Video Highlights: Nuttall praises players

After the match, coach Frank Nuttal praised Dan Ssserunkuma saying it was not just the goals he scored that was good but his overall play was excellent as well.

Nuttall also praised George Odhiambo “Blackberry” saying he did well in this game and has been doing everything the coaches have asked him to do.

Nutall concluded by saying the entire team was magnificent on Saturday


13 thoughts on “Video Highlights: Nuttall praises players

  1. Well said Coach. This was great Nuttal….continue to rediscover the forms of Blackberry, Oluoch, Ssemanzi, Obwoge, Oboya etc. The team is technically fit and playing with vigour. Keep it up.

  2. nutall’s record is pretty impressive, played 5 , won 3 and drawn 2 with only two goals conceded……wow! Success rate is 60 % so far ! Considering international standards of 30% , You have passed the doubtful test with flying colors.

    Coach what has impressed me most about your tactics is how astitute the club has become particularly in defence, we are mean just like the 2012 title challenge.

    I remain ” realistic”

  3. @Jakoyo, what a change of mind towards this “mere fitness instructor!!!!!” But still you don’t miss an opportunity to take away points from the guy called Nutal, just like you used to take them away from Bobby Williamson. Or is it that you are the type who used to cross the fence during mathematics classes. Just to correct you, Nutall’s success rate is 73.33% (11 points out of 15).

    Like I said earlier, Gor Mahia is the hardest team to beat so far. Tusker, Ulinzi, Bandari, KCB, NCS etc walishindwa kufunga Gor Mahia

  4. @ pmawego, in this world there are also miracle workers, until he delivers the title the guy is, shall and will remain a ” mere fitness instructor”.

    Experience is the best teacher, james nandwa last year took Efusi with 10 games to go and he won 8 , drawn 2 to finish second in the league only to be kicked out the following season !!!! ….and don’t forget logarusic took kogallo to a record 26 matches unbeaten in all competitions, the best in the history of the club……now you see the standards

    It’s too early to judge this NUTALL guy but he has simply passed the early test.

    Have a ” realistic ” day.

  5. The boyz played well but we need to improve on speed.We need speedy wingers to feed strikers with ball within the box.

  6. @pmawego remember the bible – Psalm 118:22: the stone that was rejected by the builder became the corner stone. The coach was rejected by some know it all of this blog, the players were termed below average, the EC was called all sorts of names, Williamson was given only 5 matches before he could be fired and the list is endless. The team has withered all these storm and are on the brink of defending the title successfully. Let those who wallow in dooms paradise continue doing so.
    There is no stopping Gor, there is no stopping, Kogallo does it better.
    My only worry is that “gini wakao kendo”. Kogallo has been is and ever shall be. For God and my beloved club – Kogallo

  7. @Jakoyo, till now and according to you, 2013 TPL was NOT won by Bobby Williamson and you have never told us who won it as a coach. Should we defend it successfully in 2014, which I have always believed and said we will, you must tell me who will be the coach that won it. I hope it will not be NUTALL or Bobby according to you!!! I am very curious about this because it your answer will confirm your credibility shortcomings (or let us call it biassed). Maybe it will be Ouna or Bobby Ogolla, hahahaha

  8. @Pmawego, I am also anxiously waiting to hear from some of our fellow noisy bloggers, who between BW and FN shall be credited for the title. Don’t be surprised if they turn the noise into some useless issues instead. E.g the current team was built by Awono Anaba. Watch this space!!!
    For God and my beloved club – Kogallo

  9. MANY MANY Thanks to Comrade @JO-NDHIWA for a well executed mission in AWENDO. Actually they are very lucky indeed to have snatched a point. But we are not yet done with them.


    As we all break for international obligation i urge you the good people of JO-NDHIWA to go back to the drawing board and provide the best “RE-SEARCH” that will counter all their attempts in their next assignment. Let their players run like a group of zombies until the final whistle and keep their management busy complain about standard of officiating until the season ends.

    Please JO-NHIWA i hereby disparately appeal to you to ensure that both SOFAPAKA and BREWKENGE must go back empty handed in their next KPL fixtures or what i simply want is for us [MAYIENGA] to be 7 points clear of our immediate competitor so that this business can come to a premature completion in MACHAKOS on the slated date for the defining moment of TPL 2014. I REST MY CASE 4 NOW.

  10. What an entertaining match! Congrats Team and fans. The 12th man made the second and third goal possible. The noise was too much for City Stars.

    @JABILO, i see you are well connected with JO-NDIWA. What are JO-NDIWA doing to our former players? I just read somewhere about the tribulations of K14 and he joins a long list with the likes of Lavatsa who seem to reach a dead end once they leave us.

    JABILO, i hope i’m not being superstitious here. Please talk to your guys and report back to the blog.

  11. As we approach the business end of this campaign we need to thenk the ALMIGHTY GOD for what he has done for us despite our tribulations. We ar like the proverbial donkey which while being buried used the soil being poured into the hold as a stepping ladder to get out of the whole.
    To erach our destination we need to be humble, forget the chest-thumping and premature celebrations. I saw Mathare play Tusker and Ingwe and those boys can be stubborn so let’s pray for a win and hope the others don’t win. With that we can as well ‘lift’ the trophy at Machakos. We must believe and it will turn out to be real. Where’s Mwakio? Your prayers are needed. We also need to bring back the tradition of going to St. Stephen’s church Jogoo Rd. to pray before attending our Sunday games.
    Otherwise so far we are doing well, not forgetting our ‘blotted’ TB. With the 12th man having behaved very well this season I don’t see why we can’t get a shirt sponsor next year but on condition that we do the REQUIRED house-cleaning

  12. @Okoth Jabilo and @The Villager, hapo ni sawa. Brewkenge were so lucky,but all in all mbio za sakafuni huishia ukingoni and it is just a matter of time before they hit a dead end.
    Many thanks.


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