Oliech says he will sue Gor Mahia

Striker Dennis Oliech says that the club owes him Ksh 4.6 million for which he will seek legal redress.

Additional reporting from goal.com

The former Harambee Stars player has now moved to the Sports Tribunal to sue K’Ogalo after they terminated his contract

Dennis Oliech wants Gor Mahia to pay him Sh4.6million for allegedly dismissing him unfairly.

The former Harambee Stars striker has also revealed to Goal he will take a break from football until December while he pursues the case against his former club, who terminated his contract two weeks ago for alleged misconduct.

“I have instructed my lawyers to write to the club, I have started the legal process to get my justice,” Oliech told Goal on Tuesday.



“I have opted to use the local Sports Tribunal because they always take a month to solve cases, but if Gor Mahia are not willing to sort out the issue, I will report the matter to the governing body Fifa.

“I have my agent who is based in France and he is waiting to see what the Sports Tribunal will do to my case if not, then I will proceed to Fifa.

“I am demanding Sh4.6m from the club, that is my salary which was Sh300,000 for the next one year plus my sign-on fee which was Sh.1.5m.

“When I joined the club, I signed a contract of two years and it was due to end in the coming August, so it means they owe me salary for another year, it is Gor Mahia who started the war and I will make sure they pay for what they have done to me.”

Oliech further stated the decision by Gor Mahia to terminate his contract was ill-advised as he was not given a chance to defend himself.

“Did [Gor Mahia] speak or try to reach out to the doctor on why I was missing in training?” Oliech continued.

“The club doctor had told me to wait for another month before I resume training because the injury I had picked up against Western Stima was a broken hand which needed a lot of care.

“I was not given the right of reply, no one asked me to explain why I was skipping training, they just decided to terminate my contract. I don’t have issues with the club but they have already messed my life.”

Oliech also wondered why the club fired him whereas he had managed to score six goals from four matches while the club’s top scorer only managed eight goals after 31 matches.

“I played four full matches and scored six goals while the club’s top scorer managed only eight goals from 31 matches, so my contribution to the club was higher than even their top scorer of the season.”

Oliech now ready to move on

Striker Dennis Oliech now says he is will look for a new club

“We have many clubs in Kenya, we have Wazito FC, we have Mathare United, Tusker and AFC Leopards. I will get a club to play for because I still have two or three more years of playing before I hang my boots.” he said to Milele Sports

He however said that his next move will have to wait until his injury heals.

“However, my pain is I am still nursing an injury and Gor Mahia wrote I don’t go to training and even the one who writes this does not come to training, they should have asked the club doctor if I have an injury or not.

He says he is determined to recoup all the money the club owes him
“I respect the decision they (Gor Mahia) took but I will demand my full payment for one year and my signing fee from the club before I decide on my next move. “No one should call me tomorrow or any other day and tell me to come back and play for the club, I have told them If I send a letter it is finished between me and Gor Mahia.

“I will no longer be a Gor Mahia player and therefore, I will demand my full money and it doesn’t matter how long it takes to get justice, even if it takes one year or two years, they will have to pay me if I win the case.”

Gor Mahia blast Tusker 5-2

Gor Mahia started the 2019-2020 Kenya Premier League on a brilliant note when they hammared Tusker by a score of 5-2 at Kisumu on Saturday

Additional Reporting from the Nation

Defending champions Gor Mahia started their campaign for a 19th Kenyan Premier League title with an emphatic 5-2 win over Tusker at Moi Stadium in Kisumu on Saturday.

The hotly contested match that attracted a sizeable crowd saw Gor Mahia score its first goal through Nicholas Kipkirui in the first half, before Kenneth Muguna, Boniface Omondi, Charles Momanyi added four more in the second half.

Tusker striker Boniface Muchiri scored both of his side’s goals.

Gor Mahia’s coach Steven Polack lauded his charges for the exemplary performance during the team’s opening match.

He acknowledged the few mistakes made in the first half that were, however corrected in the second half.

“I am proud of the game, my players have played well because the match was tough. It took us a while before changing to a physical game that had us score four more goals during the second half,” said coach Polack.

Rachier: I am not leaving soon

In a wide ranging interview with the Standard Newspaper, touching on various topics, Chairman Ambrose Rachier indicated that he may not be leaving in December as earlier announced.

Interview by the Standard

Tomorrow, Ambrose Rachier (pictured) turns 70. His entry into the world was as dramatic as the life he has lived.

He was born in a moving train, beneath a wooden bench, on the Third Class carriage where his mother went into labour enroute Molo. Since then, he says, he has never stopped moving.

If pressed for a description of himself, he gets conflicted. A renowned lawyer, rhumba lover, French speaker and lecturer, but what he says he is mostly known for is his role as the chairman of K’Ogalo, as Gor Mahia FC is fondly known.

He had said he quitting when the year ends, but he is now reconsidering the decision. “Many people including sponsors have told me not to leave Gor Mahia. The sponsors say they may not want to continue if I am not there. I may hold on longer,” he says.

His admission reinforces what critics had suspected. Rachier is not leaving. Despite the noise of “out with the oldies and in with the younglings” that the fans have made online and off the net, he seems unfazed by the calls for him to handover.  

Since he was elected eleven years ago, it has been said that he bullies his way around, and is drunk with power. Some claim he swindles the club.

Ambition and intellect

“People have called me Mugabe and claim I am forcing myself on this seat. I can assure you that if someone contested against me, they would not win,” he says.

Rachier was picked as Gor Mahia chairman in 2008, a few months after he was floored in the Gem parliamentary elections. The decision to vie for a political seat, he says, is one of his biggest regrets.

“I got exposed to so much dishonesty and was being pushed to do things that I was not comfortable with,” he says

Rachier was in his office, getting over the loss, when he heard a crowd shouting for him to get out. When he peered outside, he saw the group, in green shirts, the official colours of the club.

They were shouting: “Get out now and serve Gor!” he says. He was led to City Stadium and installed as chairman.

Sally Bolo, Gor Mahia treasurer says times were lean for the club. They were at the bottom of the league. They needed help, and in Rachier, they saw passion, ambition and intellect that Gor Mahia lacked.

“He came and we rose. Since 2012, we were the unbeaten champions. Up from number 15 where he found us,” she says.

At the club, he imposed the diktat of his legal training that emphasises discipline. The fans were rough. The team got bad press. Some players rebelled. Still, Rachier says he used his networks to get the club sponsorship and increase the players’ salaries from Sh3,000 per month, to Sh250,000 for the top players.

The recent sacking of Dennis Oliech from the club has provoked the ire of supporters who say Rachier treats the club as his briefcase company and is behind the player’s woes.

Mr Oliech is now threatening to sue the club because he was dismissed yet everyone knew that he had injuries. But Rachier says that the player was sent packing because he declared interest in the Kibra parliamentary seat and skipped practice without apologies.

“That is all Photoshop. Someone created an image of me and circulated it on social media. I was injured so I could not practice. The club was just looking for a way to get rid of me, but I am taking them to court,” Oliech says.

Freemason by conviction

Off the field, Rachier has gone back to school to study Bio-ethics. A combination of medicine and law. He says in five years, he will fold his legal files and retire. After practising for more than 40 years, he looks forward to going back to the village in Gem, Siaya County, to write his autobiography.

What might make a good read for his book would be the things he is uncomfortable talking about. Like how he was an Anglican by birth, raised by a Canon who was drenched in the ways of the church, but he became a Freemason by conviction and conversion.

“People do not understand Freemasonry. They think it is devil worship. It has the who-is-who of this country, and maybe that is why they think so,” he says, explaining that admission to Freemasonry is strictly by referral from a member who can attest to a person’s character. He says their mandate is charity.

His close associates believe his Achilles heel is booze and women. They say not even age has faded the spark that flashes in his eyes when a fine damsel crosses his path.

Rachier laughs, taps his foot and leans back in the leather seat in his law firm’s offices and sighs.  

“Oh…I love my Whitecap. Nice. I love people. Nobody talks when I extend a helping hand to a man. But hell breaks loose when I show generosity to a woman,” he says.

On his love for alcohol, he says if he was an addict, he would not have maintained his prestigious firm.

He admits he has made some slips. In 1984, when news came that the first HIV patient had been admitted to Kenyatta National Hospital in Nairobi, Rachier was among the first people to react.

Rachier wrote a scathing letter to newsrooms. He wanted the patient and anyone else who was suspected to be HIV positive to be arrested and confined. The next day, he was in the cartoon section, being lampooned.

“I was ignorant, just like everyone else. There was not much about HIV and Aids, and I thought I was helping by saying that,” he says.

He made up by doing research on HIV and Aids and ended up in the ethics review committee of Kenya Medical Research Institute. Rachier was also chairman of HIV Equity Tribunal and the task-force that drafted the HIV and AIDS Prevention and Control Act.  

His secret of staying young is regular exercise, and reading. As he edges closer to retirement, Rachier says there is nothing much in this world that scares him. Only a frog – because it is so wiggly and vulnerable.

Everything else to him can be conquered, including Gor Mahia, the unpredictable team that he has somehow managed to tame.

Polack: I am on a mission

New Gor Mahia coach Steven Polack has declared that he is here to win trophies and does not feel any pressure.

“Pressure is for tyres and not me. I’ve been in the game for a while and I’m capable of doing the job. I’m not here on holiday but to defend the league and win more trophies with Gor Mahia.” he said to the Standard.

Polack also stated that he is impressed with the calibre of players he has seen at Kogalo.

“Football is all about entertaining people. I have been here for only two weeks but I’m already pleased with what I’ve seen in the team so far. ” he continued

Polack’s first test in the league will be against a Tusker team that has significantly strengthened their squad this season.

“My target is to get a winning start because it will prove to many we are ready to defend the title. We want to win and we know we can. I am waiting to see how my players respond on day one.” he concluded

Aduda: Oliech is wasting his time

Striker Dennis Oliech is adamant that he is still a member of the club because his termination was illegal. But CEO Omondi Aduda says Oliech is wasting his time.

“We don’t have any business to transact with the player. He was given the chance to revive his career at Gor Mahia but he has killed it on his own. We are done with him and don’t want anything to do with the player.” he said

Aduda went on to contradict himself in the same sentence by saying Polack is not impressed with Oliech even though he has never seen him.

Aduda added, “Which team does he want to play for? Not Gor Mahia. Even the coach [Steven Polack] has already washed his hands.

“He was not happy with the player. He has never seen the striker since he penned a contract to coach Gor Mahia, so you can imagine if Oliech was a Gor Mahia player or not.” he told goal.com

“Oliech failed himself and should not blame anyone, he should carry his cross and as I said before, we wish him well in his future endevours.”

Miheso to miss USM Alger clash

Newly signed midfielder Clifton Miheso is not available for the clash against USM Alger due to late registration.

We registered him [Miheso] late and thus he will not be available for the USM Alger match. We are waiting for the Caf window to open again and register him a fresh and maybe with two more players. If Gor Mahia makes it to the Group Stage, then he will be eligible to play for us.” said Omondi Aduda to goal.com

The vastly experienced Miheso has played in numerous leagues abroad and showed in the match against Bandari that he is still a top class player.

However Gor Mahia will have the West African attacking duo of Afiriyie and Yikpe Ghislain available.

Oliech: My termination was unprofessional

Dennis Oliech has accused the club of acting professionally. According to Oliech, the termination letter stated that the reason for termination was his entry into politics.

“You have offered yourself as a candidate for popular political elections, a move likely to portray the club in a bad light, cause disaffection among club’s supporters and fans, a step is inconsistent with and inimical to your standing as the club’s football player,” Gor Mahia said in regard to their decision to part ways with Oliech. ” said a letter from Gor Mahia.

Oliech denied that he was running for any seat.

“If I wanted to vie for the seat I would have surely made a public announcement. If I wanted any seat I would have gone for Dagoretti North and not Kibra. I am not a resident at Kibra so the rumours do not make sense at all Oliech told goal.com

Oliech says that the rumours of his entry into politics are malicious.

“Somebody sent me the photo [showing Oliech on a political banner] on WhatsApp and I forwarded it to our group [the players’ WhatsApp group] just trying to show I was not aware of the banner going around.”

” People are just trying to create controversy from where it does not exist at all but I know because there are reports [McDonnald] Mariga will vie for the seat then people want to start pushing me into politics ” he concluded

Gor Mahia terminates Oliech contract

Striker Dennis Oliech is no longer at Gor Mahia. This according to the club CEO Omondi Aduda

“Oliech openly absconded duty and never answered to phone calls from the club chairman not even the team manager. He never came for training but always wanted to be paid, So why do you pay some one who is not in any way helping theclub?”     Said  Gor Mahia CEO Omondi Aduda .

Oliech’s career at Gor Mahia started on a high note. Coach Hassan Oktay heaped Oliech with praise as a consumate professional and a good example for the younger players.

His most memorable moment came when he scored the third goal against Zamalek after coming on as a substitute.

It was a memorable celebration in which he replicated his older brothers celebration against Zamalek 20 years earlier.

Things started to go South when Oliech went on strike because the club did not pay his sign on fee. He was also accused of instigating other players to go on strike.

His season ended on an unfortunate note when he picked up a season ending arm injury.

Oliech scored 34 goals for Harambee Stars. He is the only Kenyan attacker ever to play in the European Champions League and is considered by many to be the greatest Kenyan striker ever.

Gor Mahia to host Tusker at Kisumu

Gor Mahia will open their 2019-2020 Kenya Premier League campaign with a match against Tusker on Saturday. The match will be played at Kisumu.

The match was originally slated for Machakos
“We don’t have fans in Machakos and hence the decision to shift the game to Kisumu, where we have many fans and we know they will turn in large numbers to support the team.” said Omondi Aduda to goal.com

Aduda also noted that eticketing will be utilized for all matches

“That is what we have adopted and it is part of our new plans to restructure the day to day running of the club,” Aduda continued.

“We want to maximise on the revenue we get from gate collections and also bring order when it comes to fans purchasing tickets. We will not accept cash at the gates, and anyone intending to attend the match should purchase his or her ticket online.”

With eTicketing, the attendance and gate proceeds should be made public as soon as ticket sales have been completed, which is typically during the match.

Aigle coach: Gor Mahia have weak links

Aigle Noir coach Joslin Bifpubusa thinks that Gor Mahia has certain players who are weak links and that this issue will need to be resolved before Gor Mahia play against USM Alger.

“Gor are a good side with good players, and they played some good football.
However, they will have to make some amends to their team if they are to make it past USM Alger.

“There are some two players in the team I felt they do not deserve to be given a starting berth, yes they might have a certain role to play, but I think they are a weak link in the team.

“Maybe it is because the coach did not have all his players available for the game and had to do with them.” he said to goal.com

The Burundian coach said his team lost due to inexperience.

“We sold about 90% of our players and those with me are completely new, and their lack of experience was exposed. Stagefright got the better of them and it contributed to the two goals which we conceded within the first 20 minutes. I just wish Gor Mahia all the best in their next game, but for us we need to go and continue rebuilding.” he said.

Polack Impressed with Tobias Otieno

One of the surprise signings of this season is Tobias Otieno. The Youthful midfielder previously played for the Gor Mahia U19 team.

“Otieno is a brilliant midfielder. He is still very young and has age on his side and I honestly think he will develop into one of the best defensive midfielders,” Polack told the Nation

Polack also noted that Otieno is a keen learner.
“He is very eager to learn and constantly asks questions on positioning and other technical aspects of the game and this is a clear indication of a player who is serious with his career,” he concluded.

Gor Mahia hammer Aigle Noir 5-1

Two goal hero: Nicholas Kipkirui

Gor Mahia are through to the 1st round of the CAF Champions League after an impressive 5-1 win over Aigle Noir of Burundi.

Additional Reporting from Citizen Sport

Gor Mahia marched on to round one of the CAF Champions League in style after burying clueless Burundian side Aigle Noir 5-1 at the Moi International Sports Centre, Kasarani  on Sunday.

The match was delicately poised having drawn 0-0 in the first leg meet in Bujumbura  a fortnight ago but every pundit expected K’Ogalo to carry the day at home and they did not disappoint.

Captain Kenneth Muguna led from the front giving K’Ogalo the lead in the 10th minute, and six minutes later, former Zoo Kericho man Nicholas Kipkirui widened the advantage for Steven Pollack’s men, scoring from a corner, before adding another  in the 38th minute, heading in from a throw ball.

In a frantic first half that saw Kipkirui claim a brace, Boniface Omondi missed to score from a one-on-one situation with the opposing goalie while Gor’s shot stopper David Mapigano had to be attended to after colliding with striker Kennedy Seburiba.

Gor continued from where they’d left in the second half, Dickson Ambundo putting his name on the score-sheet with the fourth, in the 68th minute, before Boniface Omondi added another.

Joash Onyango was a cog in Gor’s  defence with newly promoted player from the youth team Tobias Otieno showing his worth in the defence.

Mapigano was untested in the second half but the laxity cost him in the 79th minute with Aigle striker Jospin Nshmirimana tapping home a simple cross to make it 5-1


With six minutes to go, Ernest Wendo was introduced for Lawrence Juma in the midfield. The match ended 5-1 in aggregate.

Gor will now meet in round one, the aggregate winner between USM Algers of Algeria and Niger’s Sonidep who collide later today from 1900hrs.

Polack not concerned about the attack

Gor Mahia coach Steve Polack is certain that Gor Mahia’s attack, which has been blunt of late will come through on Sunday when Kogalo take on Aigle Noir of Burundi.

Additional reporting from the Nation

Gor Mahia coach Steven Pollack expects a tough match against Aigle Noir Makamba in a preliminary round CAF Champions League return leg at Kasarani on Sunday.

The two teams played to a barren draw in the first leg but Pollack has backed his forwards to carry their scoring boots to the Moi International Sports Centre for Sunday’s game.

Gor Mahia have struggled to find the back of the net since dependable striker Jacques Tuyisenge left for Angolan giants Petro Atletico de Luanda last month.

“Our opponents (Aigle Noir) are a very physical side and they work very hard. I know they will make it very difficult side for us but I don’t like to focus on the opponents so much before the game but my team. I want to assure our fans that we will give it our best shot and hopefully emerge as winners. The final result is important but we must always entertain the fans. My job is to ensure that happens,” said a confident Pollack.

K’Ogalo bought two foreign strikers with the windfall from Tuyisenge’s sale – Ivorian Gislein Yikpe and Ghanaian Francis Afriyie. Yikpe is still nursing a thigh strain and therefore yet to feature for the club while Afriyie was not impressive against Bandari in the traditional season opener, the Super Cup. Dennis Oliech has not been training with the team leaving Nicholas Kipikirui as the only dependable striker.

“Lack of quality strikers is not a Kenyan problem, I faced the same in other countries I have coached. I don’t know what happens to them (forwards) when they get to the final third. You need to have finesse as a striker and that is something most of them struggle with. However, my strikers have been impressive in training this week and especially today they scored a lot of goals in training and I expect the same to be replicated on Sunday,” noted Pollack.