Musa, Kahata compare compare their experiences with Kenya

Both Musa Mohamed and Francis Kahata are appreciative of Gor Mahia fans and the fact that the club prepared them for greater things. However they both concluded that clubs overseas are run better than in Kenya. In particular they both noted that since they moved to Zambia and Tanzania respectively, they have not experienced issues with salary delays or non payments as was always the case at Kogalo. Both former Gor Mahia players spoke to

Musa Mohamed: Mohammed: Gor Mahia prepared me for Nkana FC move

The Harambee Stars defender admits playing for K’Ogalo helped him to secure a transfer to the Zambian league

Kenyan international Musa Mohammed has revealed how playing for Gor Mahia in the Kenyan Premier League (KPL) prepared him well for a move abroad.

The soft-speaking defender had admitted his ten years at K’Ogalo, during which captained the side for nine, played a key role in his move to sign for Zambian club Nkana FC.

“Gor Mahia is a big team with a huge number of fans who are always pushing you to perform better day by day. If you have played for Gor Mahia you can play for any club anywhere,” Mohammed told reporters on Tuesday.
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Mohammed however, took issue with the management style of the Kenyan club, saying Nkana are run in a more professional manner where players are well taken care of.

“The fact is; it is much better playing here in Zambia. The club officials treat players well and everything that you have agreed on, a player is given. In other words, everything is run and managed in a professional manner compared to at Gor Mahia,” Mohammed continued.

Mohammed further said he did not take much time to settle in Zambia because of the huge number of Kenyan players featuring in the league.

Some of the players include Duncan Otieno (Nkana FC), Jesse Were, John Makwatta, Ian Otieno, and David Owino (Zesco United) and keeper Shaban Odhoji of Napsa Stars FC.

“It was easy for me. Before travelling to Zambia, I had been in touch with a number of Kenyan players and they gave me advice on what to expect. By the time I got there, it was easy to settle in quickly,” Mohammed added.

Meanwhile, Mohammed, who also played for Harambee Stars during the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations finals in Egypt, says he was well motivated with the good preparations the team underwent, which included a high-level training camp in France.

“It has left me with a desire to want to go back to the competition next time. The planning for all the matches were excellent and standing toe to toe with established players in the tournament was a big plus for most of us,” he revealed.

On the bonuses they received from the Football Kenya Federation (FKF), Mohammed said: “I have never received such kind of money while playing for Harambee Stars. It has never happened before and it remains such a big motivation for us to want to go back to the tournament.

“The money helped me to establish myself in many areas and also to complete some projects I had started. My wish is that we can continue to manage our affairs in such a professional manner as it benefits everyone.”

Kahata: Simba SC run more professionally than Gor Mahia

The midfielder made his name playing for K’Ogalo before signing for Wekundu wa Msimbazi last year

Kenya attacking midfielder Francis Kahata has claimed Simba SC are run in a professional manner, more so than Gor Mahia.

Kahata served Gor Mahia from the time he was signed from KF Tirana in 2015 before joining Simba in 2019.

He has been a regular member of the Wekundu wa Msimbazi team and has revealed what sets Gor Mahia and Simba apart.
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“There is a big difference in how Simba are managed compared to Gor Mahia,” Kahata told Goal.

“The Tanzanian giants are more professional. We don’t have issues of delayed salaries, play on good grounds and everything from travelling to team organization is done well.

“People in Tanzania were talking about me even before I joined Simba and so it was easy to fit in. The welcome was amazing and helped me settled down quickly.

“In Tanzania, we have many sponsors and fans are also very passionate. This makes all the difference as the welfare of the players are well taken care of.”

6 thoughts on “Musa, Kahata compare compare their experiences with Kenya

  • If a mid table Zambian team can be this well organized, why can’t Kogalo

  • The answer to your question is well articulated in the previous article.

    The previously independent progressive thinkers of this blog formed Augmentin ,which was to bring positive changes in GMFC, but very quickly and strangely started dancing to the music of Rachier, Jaro and Jolawi.
    On Augmentin site the, questioning Rachier’s performance or (in)actions is sacrilegious.
    Their chorus is that Rachier must be “respected” read not held accountable or questioned.

    They share the same site but can’t brainstorm to address GMFC problems. Instead they regurgitate, on behalf of the offices, ideas that have tremendously failed in the past.
    GMAF officials accept any list and rates to be paid from T.M Jolawi blindly. There is no distinguishing productive players from layabouts/moneyleaks. They say GMFC squad is a tightly bonded family until the lie is exposed by Owusu tribulations as 10+ layabouts in the playing unit are paid by GMAF for never playing a competitive match.
    6/7 top players want out yet GMAF has now embraced the financial indiscipline, inadvertent or deliberate, of rewarding/ paying non performers ( players wa ofisi). Even stranger is paying an amorphous youth team that’s even larger than the senior team.

    This happens when the productive players are ejected from their houses and are starving because the club whose key official are members of Augmentin doesn’t pay productive players.

    Have Augmentin official taken a binding/ sacred oath never to question the GMFC office?

    Bank rolling 10+ non performing players month after month means denying productive players a salary by paying PASSENGERS.

    • Charles what are you selling so that I buy??

      • @JamRiambo, the truth and it’s F.O.C but very hard to swallow for some.

  • Jakorando

    These Players are giving a very bad attitude to the current team. Why can they enjoy pole pole .

  • Invoice(s) Paid:
    1. KES: 625 used to settle Invoice Invoice-Jun-2020. Invoice Fully Settled.
    Should you need information on benefits for active members or details of your account, please contact us on +254 720340640/+254 721837324.

    GMAF we are now in Jun2020.
    Kindly explain why GMAF did not assist GMFC players and TB in May 2020.
    GMAF last payment to Gor Mahia players and TB was kes.3k in Apr2020 yet as you can see above Augmentin is collecting money for the club every month.
    Hopefully GMAF will assist players and TB soon, since they have funds.

    Benefits, so far none has been realised and it remains but a gimmick by GMAF. At least GMAF officials should ask the office to convert the contributions into club membership as suggested in an earlier post.
    The next payment should make this a precondition.
    GMAF should also request GM office to reduce its players & TB to a more affordable size. No point in productive players suffering because payments have to be spread to 10+ PASSENGERS.
    Where are the brilliant ideas the spurred GMAF’s formation to revitalise GMFC.
    Am asking question on this site because on the GMAF site GMFC is to be RESPECTED not held accountable or questioned.


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