Kevin Omondi faces brick wall in South Africa

Former Gor Mahia midfielder Kevin Omondi is apparently having a difficult time breaking into the Moroka Swallows team. Coach Zeca Marquez is apparently unimpressed with the player popularly known as “Ade”

Fisa Academy Director Maurice Owuor said that there is a problem between the player and Moroka Swallows.

“The coach seems to have a different opinion on the player after signing him. We are being told that he has misgivings on Omondi’s abilities but we are insisting that whatever it is they ought to rectify it internally,” Owuor exclusively told

“If the coach thinks the player is not what he wanted then he should be able to give him the kind of training that will rectify his weaknesses. Otherwise, as far as we are concerned there is a contract between the player and Swallows and whatever issues have arisen are internal and should be rectified internally.”

Rumours about Omondi leaving Swallows started swirling in August. But Swallows coach Zeca Marquez dismissed the rumours at the time. “Kevin is here training with us. I don’t know anything about him going to be released,” said Marques at the time. Now 2 months later, the rumours are starting again.

Kevin Omondi left Gor Mahia to join the Swallows in July. But his work permit still has not been processed. Former AFC Leopards winger Paul Were who arrived after Omondi has received work permit and is playing for Amazulu.

Owuor told that the work permit should have been processed by now.

Regarding Omondi’s work permit he explained: “He should have received the document because we gave them all the documents required to process the same and they have not come back to us to indicate otherwise.”

Considering how quickly Were got his work permit, it is indeed plausible that is its rge Swallows who have delayed Omondi’s work permit.

On whether, the player may return home, Owuor said: “We are not aware whether that is a possibility as the club has not indicated it to us.”

What if he returns?

Omondi’s saga is similar to that of George Odhiambo “Blackberry” when he went to Randers FC of Denmark in 2011. The Danish side eagerly signed him only to sideline him inexplicably. Such is the reality of playing overseas. Many Kenyans have tried their luck abroad but for various reasons did not succeed. Edwin Lavatsa, Kevin Kimani, Moses Arita, Francis Kahata, James Situma and a host of others.

The reality of the matter is that players will always leave for greener pastures. Gor mahia should be willing to give such players a second chance. Kevin Omondi is a solid player who will fit right back into the squad should he return this season or next. Edwin Lavatsa though he does not score often is a capable support striker who works hard on the flanks and delivers cross after cross. Aside from the duo, it is inevitable that Gor Mahia players will leave to try their luck overseas . Gor Mahia should be open to the idea of welcoming them back.


16 thoughts on “Kevin Omondi faces brick wall in South Africa

  1. Bwana rachier,

    I said this before, Am tired of the growing list of kogallo returnees……….who is misadvising this players?

    Email me, I am willing to support at whatever capacity.

    Have a ” realistic ” day.

  2. Jakoyo who are you asking those questions know ?kevo was from fisa academy and he was not gormahia player,so it is better you go to fisa to ask those your questions since they are the ones who removed him from gor in midseason.

  3. Someone should advice the Kenyan players on contract issues. Why terminate or refuse to renew your contract before you fully sign a new one. Look what happened to Rama and Lavatsa

  4. eric@4
    Rama is in coastal union in tanzania.Yes,Mosoti is back but rumour has it that he has already signed for Tusker for next season!!

  5. My Dear GOR MAHIA FC FANS , Lets keep the focus in supporting and praying for our dear team to clinche this Title again in 2014.

    Issues relating to transfers is not important . Let us win the league , then we attract sponsors , then we can recruit all the players we want .


  6. @BINDAR BERNHARD, umeongeya kama watu ishirini. Transfer matters should be discussed at the right time and left to the TB. In any case whoever is recruited by Gor usually end up being great players.
    My only worry is that “gini wakao kendo” otherwise Gor has been, is and ever shall be. For God and my beloved club – Kogallo

  7. @Albert and Bindar , we are not talking about the coming transfers but the previous FAILED transfers,
    which in any case can not have any relevant connection to our tittle chase whatsoever. But the transfers,nev ertheless is an issue you CAN NOT wish away whether you’re chasing the title or trying to avoid relegation.

  8. @Bindar
    There is nothing wrong with planning for next year. Teams like Ingwe and Tusker have already identfied the players they want to sign and are chasing the players. Gor Mahia must not be left behind.
    It is a fact that the current Kogalo team does not have enough depth. EC and technical bench must start planning ahead.
    Let coach Nuttall focus on winning the league. But let EC and TM start planning for next year. We should not be left behind.

  9. I agree with Joe Riaga @ 11 above. This is the right time to identify and start pursuing our potential recruits.Otherwise we may end up loosing out on the good players. A word of caution however, is to avoid big names but go for strategic signings sanctioned by the TB.
    “I have said my own”

  10. Why do we want to waste time discussing the obvious. The TB are aware that they need to sign new players come the transfer window. I am sure they have identified potential players they want in. They have always done it, I therefore see no need of us pretending to be advising the EC and TB on an obviousity. Tutulie jameni.
    For God and my beloved club – Kogallo

  11. Guys, why do we always assume that the EC and TB is composed of people who don’t know what they are doing? I can assure you that they know much more than we think. I can bet my last bob that they have already identified the targets for next year and could be talking to them silently. Remember player tapping is not allowed.
    Who knew that Walusimbi and Kizito would join Gor early this year? Or that Nuttal would be our coach and not Loga?

  12. Kosero stop acting as if our EC is always spot on. You know they make mistakes and have a lot of lapses. If they were always spot on, the club would not be having the kind of financial problems it has now.

  13. @Ja Tingare, I disagree with you on this matter. What we as bloggers have been posting in this site are our own views, ideas and wishes. You talked about the financial problems, I know that the executive have been trying very hard to pay players and TB with their own resources as gate collections are not enough to cater for the monthly obligations. In our last home match, imagine the club collected less than Kshs.700k gross. This is too little to cater for players winning allowances and salaries. Please let us learn to give credit where it is due.


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