Profile of Jose Marcelo Ferreira aka “Ze Maria”

Some reports indicate that former Brazilian fullback Jose Marcelo Ferreirra popularly known as Ze Maria is a strong candidate to replace departing coach Frank Nuttall.

The club has not officially made the announcement yet.

“We have received several applications following the departure of Frank Nuttall on Monday. The latest to show interest to handle this great team is Brazilian Jose Mercelo Ferrairra. We are not going to make any announcement soon but maybe before Friday, we will have an answer.” said Ronald Ngala to

Ze maria’s coaching career started at Città Castello which is the team he last played for before hanging his boots in 2008.  Città Castello was in Italy’s fourth tier known as Serie D. In 2010 they finished sixth in group E of Serie D. Later in 2010, he became coach of Catanzaro which was in Italy’s third tier known as Lega Pro Seconda Divisione. This was his first professional job as a coach. He was appointed alongside Congolese Malù Mpasinkatu who became Technical Director and Filippo Di Pierro who became assistant coach. Malù became the first black person to be technical director in Italy. Ze Maria’s His stint there did not last beyond October 2010. The club was facing acute financial difficulties. Even traveling to away matches required assistance from fans.

“We live every day an untenable situation – said Ze Maria – and it’s not easy to go on like this, even today we came to Lamezia by car because the bus does not work. It required the personal effort of 3 members, Ruga, Catalan and Santagiuda to allow us to reach Lamezia” said Ze maria at the time.

Difficult working conditions indeed. By the end of his contract, Ze maria and Di Pierro sued Catanzaro for non payment of wages.
Perhaps demoralized by the experience at Catanzaro, Ze maria did not coach again until 2015.

In January 2015, Ze Maria resumed coaching, taking the head coaching job at Ceahlul in Romania’s top tier. By April he was fired due to a poor run that left Ceahlul 15th in the table. It was reported that Ze Maria had been dismissed after refusing to make substitutions, ordered by the club’s flambuoyant owner Angelo Massone during a home goalless draw against relegation-threatened Gaz Metan Medias. A day later Ze Maria was rehired by Massone who decided to give the coach another chance, but a 2-0 defeat in the next game persuaded the Italian to part with the 25-times capped Brazilian once more. He had been fired twice in one week. Before he was fired, the players had gone two months with no pay and had been on strike several times. Massone described the strike as a slave revolt and threatened to send the players to a discipline camp to punish them.

“There was even a time when we didn’t even have enough money to buy snacks,” he said. “I know that some of the players got their February wages yesterday and the rest are due to be paid in the coming days, but I’ve not had any money for a month and now Massone’s sacked me, threatening me to leave the hotel, leave my car and belongings behind. He didn’t even want to pay for my flight back home, while he said he would ‘wait and see how I behave’ before paying my outstanding wages. At least in the end he paid for my flight back on Saturday.” said Ze Maria in 2015.

As opposed to his coaching career, Ze Maria had a stellar playing career. He was capped 25 times for Brazil. He won the bronze medal with Brazil at the 1996 Olympics, playing in all six games. He also won the 1999 Confederations cup and 1999 Copa America. He played for numerous top tier Brazilian sides including Flamengo, Palmeiras and Vasco Da Gama. In Italy he played for Perugia, Parma and Inter Milan.

It is not clear if he speaks English or how good his English is. His coaching record is basically non-existent.  His poor recorded can be attributed to poor working conditions or the lack of tactical knowledge. It is impossible to tell at this point. Is Rachier willing to gamble with the 2016 season? He already gambled by jettisoning Nuttall. But hiring a coach with no record is a large gamble. On the other hand, sometimes hiring a young coach who is motivated to succeed can work well for a club.

Nuttall’s Departure

The departure of Nuttall caught club officials by surprise. But it emphasizes the fact that the relationship between the club brass and Nuttall had deteriorated to the point that Nuttall did not even see it fit to inform club officials.

“We were shocked by Nuttal’s move but as a club we cannot leave a vacuum at this important time of the league that is why we quickly identified a suitable coach that can steer the side ” said a club official to

Club official, Ronald Ngala told the Standard that the club would report Nuttall to FIFA for absconding duty.
“He has not spoken to anyone in the club as we have only read that he is in Egypt. In case that is the position then we will report him to Fifa for breach of contract and deserting duty. After we failed to agree on a new contract with him, we agreed that we continue operating under the old one and this is therefore enforceable,” .
Chances are that FIFA will take a dim view of the club considering that FIFA always urges clubs to respect contracts.

Chairman Ambrose Rachier for his part appeared elated that his plan to force Nuttall out had worked.
“It is difficult to talk about this matter because I do know what the official position (on Nuttall) is because there is no official communication. I could not reach him yesterday. I also checked at the training ground and he was not there. It makes me happy that he’s gone without us sacking him. You don’t just wake up one morning and fly out. It means he’d planned all this. I’ll call a committee meeting to discuss the matter.” he said to the Nation.

The Nation report further states that The bad blood between them, according to sources, began in December last year when the coach stormed Rachier’s law firm demanding his salary arrears.

And matters turned ugly when he had an altercation with senior players, notably Boniface Oluoch, Karim Nizigiyimana and Musa Mohamed.

His patronizing demeanour and bust-up with players made him lose the dressing room and it reached a point where the players were no longer listening to him.

The relationship with the players continued to deteriorate after his much publicised bust-up with Oluoch in the wake of the 2-1 home defeat to CNaPS of Madagascar last month at the Nyayo National Stadium.


24 thoughts on “Profile of Jose Marcelo Ferreira aka “Ze Maria”

  1. His CV both as a player and coach makes for very depressing reading. He was dropped by almost all clubs he signed for and has had a very unsatisfactory coaching career. For Williamson, I would advise strongly that he does NOT come back. If the EC can get Amrouche, I would be the happiest man alive.

  2. Amrouche.I hope we are not disappointed again.That Brazilian is like picking me to run and win Marathon by virtue of being Kenyan.I hope Rachier doesn’t Gamble;bring Amrouche;Get Amrouche;we need Amrouche.

  3. A waste of time and will be fired just like Frank Nuttal by failure not to be pocketed by the EC.

    It is good that we now have a good sponsor but we do not have leadership at all. Rumors of some executive committee like Kilo and Ngala are fleecing the club is very true. These guys led by AR should just quit as their them ended in December 2015.

    In the broadest sense of the word, a “leader” is someone who brings people together and guides them toward a common goal. Anyone can tell others what to do, but effective leadership requires much more than the ability to assign tasks to an individual or a group. AR and his EC do not have these qualities at all.

  4. Why are you concentrating too much on this zi maria fellow only? can’t you as well give us the profile of other applicants because even this Maria fellow’s profile is boring and full of many difficult names and no much achievement? Otherwise pass this message to Rachier and his fellow uncouth EC, with them in office, they can hire even Sir Ferguson but nothing much will come of it. They need to go. Thank God Rachier is not anywhere near The National Team, otherwise it would have been a double tragedy!

  5. As far as I know, I can agree with the fact that Adel Amrouche can be the best replacement we can have. However, we know very well his terms and conditions, which clearly contradicts the behaviors and manners of the EC, and so we will experience another incidence of the Coach not in talking terms with the disabled EC. We need a new office more than we need a performing coach. Even a new Patron will be necessary. We don’t need people who stand by a dysfunctional office just for the sake of cheap political gain.

    1. @Andre i fully support your opinion,its pointless to have both the chairman and patron who are only out for political mileage.Lets us have an election and maybe new patron for the club to prosper.

  6. Its our time to eat has come to Gor..I still don’t understand why on earth a chairman of a club can be happy that a coach has gone?while 10 matches back he was being praised all over. Well we are watching and time will tell.

  7. I think we can go for an African (non-Kenyan) or European (non-England) coach. I don’t think the Brazilian experiment will work for Kenya or Gor. Even the Spaniard is a better option than this coach.
    By the way Timbe, the former Sofapaka coach is one f the best coaches in the region. He can do it with Gor and he will be cheaper and also understands the Kenyan players’ psyche.
    Amouroche is also fine and will come with his conditions for managing the busybodies in the EC.
    Anyway let’s hope that the decision made is not done in a hurry else we sink the team even further

    1. I think players of all clubs participating in the SPORTPESA ligues should be omitted/prohibited from betting games legaly so to avoid certain situations such as compromise to better/poor play in a march where a player has predicted to lose the game and vice Vassar.

  8. The only person who Can reign in and assist gor is sportspesa. Sportspesa has to reduce betting odds for gor matches to a maximum of 1.60 odds for 3 way both home win. Away win and now by doing so it Will discourage gor players from betting either to loose or draw matches coz of huge odds. I.e suppose draw is given 3.87 odds and away win given 4.56 odds if gor draws n gor Player bets with ksh 30000 he Will make 3.87*30000=116100. And gor looses n gor Player had beted to loose with ksh 30000 he Will make 4.56*30000=136800.

    Whether You bring a coach with excellent cv but the betting odds are high gor Will not win matches coz the current players are making money through betting
    Sportspesa has to reign in n reduce odds even in kpl coz players in relegation bound Will borrow money n place bets to loose if odds are huge

    1. @blackmarket, that’s like telling KBL not to send beer to Meru because Tusker will be playing there and players might indulge. I believe we have professional players. Does Hull City and West Ham sponsored by bet365 and BetWay have the same problem?

      1. But This Is Kenya everyone is smart Just imagine one Day Player telling fans of the outcome of match and so many fans places bet n sportspesa makes losses.

  9. @ Dan Original, Dead right ! An African coach is the best for Kogallo…who understands the mindset of African players NOT a foreign coach who wants to boost his CV and kiss us goodbye when they get big offers from Asia and North Africa.

    I hereby float Daniel Amokachi.

  10. Good brothers,Adel Amrouche is a very good coach I agree but his problem is the man doubles up as a player broker/international agent who supplements his salary by taking players abroad for trials and possible release from their clubs just like Abondi has done.Amrouche was the brains behind failed hawking of Edwin Lavatsa to Algeria,Clifton Miheso to Finland,Peter Opiyo “Pinchez” to Finland etc…All failed moves that ended will all players coming back dejected and frustrated.Are we ready to see all goid Kogalo players like Sibomana,Aucho,Nizigiyimama,Kahata etc auctioned to cheap foreign clubs at the expense of our Beloved Gor?Question to ponder kogalo faithful…

  11. AR has done his part at GM, if we had not in Africa, he would have planned his exit or even not thought about ‘defending his seat’.

    Not because Nuttal has left but truly he mobilized funds and kept the team going in absence of the sponsors..that can not be taken away from him.

    The big question remains..what structural and professional plans does he have for GM?

    What will his joy be for running GM and leaving it with more village mindset than he found it?

    Sadly though alot of the so called fans/members wont think beyond 50 bobs.

  12. Kenyan Premier League reigning champions Gor Mahia will tomorrow ( Thursday 10) unvail the second shirt sponsor at the Nyayo Stadium offices. The partner is beer brand “Crown” from the Castle Lager family of South Africa. This comes barely months after K’Ogalo signed a lucrative deal with Sports betting company SportPesa as the main sponsor

  13. Why should Gor Mahia hire the services of a coach who has no success story? Finished 6th in Serie D (equivalent of Kenya’s provincial league) and 15th in Romania’s top tier league. Another reason why Rachier must go

  14. @Black market, I think your argument is very Irrational. As for coaches Amrouche or Timbe Nyale, The brazilian has no track record. And then since we got sponsors gate charges have increased and we don’t even know how much money was collected in the mashemeji derby. TRANSPARENCY REDUCES SPECULATIONS


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