11 Apr 16

Edmond Murai

Gor Mahia coach Ze Maria has said the team played well but poor finishing was the team’s undoing against Ushuru FC on Sunday

“The first half was impressive because we had many scoring chances but we have to be more aggressive inside the box more than this” he said according to futaa.com

Ushuru did not make things any easier as they packed the bus on Sunday.

“We have to work on scoring where we struggled a lot in the match but today [Sunday] our opponents came here only to defend hence the nature of the result,” Ze Maria added.

Indeed this year Gor Mahia have had acute difficulty scoring when Jacque Tuyisenge is not on the field. The coach was asked whether the team misses the Rwandese striker. He responded by saying the club cannot be dependent on one player.

“Tuyisenge is out yes but I think it’s not important to discuss that now. I have many players that I can use and we saw in the match against Ushuru that we created some opportunities, which is what we want to improve in the coming matches,” he said to supersport.com

Gor Mahia’s best chance came when they were awarded a penalty when Jacob Keli was fouled in the box. The confident Keli stepped forward to take the kick. But his purely executed penalty was saved by Shaban Odhoji in the Ushuru goal. Keli later apologized to fans who trolled his social media pages with harsh criticisms.

“I’m more disappointed than the fans. I feel sorry but I’m not so worried because I have been in such a situation before and know that I can put things straight,” he said

Its good to see Keli still confident. Fans should rally around Keli instead of bombarding him with criticism. Gor Mahia will need Keli tio return to the form that saw him lead the scoring charts in 2013. The club cannot be dependent on one injury prone player.

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  • Jakoyo says:

    The team has improved a lot in the last 3 games
    In fact they have created over 10 clear scoring opportunities.

    What ails the club is the fact that we have to buy 2 quality strikers in the next transfer window and shuffle our back four more frequently… There is complacency in defense.

  • ja Thur GI ji says:

    I like the coach’s philosophy. Positive thinking but I also think there is no room whatsoever in the current game for short strikers,no offence meant to any particular player, but that’s the fact and it’s been seen in recent matches.

    • Dan Original says:

      @Ja Thur gi ji, How tall is Jimmy Bagaye? And did the tall Shakava, Nzigimana, Siboumana stop him when we played CS? How tall was/is Danny when he bagged the Top scorer? How tall was Keli when he scored 17 goals? I think we should play as per the strength and weakness of the players we have. And I believe sdespite his height Keli has scored some headers and so is BB.
      The guys should calm down and know that even Messi encounters a ‘dry’ spell

  • oriaorogo says:

    Solution is; to get 2 more lethal strikers very soon. Nothing else. The curent squad has taking too long to gel and time is running out. Some are completely out of form and does not show any sign of enthosiasism.

    • Nyagudi says:

      Let’s look for David King’atua . I think he is one of the best scoring midfielders at the moment. That is only my opinion . King’atua and Kagere can make a good combination.

  • Nyagudi says:

    Let’s look for David King’atua . I think he is one of the best scoring midfielders at the moment. That is only my opinion

  • jakorando says:

    @ Nyangudi when did u coach a team to tell us possible combinations stop the nonesense nad support the available players. if u know who to buy why were we going all the way to Brazil looking for Ze- maria? wach ujuaji. Do not tell me your its your opinion when you are gong over board

  • NGESTO says:

    Good game, Even Messi misses penalties. Keli played well but didn’t manage to score. Manze Keli prove these fans wrong in the Tusker game. BE CLINICAL

  • janam says:

    The only difference btw Jacob Keli and Baldin Ngwa is that Keli has a neatly shaved hair style..otherwise gitee gi chikree achika kaa mwanda e pap..Not my words

  • A person says:

    With all due respect, I think some ppl here have vested interests. I thought we were free to air our views and suggestions. Gor is a community club. Some of these pple were up in arms when Gor was held by other teams in earlier encounters. Some went as far as referring to the then coach as a politician. Now we have similar results but they have changed tunes’ We have no strikers period. The previous games had Tusiyenge and that must have influenced the outcome. This is an open forum so please give us a break. I think the likes of Jasego and Dan origina among others herel are very objective with their posts and that is what we need. Kindly the subjective guys don’t irritate some of us.

  • Ja'Asego says:

    Ze Maria is employing a typical 4-3-3 formation which means we Must play at 40Metres while stringing passes upfront and defending without a high line.Going forward we must press hard,in the midfield we pause and reorganize and in defense we tackle skillfully.Each and every player must play infront of the ball while we attack and behind the ball when we defend.It requires mobility and composure and when executed right a team is unstoppable I.e Barcelona,Real Madrid,Bayern Etc…The only flipside is each player must possess some level of technical expertise and be able to run & think at the same time so that those who we clearly know can’t play as above must kindly Step Aside in June as we sign Quality Players and reclaim our Title and set an onfield philosophy that will set us apart from the rest of the Spl Teams led by Ingwe as a class below the Mighty Mayienga…

    • A person says:

      Jasego bwana I love your posts. Objectivity. I miss Loga on this one. First things first, offloading the non performers.

      • Jamigori says:

        @A Person, Double speak. This is open forum. If you are getting irritated then pack and go.

        • A person says:

          Bwana I will not, are you the to decide on who should pack and go? Some of you are strategically waiting for any posts that do not glorify Gor Ec so that they counter. Pls be man enough and stop ordering me. I am entitled to my opinion.

  • oswozo moziek says:

    Let’s accept diverse views.everyone has a different interpretation of things.what I see as a good game might not necessarily be what someone else sees as a good game.
    So kindly let’s accept praise and criticism in equal measure.It’s healthy and it helps to build on our weak areas and strengthen our strong ones!

  • joods says:

    I don’t like dwelling on other people’s comments,but I must say that @Ja’Asego is in class of his own in matters football.we need such people to give us insight in on the field activities so that we can make good comments.

  • Ja'Asego says:

    @ joods @ A Person…Thanks,I do so from my Uefa Pro training and current posting as Technical Director in one of KNVB training facilities…My first love in matters football though remains my home team Mighty Kogalo hence my interest in their perfomance and general welfare

  • Truth be said, Keli reminds us of Baldin Ngwa!

    Kenya as a nation doesnt have a dependable striker except for Olunga! Keli is causing fans more pain than gain, hence he belongs to Kawangware outfit, City Stars. An awacho ayweyo, investing in Keli is like buying shares in Chase Bank. He has no place in our hearts as fans! Oleng’re ka apuoyo ma oneno guok malawe

  • Jb says:

    I am not convinced ze Maria is a good coach I am not

  • peter says:

    nuttal alikua juu during his era your could see kdf playing good flowing football

    • A person says:

      So far I haven’t seen any extraordinary performance from ze. But some Ec sycophants are forcing us to believe that KDF have improved immensely. Let’s wait and see. But so far hata Afadhali Loga. If anything Jausonge was signed during Fn.