clean and transparent exercise here on the floor but what I can complain about is the bribery of delegates.

“With the level of poverty in this country,  it is hard for a delegate to turn down a Sh150,000 bribe,” he claimed. “Some of my delegates asked me to let them go eat the money and come back and it seemed they never came back. I do not have prove but have word that it happened. Now I’ll work with the new chairman,” Rachier said.

Mwendwa ran a well organized campaign that started in June 2015. He has been lobbying and striking deals with stakeholders. This is the largest margin of victory percentage wise. So dominant was Mwenda that the incumbent Sam Nyamweya was forced to bail out along with the flambuoyant Gor Semelango, Ssemi Aina and former Tusker striker Sammy Shollei.

Another significant loser was former Gor Mahia winger Dan Shikanda who lost to Doris Petra in the race for the Vice Chairmanship position. Shikanda who is a Veterinary Doctor, played for Gor Mahia when they won the league in 1993 and again in 1995.

Two former Gor Mahia players vied for the Nairobi NEC seat. The seat was won by Chris Amimo who polled 31 votes. Eric Obura, a former Gor mahia striker from the early 1990s got 10 votes. Ken Oliech, a former Gor Mahia striker from 2005 and 2006 received no votes.

The good news for Gor Mahia fans is thatRachier can now throw his energies towards building and professionalizing this club. He has seen the level of professionalism existent at teams like Esperance. Gor Mahia too can start taking tentative steps in that direction.

53 thoughts on “Nick Mwendwa beats Ambrose Rachier to FKF presidency

  1. No problem. Looks like AR got the SPL and some other scattered votes while Nick got the votes from the grassroots. Time to fulfill the promises. That’s where reality and promises differ

  2. Wake Up call to AR to understand that his one man show mentality was actually regarded by delegates as a person who is overzealous and monotonous in approach to football matters.

    The “TEAM-CHANGE” led by Mwendwa applied PARTNERSHIP .AGILITY, INCLUSIVENESS , PROFESSIONALISM and above all OPEN DOOR management policy that was acceptable to the delegates.


    1. @Ogango, Nick started hs campaigns long time ago while still a NEC member. For Gor let us know who the alternatives are so that we can judge them now and not wait for election-day promises. Remember a certain candidate who competed against Rachier and promised us sponsorship from SA to the tune of 200m yet we languished for almost three years without a sponsor and the guy has never been heard again.
      Let’s vet our officials and ensure they can pass the vigorous requirements enshrined in the sports Act and have GM at heart. There must be many out there but in elections you come out and declare your interest and not people doing it for you.

      Definitely the leadership we need is that which will put structures and take advantage of the mass following we have

      1. @Dan Original am the ONE demanding for FREE. & FAIRNESS elections against AR.

        Look at the bigger picture since we have blogged together for more than half a decade. SYCOPHANCY to AR has been DETRIMENTAL to growth of K’Ogalo

  3. My dear bloggers,Im Joe K.Mwendwa(JOKIMS) not related to FKF president,a tr by proffession wishing to present my candidacy for K’OGALO chair.AR has tried & its good he leaves when the club is on a high.What baffles me is:1.Why we always sign good players

  4. AR, this was coming and now it is behind us. Let us focus on building Gor Mahia and putting the right structures to enable Gor Mahia takeoff.

  5. Well fought Chair,its now water under the bridge, lesson well learned, you can’t be boored by club then expect to lead the country, you lost it on Friday, and now it’s time to focus on GM,its even bigger than federation it’s quite demanding hence every decision made must have interest of stakeholders while FKF one’s decision is final.

  6. Just like Bayern, Real and Barca are more famous than their FAs AR can do the same to Gor by having the appropriate structures

  7. Do not insult AR, you are being unfair considering where he took us from to where we are. In fact he is the fellow you insult today and tomorrow and still retain as your chairman. Others would quit saa mbili asubuhi and leave you high and dry

  8. Jathur gi ji my brother no one is insulting the Chair,to me Rachier lost the election the moment he declared he is running for this office,if you can remember he just announced his candidacy some 2 or 3 months back and Nick started his campaigns immediately after last federation election,and it was evident this election was more of the premier KPL teams v FKF teams which were at the grassroots of which Nick identify with,i was always telling people that Rachier was not interested in this seat going by the way he conducted his campaigns and i would have been surprised if he could have won this election but anyway congrats for the good fight.

  9. Congrats Nick, My only issue with him is that he is already bringing that issue of KPL Vs FKF Leagues. I thought it was all agreed that a 16 team league is the most viable for this pat of our world. Or is it a case of Kariobangi Sharks must be in the top league just like was the case of Shabana?

    As it is KPL is one of the best run leagues in Africa and so the new team should concentrate on HS and the lower leagues including the women league. Otherwise we might start those push and pull that killed almost killed our soccer

  10. @Dan Original, you are as worried as I am, the questions is why should he start propagating Nyamweya`s fkf issues at this point of time. Being that nyamweya has offer himself to be his adviser then we should brace ourselves for more fight between KPL and FKF.

  11. We should stop this nonesense of KPL is the best managed team in Africa its useless and not worth but as i know it the wrangles in kpl continues How can a kamba who did not even kick AJWALA at childhood bring good football home not possible coz i know he BRibed and used juju as usuall with kitui people BUT nothing serious tto be offered. he only got oppotunity to eat and move away from poverty which is good for A young lad like NIck. i rest my Case.

  12. We should stop this nonesense of KPL is the best managed league in Africa its useless and not worth it. However what i know its the wrangles in kpl continues How can a kamba who did not even kick AJWALA at childhood bring good football home not possible coz i know he Bribed and used juju as usuall with kitui people BUT nothing serious to be offered. He only got opportunity to eat and move away from poverty which is good for A young lad like NIck. i rest my Case.

    1. @Jakorando, the moment you become tribal then all you have said is lost in the air. It’s like those who bash other tribes but when they go back to their shacks they pay rent to that same person they were bashing. Why not move out and find a landlord from your preferred tribe.
      On Nick, let’s give him the benefit of doubt but unless something changes KPL will still be the common enemy.

      Can someone tell me which other league is apart from SA and maybe Algeria, Morroco that is well-run than KPL. Having the best teams in Africa is a different thing from having the best teams


    1. Jakorando how does the the issue of tribe arise here? Am at a loss. It is true that KPL is among the best run leagues in Africa. Do a bit of research and you will confirm the same

  14. For those who don’t know and i stand to be corrected Nick will and i repeat will NOT change anything in our football a i wish to be reminded,lest we forget this are the people who have been running FKF for your information.Nick,Doris Petra were in the same executive with Nyamweya and me think it was a calculated move by these people but anyway lets give them a benefit of doubt and time will tell.

  15. Sylvester just Relax Nick Has nothing to offer us. Kenyan football is much bigger and greater than Akamba as well this Job is not meant for such people. unless he is left to manage FKF football but not KPL where mighty Kogallo plays. Perhaps he should have been the vice to Mr. HON Okil AMbrose Rachier whose management skills have been tried and tested in the continent.
    My worry is how do we kenyans allow our value to be lowered this much and where are we headed in football and its associated Games if we can afford to put in new papers being sold for such a useless elections as credible. we will not give him time for nonsense management. i know he will bring in Kimanzi. Mulee and Innocent Mutiso to be the Harambee stars coaches and Technical Bench plz stay warned Mkamba has never scored nor represented Kenya in ADHULA and i would better go back to SOUTH SUDAN than wait for this to give me stress of my life.

  16. ooooh Yawa who were these monkeys who got Bribed to vote this nick nyopieko. am wondering what has come of kenyans and there minds to an extend of being given money to spoil the Game in kenya.

  17. Congrats to Nick. However personalty i do not think we have changes at FKF. The same were working with Sam and they let Him down. Unless they change their ways of doing things, then football will grow.
    Nick like talk to much he should scale down on this. Team work will make the achieve a lot. I think they should engage a CEO.

  18. Nick ! congratulations are in order. Kindly push for county leagues format that can act as a feeder to the KPL league and get rid of all this rubbish about tier 1, Tier 2 and so on and so forth. A real waste of money, talent and resources and explains why people fight and kill each for absolutely nothing.

  19. How amazing is this, that the so called poor mkamba ooh KENYAN was able to bribe delegates with huge amounts of money, how possible is that. Where did the money come from with all the poverty.
    Just wondering!

  20. @Dan Original
    Why throw tantrums when you have not understood me.
    I beg that you read all the postings and you will realize that am reacting to one Jakoranda who has know respect for communities as you put it

  21. @ Sylvester plz stop all these i do not want to know whether you are a mkamba or not. But its high time we go for Quality and stop the vice of corruption that is taking charge in our country. You must accept that Kambas are in our country and when i mention what they cannot do including being managers of FKF i mean it and you cannot tell me i do not respect other communites. secondly its known all over they do not make good management becoz of their malenge quality . how will it be for FKF in kenya plz keep those your advises to fellow Kambas if you are one. thank you

  22. Congrats to Nick. However personalty i do not think we have changes at FKF. The same people were working with Sam and they let Him down. Unless they change their ways of doing things, then football will never grow.
    Nick like talking to much he should scale down on this. Team work will make the achieve a lot. I think they should engage a CEO. Gud luck Nick

  23. Guys have decided to go tribal,
    Gor is the most successful club in Kenya and nobody can dispute that.
    @Jakoranda, plse name the most successful coaches of Kenyan origin the communities they come from.
    Let us all be tolerant and accept that success is not a preserve of any one tribe.
    Our individual weaknesses and strength are there to complement one another and that’s Gods creation.

  24. @Sylvester outrightly how you talk you are outrighly a mkamba and cant argue much. All succesful coaches are there to be seen but dont count kambas in it because them they only use kamte from kitui and that is why Kimanzi is struggling to be in a team .

  25. @Jakoranda, ang’eyo ni in wuod Luo kamili to kata kamano nitiere yawuot Luo moko ma wach kabila ma ng’ato owuokie ok en gima lich ahinyaa.
    We appreciate you for who you are.
    We all contribute to sportspesa, be it Luo, Kamba, kikuyu etc.and you know what sportspesa is doing to our beautiful game and club

  26. Congrats to Mwendwa. However I do not know where you are going to take Kenya football. I think Mwendwa looks more vindictive and he has immediately started with KPL because KPL voted AR.

    This lad does not exhibit any leadership skills at all. We have a big problem in this country kenya where corruption is the order of day. Kenya football is heading nowhere and teams are going to suffer due to poor leadership and corruption.

  27. To be honest with AR, he too has poor leadership skills. You can not be sitting on the fence and delegate leadership to nonentities like Ngala, Kilo and orowe. We have been crying for simple structures to be implemented in Gor Mahia but year in year out, the status quo has been maintained by AR.

    A leader need to lead from the front neither backward nor sideway.

  28. This Mwendwa guy is too arrogant and I do not see him taking football anywhere. He has stated that he wants 18 teams come sun come rain. We are doomed in football in this country.

    1. @Ingo, I hope the issue of who is in charge at the Den as well as who the sponsor should be is already ironed out. Otherwise it’s foolhardy to go putting off fires in the neighbors house when your house is on fire. Maybe you are used to the fires that you feel nothing wrong.

      And please pass by Nyayo tomorrow to see a brief of what awaits your team(s) this year

  29. @ sylvester plz i am not against any Kabila but these peple have nothing to offer us . you know and believe this is the only thing that employs us Luos and Luhyas how can we entrust someone who has been fronted by some quaters who have made football usiless in our country to spoil it further.Nick is Nyamweyas and Government project just to kill football that gives us MOR. Be careful when you support this people. i wanted Rachier because this is a guy whom when there is a problem people wld make noise and tomorrow he takes an initiative to change. but nick will take instructions from statehouse directly so take a break in attacking my critics on nick.

  30. @ Jamigori APAKI APAKI BABA. konya goyo nyieni. how can we have a president whose aim is to fight KPL where mighty kogalo plays ADHULA not possible we have to make his work difficult until he quits

  31. @Dan Original..i agree with you…plus this Ingo idler is just trying to make himself relevant coz hakuna kitu AFC..there has never been anyway!!but can you really blame him??who does not want to be associated with serial winners!!?

  32. Its a pity , I never knew some Luos are this archaic, revering to Mwendwa as a poor Kamba,do you know how much Nick is worth, Mwendwa has more than hundred workers at Riverbank ,most of his players at K sharks are Luos ,lets judge people by their capabilities not tribe.I love GOR MAHIA and no amount of downgrading Kambas by a few village Luos will stop me from supporting the club

    1. Did u understand my comment, I don’t need anybody to ask me to support Gor and av not given any conditions, I support Gor because I love the game. Stop this pride , football in kenya doesn’t belong to entirely one or two tribes,show some understanding.

  33. Admin, we are playing tomorrow. Any details on our preparations? I think that’s more important to us than the tribe of the FKF Manager.

  34. @jakorando kindly try to be objective and stop you tribal diarrhea. Do you have any between your ears? if some one has fail, it is not the tribe, do you get it..!!!

  35. @ bob plz go ahead and support Kambas and @ mulwa if you claim u support Gor then u should be able to understand what i mean by Quality amanagement which is not with your Brother and i know he has ben installed and votes stollen for him becoz ni malenge. secondly you cant claim u support football and you support hose who kill it in the name of nick who are Nyamweya Boyz

    1. @Jakorando, stop this nonsense of tribalism. Gor Mahia is a football club that draws its support from all political divide no matter where you are born. In this regard, can you apologise to comrade Mulwa and let ceasefire be obeyed. Mulwa is a great fan and has never missed Gor Mahia matches that he fully pays the gate entry charges unlike some of our stupid fans that want to watch our matches free.

      My comments were on leadership quality of Mwendwa but not on his tribe. And please do not drag my name in supporting the vice of tribalism.

      The most honorable thing you should do is to unconditionally apologise to Mulwa and Kamba community as well as all bloggers on this site.

      Such negative postings and comments should be deleted by the administrator of this site. Otherwise I can see administrator of the site supporting the vice of tribalism. Many bloggers have quited this site because of the insensitive of this site administrator. Where are Mwakio from Taita Taveta, Baba Travis from Kitui, etc

  36. Why do we argue over some things? No wonder GM guys fight among themselves in the stadia. AR has achieved as far as keeping the team going but remember some TB members may still be owed, some also left , all in all he has done a lot for the club which can not be taken away from him.

    The best for his supporters as per now is not to get extremely abusive to people who have floored their darling (AR) but to pray that God almighty grant their hero life to live and contest in the next elections.

    What will it benefit anyone ‘making Nick’s work difficult’

    I am sure any overture to stifle the KPL by FKF will be dealt with head on without wasting time trying to make ‘Nick’s work difficult’. AR should have deployed tactics he normally use to win at GM or may be he did but Nick must have been smarter! So let all his (AR’s) supporters wait for five years for another stab..That is the only chance and hope.

    It remains embarrassing to see learned people getting abusive especially on tribal lines. When we brand other tribes as not able for the single reason that they come from certain tribe then we can not get lower. SO BARBARIC ..Admin should block such madness..its so terrible and bad.

    We meet all tribes at higher institutions of learning localy and abroad i wonder how certain tribes can not do certain things when all tribes are educated. too bad a mind set.

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