Oliech to assume technical role

Gor Mahia attacker Dennis Oliech, who is currently on injury list, has been called upon to take the role of assistant coach. Now that Coach Oktay is away, Patrick Odhiambo will take over as head coach with Oliech as his assistant.

“Now that Oliech is still not fit to play and owing to his vast experience, we have appointed him on acting capacity to deputise Patrick Odhiambo who is also the acting head coach as we await a word from Oktay.” said Ronald Ngala to Citizen Sports

Meawnhile Gor Mahia have said they are fully behind coach Oktay.

“As Gor Mahia family, we are fully behind Oktay as he seeks to deal with personal issues back home. We have given him a minimum of five days,” said CEO Omondi Aduda to the Standard.

Oktay is said to be in Turkey to take care of both his parents who have cancer.

” Oktay may or may not come back. He has been having serious family issues for long and we even thought he would not come back from leave. He has told us he will be back in case his parents health improve, otherwise he will write to the chairman to look for an alternative should need arise.” said Ronald Ngala to Citizen Sports

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  1. Let join my colleagues in wishing coach’s parents good health and for him peace of mind so he can resume his duties

  2. may God grant his parents good health. im told the team leaces tomorrow for a friendly with Al Hilal of Sudan. Best wishes

    1. There is nothing as sad as being far away as your parents ail. We wish the coach’s parent the best. We can only pray that he comes back.

  3. Oliech in the technical bench???????? His PR with other players is questionable and soon we will hear about divisions in that squad, the likes of MUGUNA are in for it

  4. I join u in praying for oktays parents. May God heal and restore their health and releive them from tribulations in the name of Jesus. Amen

  5. My sympathies. He must love Gor so much that he wants to come back in 5 days yet parents have cancer. It is thus in this 5 days that my confusion lies. Why yet their condition will not and can not change in 5 days? It’s not like he is going to assess because it is a condition that has been ongoing.

  6. Musymo, you are always positive, please keep it up there. We all hope that it is as said unless there is good reason to doubt that position.

    1. @Fred, he was there 3 weeks ago. What logistics can be arranged now in 5 days that could not be arranged in the almost 2 months he was there a few weeks back? Finally, i need to clarify a few issues here:
      1. I am NOT saying Oktay’s parents are ailing. He cannot lie using cancer as an excuse so i believe his reasons.
      2. I wholeheartedly sympathize with his predicament and he has my most heartfelt wishes.
      3. It is this 5 days angle that does not sit well with the way my brain functions. I am trained to think critically and make inquiries whenever something does not add up.
      4. I also respect the opinions of the hear no evil, see no evil, ask no questions, if I think i will be shot Branch to whom any critique or criticism makes one a legion of doom , Ingwe sympathizer. So they also kindly respect mine.

  7. So cancer will be sorted in 5 days ….Does anyone have evidence other than what he( okay) has said ?…did Dylan Kerr not come up with the famous neck surgery theory ? Did the former AFC Leopards coach Nikola Kavazovi? cook up a story about attending to sick parents ?

    Africans we may be gullible to our European counterparts but we are not fools. We have to learn to see and believe.

    1. @Jakoyo, you are very heartless. This is Gor Mahia not AFC Leopards which is your team. How do you refer your personal opinion to “we” puga? Sickness can happen to anyone no matter your location and who you are in the society.

  8. I think we need to stop speculating and give Oktay the benefit of doubt. Nobody wishes their parents bad. The fact that our former Coaches gave excuses instead of readons does not mean that Oktay is the same or even different.
    In case he doesn’t come back well and good and we shall move on.
    Gor is a big team and moreover we saw that in AFCON the local coaches excelled and ours will be no exception. Remember we struggled to beat SONY despite our resources

  9. I highly sympathize with Oktay but truth be told…if your parents are sick you need to work even harder because settling the bills ain’t cheap…trust me Oktay is in such asf greener pastures…he might consider coming back only if the deal failures…oktay hasn’t been frequenting Turkey that much last season..Africans have an I.Q of amonkey …we are easily gulible

    1. pls @ jonny write “i am easily gulible” not “we ar easily gulluble” if only you take your time to read some of the comments here you will realize that we dont think the same in this blog e.g @musyoma’s comment is not the same as mine.i might take oktays word wid a pinch of salt but need not shout it.pole oktay.

  10. Guys let us settle for what we have been told. Imagine yourself in his situation. Just one of the two parents is too hard to cope with. In this case we have both concurrently and with cancer of all the diseases. Kindly guys we can do better. I have no problem with uchambuzi of the practility of some contents of the information. However those alluding to a camouflaged mission to greener pastures need to have some human face.

    I think “He has told us he will be back in case his parents health improve, otherwise he will write to the chairman to look for an alternative should need arise.” said Ronald Ngala” is very clear. The young man is very open and sincere. He is alive to the possibility of not coming back…..and what wrong would he have caused if he fails to come back?

    Let us be more concerned with whether we have already booked MISC Kasarani for all our CAF matches. I am glad that Hassan Oktay also is of the opinion that we have “a very good assistant coach”. I said this over and over until my voice got hoarse.

  11. BB
    Thank you for putting on your justice lens, and standing by Oktay in this hour of need.
    It is heartless to allude to “search of greener pastures, didn’t others before make this and that statement.
    Good people Oktay was very clear that he can’t concentrate on coaching to the required level. Due to family problems back home. He further went on to state that he will communicate to ADOR within five days, whether he is able to come back.

    We should not mock Oktay in this hour of need. Any body can fall ill, so let’s show solidarity unless someone has authentic evidence that contradicts Oktay, then table it.

    Let’s appreciate what Oktay has done so far and PRAY with him in stead of being unfairly judgemental.
    Nobody knows about tomorrow. You could mock Oktay today and tomorrow cancer may be at your doorstep your IQ not withstanding .

    Let’s be human Please

  12. Meanwhile we have come a full cycle with this Wazito boys in the league. Anybody recAlls the Volcano united of the 80’s? Wazito is it a other name. Lets see how they fare in the field.

  13. Jamriambo, we have seen them over the years…Volcano, Utalii, Sofapaka…too much fanfare but gone with the wind in no time. Watch this space my brother.

  14. Pole sana Oktay. Hope they feel better soon.

    Cancer as a disease has to be managed not necessarily treated. He needed a few days to help with the situation and the Chair also gave him some money which can go a long way in that effort.

    To the assistants, this is a wonderful opportunity to prove that local coaches can also perform. Take it with both hands.

  15. 1. I doubt that anyone would use an excuse of parents having cancer! One has to be insane to do that! It’s possible to lie that parents are sick, but to say with cancer if it’s not true…..that is so uncouth. So on that one, I want to believe Oktay and I wish him all the best. If it turns out that he lied to us, I will call upon the course of the great Kogallo to befall upon him.

    2. Peharps the 5 days he has indicated it would take him to inform the chairman whether he is coming back or not is not the number of days it would take to heal or improve the condition of his parents, but just the number of days it would take him to assess the situation at home and make a decision. If you think about it in that sense, it makes perfect sense.

    All the best Coach. In case you don’t come back, We will remember you as the coach who paved the way for our return to serious continental football.

  16. Volcano United F.C came from nowhere in 1986 with big names…Wycliffe Anyangu, Davies Oyiela, Hassan Juma, Norbert Anyira….then lasted for only one year and a half…then was disbanded. Gor Mahia, 1968 to date…51 years and still going strong.

  17. Ja’Asego you are on record that we have signed two lethal strikers and of these I believe one is Gormahian from Ivory Coast. Who is the other one? Oswozo Moziek is Francis Afriyie in the house?

    Ja’Asego we should book MISC Kasarani for all the CAF CL matches all the way to the semi-final. I am confident that with Assistant Coach Patrick Odhiambo, we are taking the CCL trophy. In any case should we fall by the wayside we will still be owning hosting rights to Kasarani and we can sell to the Wazitos, the K Sharks and the trade explos that have the money and need to use the venue. That is what I call owning our own stadium of international standards!

  18. Some of us reason as if nothing exists between our ears! If Oktay has personnal problems and has actually mentioned what the problem is, what are all these vormits all about. Let us be of age and support the Oktay.

  19. BB we signed Ivorian Gislein Yikpe Gnamian and Ghanaian Francis Afriyie…Go to camp toyoyo and watch the wonder boys esp Afriyie who only today in training hit a hat-trick by Gor main team and B team…Gislein landed first so that’s why people had not seenAfriyie including Oktay but he arrived Monday morning met the Coach briefly but Oktay left yesterday. 3 coaches have already sent in their CV’s seeking to replace Oktay. They are Messrs:
    1. Adel Amrouche
    2. De Jongh formerly and briefly with ingwe
    3. Ze Maria once our very own
    All is well we are rearing to go in Caf

    1. Wow! Just wow! Thank you Ja’Asego. I am spoilt for choice out of the three although I would settle for either De Jong or Ze Maria. When De Jong was in Ogwang’ he always outsmarted our Bob Williamson. Ze Maria is equally acceptable if he is ready to work natve assistants.

      1. @Ja’Asego I think the passport people did not get that guy’s name right. Something tells me he is not Gnamian, but Gormahian. Yes Gislein Yikpe Gormahian. Hehehe.

  20. Jasego Wuod Kanyada!! That is a real fast one. kuome kuome .Now don’t forget to book MISC as has been suggested.

  21. Jasego is pathological liar??…he’s as green as we are…talking about rumors..wishes n fairytale world…ze Maria can never apply gor job after leaving unceremoniously…jasego riambo ka otit yawa

  22. @BB am itching to watch the boys train in parklands but they have not made any appearance so far.

    But am certain they will when teams start getting busier and jostling for training venues.

    Perhaps by that time, we will all have seen the new signings in action and assessed them accordingly.

  23. Wazito heheee the new power centre, but I doubt if Nzigyimana and Sibomana can reproduce that sparkle they brought to Kogalo in 2015, but as for Rupia I have reason to be a little afraid, he could be a real threat

    1. @Ja Thur gi ji, but Elvis Rupia was a big flop in Zambia and could not score many goals like Jesse Were does in ZESCO. Nothing to fear as we will conquer KPL again with well preparations.

      Main while, I am wishing our coach Hassan Oktay well in Turkey and praying for full recovery of his family.

    2. Rupia didn’t score a single goal at power dynamos…he became a perennial bench warmer…he’s a player who’s short in confidence…Wazito will be like Fulham…they have signed players who used to be good players unfortunately

    1. As we remember the Log let us not forget that his interference with players’ families rattled the playing unit and was in fact the key factor that made defender Donald Mosoti move to TZ.

  24. I probably just to contribute to this word about the three coaches having applied for the job. Like I had intimated in my earlier blog, I still think that recruiting any coach back could be disastrous. Firstly, one may argue that it is the best thing because they tend to know a few things in and about the team. Be it as it may, things also change ie circumstances, players and playing styles. Secondly, when they worked with the team at one point they must friends and foes either in the team itself and fans who did not like his style.
    Thirdly, their exits were not very cordial and this can always course discomfort and distrust.The Coach may not fully stamp his authority or philosophy. Finally, I think that despite the financial constrains coaches are never in short supply and a team like Gor is has an attraction to many of them. As such, I’d rather a totally new coach to work with his assistants and all will be well.

  25. Only one mans comment and am done. Teddy ja Entebbe. Hit the keyboard. As fluidly and analytical as Zamalek would read Dawo’s position in the field.

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