Gor Mahia bracing CAF CL return leg

Gor Mahia coach Frank Nuttall is optimistic that Gor Mahia will advance to the first round of the Africa Champions league. Though Gor Mahia carry a slim lead having played poorly in the first leg, Nuttall picked some positives from the match.

“We carry a lead and that is the most important fact,” he said. “And we did not concede at home which would have been a disaster,” he said to supersport.com

Nuttall says the frailties in defense and a few weaknesses in the midfield have been rectified and the team is in perfect shape to take on their opponents.

“CNaPS is a very good side. They run a lot as was evident in the first leg match. We cannot under rate them especially now that they will be playing at home. But we know we have a strong team. We are not only going to defend our lead but also look for more goals.” he continued to supersport.com

Gor Mahia need a draw of any kind to advance.

Confidence Rising

Gor Mahia captain Musa Mohamed has said that the team’s confidence has received a boost from their performance in the last two games.

“When you play as a team you always want to win. We have welcomed a number of new signings for the season and to this far everyone has been impressive. The quality and competition in the team will push us a long way as we progress The victories against Sofapaka and CNaPS were vital for us as a team and the winning start to the league campaign very encouraging” he said to the club site.

Musa however knows that the return leg will be difficult.

“But we know the return leg match in Madagascar will be tough and we must prepare well to get a good result. Last year we had a tough match in Gabon against US Bitam. We will go to Madagascar to extend our advantage and progress to the next stage” he continued


Gor Mahia will leave for Madagascar on Saturday 28th February for their return leg match against Caisse Nationale de Prévoyance Sociale Sport (CNaPS) of Madagascar. There will be 25 players and 5 technical bench members and 3 club officials.
The estimated time of arrival is 8.00am on Saturday for their Sunday afternoon match that has been confirmed for Antananarivo, the capital of Indian Ocean country. It is atypical for a team to arrive for a match on the day before the match.  But club official David Kilo explained the late arrival.
“We have been informed of the rains currently pounding Madagascar hence our decision to travel just on the eve of match day.”

Kilo also explained that the Madagascan consulate has been very helpful in assisting the club procure travel documents. “The Honorary Consul Mr. Abel Rakotomalala has been very instrumental to us and diplomatic at it. He is the very definition of diplomacy.”

With the match being played in soggy conditions, Gor Mahia will need to adapt and make greater use of long balls. This will favour Michael Olunga who has shown the thrives on long balls and crosses.

11 thoughts on “Gor Mahia bracing CAF CL return leg

  • February 25, 2015 at 7:41 am

    Great, starting on a winning note is a morale booster to the team. Go K’Ogallo for more wins

  • February 25, 2015 at 9:02 am

    Well said coach, av never doubted you tactical prowess, I believe and have faith in this team will go far. I want to humbly prayer for you to put your head together as one like army headed for a war, I wish and hope GOD will ans ma prayer as you return victorious.

  • February 25, 2015 at 9:29 am

    DSTV should figure out how to make money from away matches…….how about televising the match ?

    • February 25, 2015 at 3:00 pm

      DSTV is in negotiation with CNaps just as it did with K’Ogalo to air the Sunday match live, both K’Ogalo and Sofapaka pocketed 2.5m each in the first match

  • February 25, 2015 at 3:24 pm

    @ Admin KUDOS for the upgrade. The site and web design is wonderful and much more interactive.

    Ooh Laa la a…!! ” THE BEGINNING OF THE DEATH of SOCCER in KENYA 2015 “…..!!

    Eeeeh NYAMWEYA killed “Youths” SAFARICOM SAKATA BALL season 3 due to 20% demand.
    Eeeeh NYAMWEYA killed “Youths” COPA COCA COLA until they fizzled out 4 good.
    Eeeeh NYAMWEYA will kill KPL in 2015 as BLATTER gets FIFA re-election in JUNE 2015.
    Eeeeh NYAMWEYA will be re-elected in OCTOBER 2015 by the FKF – affiliate members.


    Remembers his parting shot during the presser,… Gor and AFC do not belong to an individual but thousands and thousands of stake holders….. Divide and Rule tactics.

    ….There is a certain Gor and AFC registered and included in FKL-PL…Fixtures…..! TRUE..!

    And who calls the shots as official representatives… Secretary General .. Ama Vipi?
    There we go ALADWA and OMONDI period!!!……….. The real politics of football drama.

    Nyamweya and FKF-PL have clenched their fist with bare knuckles attacking style and he seems to be unstoppable to deliver a K.O to all and sundry who are directly or indirectly interfering with football matters as the limping KPL brigade wonders about the corridors of justice trying to stop the “UNSTOPPABLE” temporary injunction and contempt of court orders. From one case to two cases to deal with and how long YAWA! God knows.!

    FKF-PL will progress as KPL resumption is cleverly suppressed and delayed using judicial mechanisms until it will catch up with the direct dependant’s financially; while the BIG brother (FIFA) is closely monitoring the progress remotely just in case one WARIO tries to poke his nose into issue’s pertaining to his prodigal young bro PRESIDENT SAM NYAMWEYA. This is what we call the real politics of destroying what you did not build.

    Simply put KPL has no legal jurisdiction to argue this case in their favor whether FKF had denounced justice from courts or not. KPL is no longer an affiliate of FKF and as such conducting any football affairs is tantamount to interfering with matters pertaining to a LEGITIMATE institution.

    So as things stands within the CONSTITUTION then KPL is just a private limited company while FKF is the legitimate body mandated to run football affairs in the country and an affiliate of the world football governing body FIFA. IF YOU CAN’T BEAT THEM THEN WHAT NEXT……………………..TAFAKARI YA BABU……………….

    • February 25, 2015 at 3:51 pm

      @OGANGO TRAILER. I don’t think we should give up since even our constitution does not limit our association to FIFA or any other organization. We are relying on CS to bring sanity to our soccer but unfortunately he doesn’t seem to have power to do anything. As much as our league might not be recognized by FKF/FIFA nothing stops us from running our league so long as it doesn’t interfere with the FKF league.

      Let’s hang in there and see what happens since after all we have the other 15 teams in the same space

  • February 25, 2015 at 5:00 pm

    @OGANGO TRAILER, you are spot on your analysis. What of if KPL accepts 18 teams, what will happen? Sam Nyamweya has already signed the MOU with 16 Nationwide League teams. We need to explore all the options available for KPL.

    Let us get 18 teams and ask FKL to meet the cost of their inclusion.

    Is there any room for dialogue? Can KPl and FKL sit down once again to iron out this matter amicably?

    Can KPL and FKL bring an arbitrator on board to help reach a consensus?

    This is not the moment for chest thumbing, insults, name callings, hollier than thou attitude and counter accusations. We need one league for our local players to show case their talents for onward transition to other foreign leagues.

    Let both KPL and FKL sit down once again to reason together for the sake of players, kenya youths, clubs, sponsors and all other stakeholders. We need a long term solutions but not pointing out who is right or wrong.

    Hardline stand from both KPL and FKL is not going to help us to sort out this ongoing impasse. Let us all look at a bigger picture and explore arbitration opportunity since CS Wario has remained silent on this deadlock.

    We are going to lose all gains that have been made in the football developments in the country. We have families depending largely on football and this is being killed by greedy football sheriffs who are out there for their pockets but not development of football.

    Can His Excellency President Uhuru Kenya step in to help us move out of this endless quackmire? Can parliamentary committee on sports come out and help us break this impasse? Can we have sanity to prevail? Sam Nyamweya team and Ambrose Rachier team sit down together and get a quicker and long lasting solution?

    • February 25, 2015 at 11:14 pm

      Problem isn’t even about 18 teams its about the tv sponsorship fkf want supersport to buy the league rights from mp&silva. Its about money simple as.


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